tooi mirai ni doko e yuku no by chash
"Bellamy Blake wouldn't say he's had the best year, but he thinks he's starting to do better. He feels fine, most of the time.

His crew, apparently, does not agree, because they went out and hired a therapy human for him. He didn't even know therapy humans were a thing."
fandom:the100  author:chash  the100:au  bellamy/clarke  unread  nc-17 
4 hours ago
A piercing comfort by talithan
"When Harry Potter hits the lowest point of his life so far, it is not his friends who keep him honest. With Draco Malfoy's patience and guidance, Harry learns to stand on his own. The thing is, after the fact—he's no longer sure he wants to."
fandom:harrypotter  draco/harry  unread 
7 hours ago
it's a tidal wave, it's a thunderdome by iapetuses
"Chuuya really only wants a couple of things: to raise his kid brother in peace, and to be free of this new nuisance in his life.

But if the way things go is any indication, he might have to learn to deal with Dazai, and his son, more often that he would like. Not that he really minded...the kid, that is."
i'm enjoying this a lot, it's precious and charming
fandom:bungostraydogs  bungostraydogs:au  dazai/chuuya  wip 
10 hours ago
Faithless by esama
"Obi-Wan loses his faith in Tatooine"
fandom:starwars  author:esama  genfic 
15 hours ago
like a white-sand moon by tanktrilby
"Atsushi doesn't have much to offer; uncomplicated smiles, microwavable meals, and piggyback rides back home.

Akutagawa finds that it's enough."
fandom:bungostraydogs  akutagawa/atsushi  recommended 
the lonely are the static ones by haloud
"Living with Akutagawa, Atsushi comes to realize, is like living with the ghost of a very badly behaved cat."
i liked this
'til it pulls you to the acheron series: http://archiveofourown.org/series/466420
fandom:bungostraydogs  akutagawa/atsushi 
forget the horror by iapetuses
"“Hypothetically, say you have an ability: what would you want?”

“Nothing, in particular. But if I did have one, I hope it’s something that lets you forget the orphanage.”

{Same Orphanage AU}"
rashomon and tiger series: http://archiveofourown.org/series/548818
fandom:bungostraydogs  bungostraydogs:au  akutagawa/atsushi  recommended 
Mala vida by sequence_fairy
"Ichigo’s seen a lot of things in this line of work, but never a woman like this."
fandom:bleach  bleach:au  ichigo/rukia 
The garden of wild roses by mongoose_bite
"The galaxy might now be at peace, but Allura is not. A warrior without a war, a princess without a kingdom, she decides to tuck herself away for a while, take a well earned break and work out what to do with the rest of her life.

Earth is the obvious choice, the planet still coming to grips with a crowded universe but almost untouched by the recent war. Shiro organises a long holiday smoothly and swiftly, and it doesn't occur to Allura to ask if she's the only lonely alien he's installed in the village of his childhood."
fandom:voltron  author:mongoose_bite  allura/kolivan  nc-17  unread 
The hit by qianlan
"Poe Dameron, millionaire philanthropist, wakes up tied to a chair with an assassin staring at him.

There’s been a hit out on Dameron for eighteen months, it seems.

Poe’s clumsiness—and a mysterious guardian angel—have been keeping Poe alive, but now, it’s time for Poe Dameron to die.

If only things were that straightforward..."
fandom:starwars  starwars:au  finn/poe  unread 
A long journey home by rakeesh
"In one world, it was Harry Potter who defeated Voldemort. In another, it was Jasmine Potter instead. But her victory wasn't the end - her struggles continued long afterward. And began long, long before."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  genderswap  wip  unread 
Effloresce by awaylaughing
"A last minute change in Konoha's rosters leaves Team Gai with an exciting prospect - another C-rank to put under their belt! Nothing can possibly bring them down after that. Not even a grumpy drunk for a client. After all, not only does it look good on a record, and pay better than a D-rank, but they get to see a whole new country. Wave, here they come!


