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Making the world's knowledge computable.
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may 2009 by lbrightphd
Famous Programmers From Adleman to Zimmermann | GrokCode
There are few women in the ranks of computer programmers, and pitifully few that can be called famous. So few in fact, that transsexuals are giving women a run for their money.
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october 2008 by lbrightphd
all-infographics680657_orig.jpg (JPEG Image, 1130x3306 pixels)
Info graphics that are fun to look at for inspiration.
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june 2008 by lbrightphd
HEMA - Online Store from the Netherlands
Sent from Brianna ... a site with great interactive animations :).
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january 2008 by lbrightphd
Watch the Web. There is always something good on ...
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november 2007 by lbrightphd
thenewsmiths - a photoset on Flickr
Pictures from Greg and Beth-Anne's wedding on October 20, 2007.
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november 2007 by lbrightphd
Imagini VisualDNA
A tool to create a profile of your visual DNA.
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september 2007 by lbrightphd
Base-V :: Experimental Graphics
A PDF magazine from Brasil ... cool stuff.
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august 2007 by lbrightphd
Look at vintage rooster / hen stuff on here for BA.
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august 2007 by lbrightphd
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