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The Reality of Missing Out - Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Digital advertising is becoming a rather simple proposition: Facebook, Google, or don’t bother.
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march 2016 by lbrightphd
How we pass the buck — The Message — Medium
Ads are just one of the first, most visible areas where we’re starting to see the limits of our habit of designing technology.
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september 2015 by lbrightphd
The Limits of Friendship - The New Yorker
“On the internet, you can pull the plug and walk away. There’s no forcing mechanism that makes us have to learn.”
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october 2014 by lbrightphd
Build banner ads full of live content
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march 2013 by lbrightphd
Derek Powazek - What If Social Networks Just Aren’t Profitable?
Here’s the short version: Every community-based site in the history of the web has essentially been a stab at creating a social network. Most of them fail as businesses, with the rare exception of small, lucky communities that become self-sufficient but not exactly prosperous. What if that’s just the way it is?
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july 2012 by lbrightphd
The Brands With the Top Relationship Quality on Facebook | Digital - Advertising Age
In Fathom Analytics' new Relationship Quality Index, the top-rated brands on Facebook tend to be the ones with the most likes. YouTube (48 million likes), MTV (29 million), Coca-Cola (36 million), Starbucks (26 million) and Disney (29 million) make up the top five. But because of other factors, such as engagement and emotion, those brands don't fall in precise order of fan counts.
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january 2012 by lbrightphd Brands, Facebook, and You
What most users don’t know is that the new features being introduced are all centered around increasing the value of Facebook to advertisers, to the point where Facebook representatives have been selling the idea that Timeline is actually about re-conceptualizing users around their consumer preferences, or as they put it, “brands are now an essential part of people’s identities.”
facebook  facebook-paper  advertising  brand-profile 
january 2012 by lbrightphd
The Future of Display Advertising Is Interactive, Social & Customizable
Did you ever have that one friend that was always late to every party, but then when that friend finally arrived the party would change completely for the better? Google is that friend, and the party is display advertising.
At yesterday’s IAB advertising conference, Google executives spent some time talking candidly about where they think display advertising is headed. And it might be worth listening to their thoughts. Even though they came late to the display ad game, they’re still one of the foremost experts on advertising online.

Source: The Future of Display Advertising Is Interactive, Social & Customizable
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october 2011 by lbrightphd
Twitter Ad Revenue to Reach $139.5M in 2011: Report | Digital - Advertising Age
EMarketer is projecting that Twitter's global ad revenue will reach $139.5 million in 2011, up 210% from $45 million in 2010, the first full year the company sold advertising. Ad revenues are forecasted to reach $260 million in 2012 and $400 million in 2013.
advertising  socialmedia  twitter  nicole-thesis 
september 2011 by lbrightphd
Forrester: Empowered Research Tool for Technographics
Forrester's Social Technographics data classifies consumers into seven overlapping levels of social technology participation. Based on our proprietary Consumer Technographics survey data, we can share with you how social participation varies among your consumers globally and help you plan a targeted social technology strategy. Use this tool to get a high-level snapshot of the social technology behaviors of consumers.
demographics  marketing  socialmedia  tools  advertising  media-planning 
september 2011 by lbrightphd
Twitter to Show Ads from Companies You Don’t Follow -
Twitter is readying a new ad product that will for the first time serve up ads to users from company accounts they don’t already follow.

These ads will appear on a user’s timeline; where previously users had to follow, say, @Starbucks to see a Starbucks ad, this new plan will mean users who don’t follow the coffee chain might see an ad for a new sugary drink.
twitter  socialmedia  advertising 
september 2011 by lbrightphd
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