The Wave Arc, Team Gai style."
fandom:naruto  naruto:au  genfic  unread 
Lord charming by forthright
"More than Sesshoumaru's pride took a blow when he lost his arm. He's in a delicate position... and desperate enough to seek the advice of a self-proclaimed expert. A clumsy romantic adventure told in 100-word snippets."
fandom:inuyasha  author:forthright  kagome/sesshoumaru  unread 
Niflheim academy by araceil
""The Ministry must be seen to do something", and with that, Harry Potter's wand is snapped. Expelled in his second year, he is invited to a new school famous for being the home of one of the Eight Great Repositories of Knowledge. But with Voldemort alive and the Chamber of Secrets still open, he will need every resource his new school possesses to stay alive in the coming years."
fandom:harrypotter  author:araceil  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  unread 
The spider's web by merrick mayfair
""Let's cut the bullshit..." interjected Kingsley "You are here representing SHIELD a quasi military intelligence organisation that is so suspect that I wouldn't touch it with a six foot broomstick under normal circumstances..." An international magic/muggle operation sets an unlikely couple on a desperate race to keep an ancient source of terrible power out of the hands of HYDRA."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  marvelmovieverse:AU  avengers:AU  harrypotter:au  harry/natasha  unread 
Continental exchange by snacky
"Jo goes abroad instead of Amy, and Beth lives."
fandom:littlewomen  littlewomen:au  genfic  jo/laurie 
Move dust through the light by cloudatlas
"“Clint,” Kate says slowly as two figures emerge from the house, their shapes so achingly familiar Clint wants to wrap himself up in them and never, ever let go. “Are you friends with James Barnes and Natasha Romanov of fucking RedStar!?”"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:hawkeye  author:cloudatlas  marvelmovieverse:AU  avengers:AU  hawkeye:au  bucky/clint/natasha  unread 
2 days ago
The morning after the war before by netgirl_y2k
"Sometimes Root wasn't sure that they hadn't lost the war after all, and that she wasn't living out some digital afterlife in the best simulation the Machine could come up with."
fandom:personofinterest  author:netgirl_y2k  personofinterest:au  genfic  root/shaw 
2 days ago
Pay no heed to fallen skies by sequence_fairy
"Ichigo has always known that his choices have consequences."
fandom:bleach  ichigo/rukia 
2 days ago
stars of hope in dark despair by tielan
"There’s no palm trees, no sand, no watery inlets, no tower – not anymore. Yet Chirrut knows exactly where he is. He can feel it – hope and success in the midst of death and destruction – that this was both the ending and the beginning, like the tale of an ancient snake who endlessly swallowed its tail to represent time unending..."
fandom:starwars  author:tielan  genfic  baze/chirrut 
2 days ago
If it's gone by alphaflyer
""We're still friends, right?" "That depends on how hard you hit me."

How hard is too hard?"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  author:alphaflyer  genfic  clint/natasha 
2 days ago
we'll all arrive in heaven alive by napricot
""So what if death had taken Antiope and Steve? Maybe Diana could take them back. Maybe Diana could succeed where Orpheus had failed. If any god could have survived Ares’ war, surely it would have been Hades, safe and untouchable in the Underworld. And perhaps even Persephone, if she had been in the Underworld with her husband when war had broken out."

It’s an old story, one of the oldest: Diana descends and ascends. Steve dies and rises."
fandom:dcu  fandom:wonderwoman  diana/steve_t  unread 
4 days ago
Too real to bve wrong by sazzafraz
"In what should be a new world with new rules Matsumoto and Nanao find that all the old ones are still tripping them up. Between a mysterious new presence and their own personal demons they work together, how ever poorly, to uncover some of the darker conspiracy's tying Soul Society together."
fandom:bleach  genfic  unread 
4 days ago
Love and honor by dknc
"What if Ned wasn't beheaded in King's Landing and Catelyn didn't die at the Red Wedding? Just over two years ago I asked myself those questions, and with the encouragement of some wonderful people I started this story.

This story takes place entirely in the canon universe, diverging from GRRM's epic at two points--Ned's execution and Catelyn's murder at the Twins--and examines all the ways that the survival of these two people might have changed events both large and small in the world of Westeros. The ripples have far reaching consequences for many throughout the Seven Kingdoms, but at its heart, this is a story of two people, their marriage, their family, and the North."
fandom:gameofthrones  gameofthrones:au  catelyn/ned  unread 
4 days ago
Like real people do by sparklemoose
"Tsuna is autistic. This changes nothing and everything at the same time."
fandom:katekyouhitmanreborn  katekyouhitmanreborn:au  genfic  wip 
4 days ago
花 by nemui / ribbonelle
"Akutagawa had always been sick, but this was entirely new for him."
fandom:bungostraydogs  akutagawa/atsushi 
4 days ago
Roads diverged by sanjuno
"In a World where Akatsuki succeeded in their task...
In a World where Team Seven died, separated and alone...
In a World where Hatake Kakashi was the last one left standing after the destruction of Konoha...

