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Cool Math
I used this website as center rotation to practice on math concepts
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july 2013 by lbrightphd
SMART Exchange
If you want to create great Smaetboard lessons and activities, this is for you.
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july 2013 by lbrightphd
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
If you have Smartbord or Promethean, you wil love this website. It has any virtual manipulatives you may need.
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july 2013 by lbrightphd
The Future of Display Advertising Is Interactive, Social & Customizable
Did you ever have that one friend that was always late to every party, but then when that friend finally arrived the party would change completely for the better? Google is that friend, and the party is display advertising.
At yesterday’s IAB advertising conference, Google executives spent some time talking candidly about where they think display advertising is headed. And it might be worth listening to their thoughts. Even though they came late to the display ad game, they’re still one of the foremost experts on advertising online.

Source: The Future of Display Advertising Is Interactive, Social & Customizable
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october 2011 by lbrightphd
Display Advertising Technology Landscape
Graphic of current display advertising landscape for interactive advertising.
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august 2011 by lbrightphd
MediaPost Publications Agency Execs: Ad Budgets Slide In Q2, Digital Continues To Rise 07/28/2011
Advertising budgets decreased during the second quarter of 2011, according to a survey of ad agency executives released Wednesday by Strata, the big media-buying processing firm owned by Comcast. The survey, which is the most recent in a quarterly series conducted by Strata, signals a reversal from the first quarter of the year, when a majority of agency executives responding said their ad budgets were increasing. Strata claims to process about $50 billion worth of media transactions for agencies each year.

Interestingly, Google+ demonstrated strong intent coming out of the gate, with 27% of agency executives stating that they plan to utilize it in their client's campaigns.
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july 2011 by lbrightphd
MediaPost Publications The Primary Problem With Online Display Is Audience Value 02/18/2009
Over the last two years, publishers have designated more and more of their inventory for the ad networks, with as much as 30% of inventory being pushed through them in 2007 (an increase from 5% in 2006) and likely much higher in 2008 (publishers like ESPN are the exception, as they no longer sell their inventory to networks). As more inventory goes into ad networks, buyers know they can push harder on prices, driving them downward.
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february 2009 by lbrightphd
Google Chrome
Link to the book on how to use Google Chrome - new browser from Google.
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september 2008 by lbrightphd
RSS Advertising Shows Signs of Life - ClickZ
An article on the growth of RSS advertising and the technical limits it presents for delivering interactive advertising. Good numbers on market penetration at the global level.
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june 2008 by lbrightphd
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