Fuck Lena Dunham And The White Feminist Horse She Rode In On
she is the latest in the long line of white feminists who have willingly harmed Black women for the sake of protecting white men. And Lena Dunham learned how to do that from all the white women who came before her.
feminism  white-feminism 
2 days ago
Dear Men, Feminism Needs You – Jessica Valenti – Medium
When I look at who is doing the phone-banking and door-knocking, I see a lot of women. When I look at who is marching, I see a lot of women. Where are you? I know that all the news coverage of women’s wins and feminist cultural gains make it seem as if we have this whole thing handled; I assure you that we do not. We are exhausted. Fighting this fight is a full-time job, and we have to do it on top of working every day and doing the second shift at home, where women still are largely the ones taking care of the kids, cooking the dinner, and picking up your socks.
10 days ago
The Power Issue: Renu Khator Is Working Nonstop to Turn a Commuter School Into a World-class University – Texas Monthly
In Houston, Khator immediately set about transforming a school derisively called Cougar High into an academic and athletic powerhouse. To revive campus life, she added several new residence halls, spent $80 million expanding the student center, erected a new football stadium, and renovated the basketball arena. Khator’s relentless fundraising (the university is nearing the end of a $1 billion capital campaign) and faculty recruiting bore fruit in 2011, when UH became the fourth university in Texas to earn Tier One status from the Carnegie Foundation, putting it in the company of Rice and UT-Austin. In 2015 the university was awarded a coveted Phi Beta Kappa chapter.
12 days ago
American Middle Class: Why Is It Disappearing? – Rolling Stone
Woman Starbucks Florida Kentucky child childcare abortion
23 days ago
A Sharp Look at the Surprisingly Complex Process of Pencil Manufacturing by Photographer Christopher Payne | Colossal
The photographer, renowned for his cinematic images that show the architectural grace of manufacturing spaces, shares that he has held a lifelong fascination with design, assembly, and industrial processes.
24 days ago
Beto O’Rourke Matters Even If He Loses - Bloomberg
There’s a market out there for decency. We won’t know until November how big it is. But nurturing that market, sustaining it through a deeply ugly patch of American history, is heroic work. O’Rourke’s campaign won’t be wasted or forgotten. 
7 weeks ago
Jamie Lee Finch
august 2018
Bernstein’s ‘Mass’ is nothing less than an Austin triumph | Austin Arts: Seeing Things
Michael Barnes
June 30, 2018 360_summer, arts, audiences, Broadway, Classical, dance, design, music, musicals, opera, reviews, theater, Uncategorized.
Leonard Bernstein‘s “Mass” is about nothing less than a profound loss of faith, Not just personal, but also national, even universal.

Premiering in 1971 during some of the most grim days of the Vietnam War, the great composer’s theatrical take on the traditional Mass structure was to deconstruct it and put it back together.
august 2018
Everett DeWolfe Obituary - San Antonio, TX | San Antonio Express-News
Everett Crosby DeWolfe, Junior, born in Brooklyn, NY, on May 20, 1916, passed away the morning of July 26, 2018 at the age of 102. He passed from this life as he lived it...peacefully. He not only lived his life peacefully but with a commitment few have matched.
august 2018
A Drink of Water – Views from Alongside a Border
Water stations in The Valley for migrants heading north
june 2018
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