The battle against Kaguya goes badly, to say the least.

Escaping into Kamui, wounded and dying, Kakashi and Obito have just enough time for one last conversation. One last chance to clear the air and make peace. Hatake Kakashi was ready to rest, to finally reunite with those that he had mourned and missed for so many years. Uchiha Obito, however, had already proven himself unable to let such fates as theirs pass by uncontested.

For his part, Hatake Kakashi was not pleased to be waking up twelve years old again, damn you, Obito!"
fandom:naruto  naruto:au  kakashi/obito  wip 
4 days ago
A flower blooming by ladyhallen
"“Mama,” Tsuna said, glaring at the pants. “I don’t like pants.”
Nana, who had spent half of her pregnancy wishing for a little girl, blinks down with just a modicum of surprise and little to no resistance to the idea.
“Okay,” the woman says with a firm nod. “Then we’ll buy skirts. What color do you like?”"
fandom:naruto  fandom:katekyouhitmanreborn  crossover  fusion  naruto:au  katekyouhitmanreborn:au  genfic 
4 days ago
you always make mistakes like this by ignitethestars
"Jyn Erso’s body is a latticework of scars, and she’s only earned half of them.

Mystics and beggars whisper about the Force, how it hasn't left them yet. Jyn grits her teeth as one of Saw’s medics sees to a blaster shot in her shoulder, and thinks that the Force is a kriffing load of--

(Cassian and Jyn are tied together by more than chance. A shared injury soulmate AU)"
fandom:starwars  author:ignitethestars  starwars:au  cassian/jyn 
5 days ago
Protection from nargles by arpad hrunta
"Harry and Luna meet in the Room of Requirement. Mistletoe appears. Will Nargles be a problem? Takes place in during Harry's fifth year, as he and Luna get closer. "
fandom:harrypotter  harry/luna  unread 
5 days ago
Behind the veil by stycianleo
"After the final battle, our hero takes time to mourn the lost; for all his tribulations Magic itself gives him the opportunity to regain his loved ones and perhaps make a few more. For that opportunity, no price is too high."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom  genderswap  wip  unread 
5 days ago
man eater by blackkat
"“I'm not going to approve this,” Hiruzen tells his former teammate, utterly bewildered.

“Of course you are,” Koharu tells him briskly."
Hiruzen just wishes that her heroes weren’t Uzumaki Mito and Senju Tōka, because he knows Koharu. She doesn’t give a damn about gender—Naruto will learn kunoichi skills because she knows how to make them devastating, and because all the shinobi she looks up to used them.
fandom:naruto  author:blackkat  naruto:au  genfic 
5 days ago
Typical behavior by antistar_e / kaikamahine
"The first friend that Newt Scamander makes at Hogwarts — well, his first wand-bearing friend, as opposed to one with fur or too many legs, which is only a distinction that needs to be made to people that don’t know better — he doesn’t meet until the Easter term of his second year, when Leta Lestrange comes back from a six-week absence with a different haircut and an ebony prosthetic where her right arm had been."
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:fantasticbeasts  author:antistar_e  genfic  leta/newt  recommended 
7 days ago
Storm of yesterday by shayalonnie
"Hunted by Voldemort, Hermione and Harry make a last stand in Godric's Hollow. When the Boy-Who-Lived lives no more, Hermione is thrown back in time into another battle where she has a chance to save not only Harry, but another Potter."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  hermione/james  nc-17 
7 days ago
Time to put your galleons where your mouth is by tsume_yuki
"Harry had never been able to comprehend a sibling relationship before, but he always thought he'd be great at it. Until, as Master of Death, he's reborn one Turais Rigel Black, older brother to Sirius and Regulus."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic 
8 days ago
Of lost innocence and second chances by itsthechocopuff
"A year before he confronted Peter, Sirius learned that he had a daughter.

Thirteen years later, he is faced with the culmination of his mistakes as his daughter stares him down, wand pointed at his heart, a curse on the tip of her tongue and murder in her eyes.

Sirius is left to figure out what went wrong and how, exactly, they can move on from there.

