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Collection: Search Patterns
A flickr page of search patterns that Peter Morville is cataloging for his new book.
flickr  visualization  webdesign  informationarchitecture  inspiration  patterns  research  resources  search  utadv304 
february 2008 by lbrightphd
Big Ideas come out of Big Pencils
This is a fun advertising site that has both linear and non-linear navigation systems and a fun pencil to play with too!
advertising  communication  informationarchitecture  interactivity 
february 2007 by lbrightphd
Jesse James Garrett: information architecture resources
A good resource page for information architecture and interaction design resources.
utadv304  informationarchitecture 
january 2007 by lbrightphd
AskTog: First Principles of Interaction Design
A website that has articles about interaction design, web design, etc.
web_design  research  ut  informationarchitecture 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Information Sciences student blog from UT Austin.
informationarchitecture  software  austin  ia  blogs 
february 2006 by lbrightphd

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