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The Reality of Missing Out - Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Digital advertising is becoming a rather simple proposition: Facebook, Google, or don’t bother.
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march 2016 by lbrightphd
Virginia Woolf's Idea of Privacy : The New Yorker
Meanwhile, on Tumblr and Facebook, we seek out the same private sociality that Woolf described. Usually, we think of social media as a forum for exhibitionism. But, inevitably, the extroverted cataloguing of everyday minutiae—meals, workouts, thoughts about politics, books, and music—reaches its own limits; it ends up emphasizing what can’t be shared. Talking so freely about your life helps you to know the weight of those feelings which are too vague, or too spiritual, to express—left unspoken and unexplored, they throw your own private existence into relief. “Sharing” is, in fact, the opposite of what we do: like one of Woolf’s hostesses, we rehearse a limited openness so that we can feel the solidity of our own private selves.
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july 2014 by lbrightphd
The Benefits of Facebook "Friends:" Social Capital and College Students' Use of Online Social Network Sites
Individual Items and Scale Mean S.D.
Facebook intensity1, 2
(Cronbach's alpha=0.83) -0.08 0.79
About how many total Facebook friends do you have at MSU or elsewhere?
0=10 or less, 1=11-50, 2=51-100, 3=101-150, 4=151-200, 5=201-250, 6=251-300, 7=301-400, 8=more than 400 4.39 2.12
In the past week, on average, approximately how many minutes per day have you spent on Facebook?
0=less than 10, 1=10-30, 2=31-60, 3=1-2 hours, 4=2-3 hours, 5=more than 3 hours 1.07 1.16
Facebook is part of my everyday activity 3.12 1.26
I am proud to tell people I'm on Facebook 3.24 0.89
Facebook has become part of my daily routine 2.96 1.32
I feel out of touch when I haven't logged onto Facebook for a while 2.29 1.20
I feel I am part of the Facebook community 3.30 1.01
I would be sorry if Facebook shut down 3.45 1.14
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february 2013 by lbrightphd
The Brands With the Top Relationship Quality on Facebook | Digital - Advertising Age
In Fathom Analytics' new Relationship Quality Index, the top-rated brands on Facebook tend to be the ones with the most likes. YouTube (48 million likes), MTV (29 million), Coca-Cola (36 million), Starbucks (26 million) and Disney (29 million) make up the top five. But because of other factors, such as engagement and emotion, those brands don't fall in precise order of fan counts.
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january 2012 by lbrightphd Brands, Facebook, and You
What most users don’t know is that the new features being introduced are all centered around increasing the value of Facebook to advertisers, to the point where Facebook representatives have been selling the idea that Timeline is actually about re-conceptualizing users around their consumer preferences, or as they put it, “brands are now an essential part of people’s identities.”
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january 2012 by lbrightphd
Google+ opens up, takes fight to Facebook | Reuters
(Reuters) - Google Inc (GOOG.O) and Facebook trotted out a variety of new social networking features in back-to-back announcements on Tuesday, underscoring their intensifying competition for Web surfers.
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september 2011 by lbrightphd
MediaPost Publications Facebook Pages Get Personal By Klout 06/23/2011
Klout has tapped Involver's marketing platform to bring its social influence measurement tools to Facebook. The deal, announced Wednesday, will provide brands with a new way to engage with influential fans and reward consumers based on their influence.
An agency or brand can create a custom experience using Klout scores to unlock the ability to uniquely target connected influencers. Facebook has been largely devoid of the ability to filter how brands focus their attention, so this integration marks the first time brands can engage with their fans on Facebook using Klout's scoring system, according to the companies.
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july 2011 by lbrightphd
What Consumers Want From Brands Online | Digital - Advertising Age
Nearly three-quarters of Facebook users have "liked" at least one brand on the platform and more than a third of users have liked six or more
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march 2011 by lbrightphd
The Power of Facebook
Stats on FB usage amongst American population / fun facts.
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february 2011 by lbrightphd
The social side of the internet | Pew Internet & American Life Project
The internet is now deeply embedded in group and organizational life in America. A new national survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has found that 75% of all American adults are active in some kind of voluntary group or organization and internet users are more likely than others to be active: 80% of internet users participate in groups, compared with 56% of non-internet users. And social media users are even more likely to be active: 82% of social network users and 85% of Twitter users are group participants. 
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january 2011 by lbrightphd
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