(the fact that, thanks to his daughter, he is suddenly a free man certainly helps things)"
interesting so far
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  oc/si  wip 
9 days ago
Crazy (but all the best people are) by blackkat
"Maybe getting dragged all the way from Wave to Konoha won't turn out to be such torture after all."
fandom:naruto  author:blackkat  naruto:au  gai/zabuza 
9 days ago
Thrashing the world (if only for us) by seito
"There was a baby on his doorstep. Alaude was almost certain this was a prank being pulled by Daemon if only the baby didn't exactly look like him with the coloring of his missing girlfriend."
fandom:katekyouhitmanreborn  katekyouhitmanreborn:au  genfic  oc/si 
9 days ago
A fresh bouquet by tsume_yuki
"Reborn into the world of Harry Potter, Poppy Evans has only one goal; make sure she's not the only magical Evans alive by 1982. And maybe save that smug Potter while she's at it. Regulus Black didn't fit into the equation; he wasn't suppose to be so distracting."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  ofc/regulus  oc/si  wip  favorite 
9 days ago
Magic online by mrs.insaneone
"It has always been said that magic and technology did not mix; too bad no one ever mentioned that little fact to young Harry Potter. Add in one mad genius bent on destroying the lives of ten thousand people by trapping them inside of his online virtual reality game and you have the makings of a very dangerous brew."
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:swordartonline  crossover  harrypotter:au  swordartonline:au  genfic  harry/hermione  wip  recommended 
9 days ago
The black prince by cxjenious
"He remembers being Harry Potter. He dreams of it. He dreams of the Great Other too, a beast borne of ice and death with eyes red as blood and an army of cold dead things. He is the second son of the king, a spare, but his fortunes change when secrets rather left in the dark come to light, and Westeros is torn asunder by treachery and ambition. Winter is coming, but magic is might."
really interesting concept and worldbuilding
fandom:gameofthrones  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  fusion  gameofthrones:au  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/margaery  wip  recommended 
11 days ago
Butterfly effect by dizzydg
"Jaime gives his father his hearts desire, leaving the Kingsguard to take a wife. His simple decision sets the future of Westeros on a very different path."
fandom:gameofthrones  gameofthrones:au  unread 
11 days ago
The Dragon of Duskendale by kerjack
"The Targaryen's have a history of madness, and no one knows it better than Aelor, second son of the Mad King. Amidst his father's erratic and destructive behavior and his elder brother's decision to run off with a girl who wasn't his wife, it will take every ounce of his Targaryen charm and skill at arms to save the greatest dynasty in Westeros...and that still might not be enough."
really great; strong plotty story, interesting characters, surprising twists and satisfying climaxes
warning for occasional gore and gritty violence; character death is a given since y'know game of thrones
Sequel: The white dragons, lords of Duskendale: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12204496/1/The-White-Dragons-Lords-of-Duskendale
fandom:gameofthrones  gameofthrones:au  genfic  recommended 
12 days ago
Harry Potter and the gift of memories by the engulfing silence
"Eidetic Memory, the ability to remember everything you have ever done, seen, smelled, tasted, and touched. To some it is a gift, to others a curse. For Harry Potter, it's both."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic 
13 days ago
Ladies night by twinenigma
"Perhaps, Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage of Konoha, concluded, it was high time that a woman handle the job. She took in the team of four girls standing before her with a critical eye. She had selected these girls because they were the best their generation had to offer, the most skilled, they were familiar with each other, and, most importantly, their faces were not known outside the ninja community."
fandom:naruto  genfic  unread 
15 days ago
Lowly, mighty by esama
"Team Seven isn't much like Kakashi expects and he didn't have many expectations to begin with."
fandom:naruto  author:esama  naruto:au  genfic  wip 
15 days ago
Arx domus nigrae by maryroyale
"There are legends among the pureblood families about Keepers-special witches who have the power to restore a fallen House. If any House needed a Keeper, it's the Ancient and Noble House of Black."
interesting concept and worldbuilding
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  hermione/sirius  hermione/regulus  hermione/cygnus  hermione/orion  harry/pansy  lavender/ron  wip 
16 days ago
Last night I dreamed of peace by tielan
"Her first sight of Bucky Barnes is over the barrel of a sniper rifle in the hills to the west of Wroclaw, deep in German-occupied territory. He is young and martial then, frowning slightly as he watches the prison camp in the snowy valley below through the scope of his rifle.

