A Drink of Water – Views from Alongside a Border
Water stations in The Valley for migrants heading north
10 hours ago
The Very Last Piece of the TV Monoculture - The Ringer
This piece taught me the word for the kinds of cultural experiences that everyone has at once, the kind of thing our parents had a lot of and we have almost none of
11 days ago
ADA at Muffathalle on Vimeo
graphite on a ball artwork art gallery
23 days ago
Making Prison Great Again
He dominates the news. Winning!
He threatens to fire Robert Mueller. Again!
He rails against women: Hillary Clinton, Michelle Wolf, porn stars, Playboy models, prostitutes. Sad!
poem  trump 
25 days ago
The Literary Roots of the Incel Movement
Our canon of sad white men’s literature reinforces the idea that male sexual deprivation is a public concern
incel  on-being-a-woman 
4 weeks ago
Non-Potentially Hazardous Recipes
All foods sold under the Texas Cottage Food Law must be non-potentially hazardous.  But it's almost impossible to be sure that a frosting or filling is non-potentially hazardous without having it tested by a professional food testing lab. That's why we had 24 different recipes tested by Food Safety Net Services, and we are offering the recipes and test results in our new ebook: Come and Bake It: A brief history of the Texas Cottage Food Law, and 24 lab-tested recipes, available for purchase for only $8.99. 
4 weeks ago
A broken idea of sex is flourishing. Blame capitalism | Rebecca Solnit | Opinion | The Guardian
Many of the rest of us have some degree of immunity, thanks to our access to counter-narratives and to loving contact with other human beings, but we are all impacted by this idea that everyone has a market value and this world in which so many of us are marketed as toys and trophies.
incel  me-too  sexual-misconduct 
4 weeks ago
F-1 and M-1 visa data show international students are turning away from US universities — Quartz
One contributing factor to the decline is the drop in Saudi Arabian students. The Saudi government cut funding for international-education scholarships in 2016 after a year of low oil prices, resulting in a 14% drop in the number of incoming students from the prior year. Saudi nationals were the fourth-largest group of foreign students in the US in 2017.

Another factor: US universities are getting more expensive. Facing deep state budget cuts and legislative protection for local students, some major public universities increased tuition for international students to raise revenue.

The current US political climate makes the situation even worse. A number of policies instituted by the Trump Administration, ostensibly aimed at protecting Americans, have barred international students from entering the country. A majority of US academic institutions cited visa issues as the top reason for enrolling fewer international students in fall 2017.
7 weeks ago
“Netizens” Shows How Cyberharassment Is Trivialized, Especially For Women | Teen Vogue
“Oh well, that’s just the Internet,” the thinking goes, as if the Web were somehow vacuum-sealed off from reality.
internet  on-being-a-woman  online-harrassment 
7 weeks ago
‘I Feel Pretty’ and the Rise of Beauty-Standard Denialism - The New York Times
“I Feel Pretty” is based on a pretty little lie: Looks don’t matter. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

In the film, the down-on-herself Renee (played by Amy Schumer) conks her head in a SoulCycle accident and awakens believing that she has miraculously become supermodel-hot. She revels in it — charging into a bikini contest, snagging a promotion and basking in the affections of a beefy corporate scion — only to discover that her looks never changed a bit. The benefits she thought she accrued through beauty were won instead through her newfound self-confidence.

The movie suggests that the only thing holding back regular-looking women is their belief that looking regular holds them back at all. That attitude puts the onus on individual women to improve their self-esteem instead of criticizing societal beauty standards writ large. The reality is that expectations for female appearances have never been higher. It’s just become taboo to admit that.
beauty  beauty-standards  feminism  feminist-criticism  on-being-a-woman 
8 weeks ago
The Bibliomaniac of Ridgewood - The New York Times
Richard Kostelanetz’s bookstore might as well be one of his avant-garde art projects.

It is only open on the last Sunday of each month. And “open” means that he posts a reminder on Facebook and tapes up a paper sign — with “Kosti’s Last Sunday Bookstore” scrawled in black marker — outside 1051 Wyckoff Avenue, the industrial building in Ridgewood, Queens, where he lives, and waits for the rare shopper who might wander in.
oddity  characters 
10 weeks ago
The Photo Desk Galleries on Flipboard
The 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination.
civil-rights  history 
10 weeks ago
Patagonia vs. Donald Trump | GQ
In the months leading up to our meeting, Chouinard and Patagonia had seen a few disasters. The Thomas wildfire, the largest in California history, torched the hills around the company's Ventura headquarters. Five employees lost their homes, and then came the mudslides. All of which took place while Patagonia dealt with a crisis back east: a decision by President Trump, the great un-doer, to shrink some of his predecessor's national monuments. The pledge was a first for an American president; limiting the size of monuments like Bears Ears in Utah would mean the largest reduction of protected land in U.S. history. Which is what led Patagonia, in early December, to change its home page to a stark message: “The President Stole Your Land.”
patagonia  ethical-fashion  ethical-business  business  activism 
11 weeks ago
Wofati • Insteading
There’s a charm to underground homes and so-called ‘hobbit homes’, but many former owners of such buildings have moved out due to problems with moisture and related conditions. But, earth might be the best insulator available, and it’s definitely the cheapest. Permaculturalist Paul Wheaton, owner of the forums at permies.com as well as richsoil.com, set out to design a new version of the underground home that retained all of the charm, but with greater affordability, fewer moisture issues, and all of the benefits of using earth as a way to retain warmth.
11 weeks ago
Video Reveals Power Of Sinclair, As Local News Anchors Recite Script In Unison : The Two-Way : NPR
But media critics see a powerful company using local journalists to parrot one of President Trump's most consistent talking points — an allegation that the mainstream media cannot be trusted.
11 weeks ago
When newspaper compositors were sporting heroes - John Henry was a type-setting man
Punters would cheer on the compositors, who would be docked for errors by proofreaders later.
11 weeks ago
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