helps you put colors and format to your bash scripts.
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april 2018
The Real CSI: What Happens at a Crime Scene?
From the diver who finds the body parts, to the forensic specialist who identifies flecks of paint on the victim and the handwriting expert who examines the killer’s notes. What happens behind the yellow tape of one crime scene?
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may 2012
Lost in Space
What really happened to Russia’s missing cosmonauts? An incredible tale of space hacking, espionage and death in the lonely reaches of space.
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march 2012
Making the World's Largest Airline Fly
All this amalgamating may be a good thing for the airlines. It could wring redundancies out of the system and, done right, bring order and discipline to an industry that since its deregulation in 1978 has been prone to destabilizing price wars and chronic overexpansion. (It’s also likely to raise fares, at least on some routes.) In buying Continental, United promised Wall Street $1.2 billion in new revenue and cost savings. Still, combining airlines is tremendously difficult, largely because of the enormous number of things two airlines may do differently. At the new United, a few major decisions were made before the merger itself as preconditions imposed by one side or the other: naming Continental CEO Smisek the head of the new company, calling it United, and headquartering it in Chicago. The company has spent the time since then trying to work out everything else.
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february 2012
Highlights current navigation item while scrolling trough the page.
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november 2011
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