Some seventy years later, Diana’s first sight of the Winter Soldier is sitting on a seat of carved stone in a tropical garden in Wakanda, leaning back so the hot sun falls across his body, the rough arm prosthetic a jarring sight in the fluid greenery of the garden."
i liked this a lot
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:dcu  fandom:wonderwoman  author:tielan  crossover  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  dcu:au  wonderwoman:au  genfic  bucky/diana 
17 days ago
Soft, low, English accent by tsume_yuki
"'God, you've got a beautiful voice' Hariel always found it funny, that of all the things her soulmate could take note of -the messy hair, the bright green eyes, the scar- it's her voice he points out first.
'Mind telling me why I found you beat up in a back alley?' His dad had always worried about his words, but Matt always planned on being skilled enough that he'd, at the very least, be able to respond to his soulmate's question."
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:daredevil  crossover  harrypotter:au  marvelmovieverse:AU  daredevil:au  harry/matt  genderswap 
18 days ago
0800-Rent-A-Hero by brainthief
"Magic can solve all the Wizarding World's problems. What's that? A prophecy that insists on a person? Things not quite going your way? I know, lets use this here ritual to summon another! It'll be great! - An eighteen year old Harry is called upon to deal with another dimension's irksome Dark Lord issue. This displeases him."
this is quite good if occasionally emotionally frustrating but is prob abandoned
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip 
18 days ago
Path of choice by unknownfigment
"Five years after RotS, Obi-Wan agrees to protect a young girl rescued from the Empire. Then protection becomes training, one student becomes two, and the galaxy is set on a different course."
fandom:starwars  starwars:au  genfic  wip  unread 
19 days ago
Penthesilia by kuriquinn
"Uchiha Sasuke was born in battle, and expects to die there. If the only difference he can make is to take as many of the enemy with him as possible, so be it. But one day, a chance encounter with an enemy warrior will alter the course of his destiny and that of his clan in ways he would never have imagined…"
fandom:naruto  naruto:au  sakura/sasuke  hinata/naruto  itachi/shisui  nc-17  unread 
19 days ago
Hermione Granger and the serpent's renaissance by epsi10n
"Salazar Slytherin is reborn as Hermione Granger. With her new identity as a muggleborn girl and her old reputation in tatters, Hermione sets out to start a new life for herself, a resurrection for House Slytherin, and a renaissance for the whole of the magical society."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  recommended  wip 
19 days ago
The glass serpent and the dark horse by kaederavensdale
"In which Tom Riddle Senior never could fully put Merope’s claims of being pregnant out of his mind and set out to bring his child home, unwittingly changing the fate of both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds and laying waste to the machinations of a certain scheming old man."
interesting so far
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom  wip 
20 days ago
To go forward by yourdailyprescription
"Jon Snow wakes up in Winterfell two years in the past. In a forgotten room, he finds a chest filled with his mother's letters and momentos from his infancy that no one seems to remember. Starting with the events of Game of Thrones, Jon struggles with his knowledge of the future, and an ancient prophecy."
fandom:gameofthrones  gameofthrones:au  wip  unread 
20 days ago
something left behind by sevenfoxes
"It is Etta that notices it first. Her mouth curls into a small smile, but the rest of her face bears a mask of deep, deep sorrow. “It’s nothing,” Etta tells her when Diana presses at her, the lie deep but harmless. It had been the same sorrow that Diana had felt inside herself realizing what she carried.

They’d not even had a body to bury, ashes to scatter beyond those blown into the sky amongst the parts of the plane that sunk down to earth. This, the life inside of her, is the last piece of Steve on this earth.


Steve leaves something behind."
so melancholy and sweet
fandom:dcu  fandom:wonderwoman  author:sevenfoxes  dcu:au  wonderwoman:au  genfic  diana/steve_t 
21 days ago
Time and again by desertscribe
"The Pevensie Children are in their fourth year of ruling as kings and queens of Narnia the first time that they find the strange boy wandering the battlements of Cair Paravel."
fandom:narnia  fandom:lotr  crossover  narnia:AU  lotr:au  boromir/susan 
21 days ago
Decoy, protection, bodyguard by the_wavesinger
" The first thing that registers when Sabé enters the room is that the Queen is—

She is beautiful. There's no other word for it. The Queen-in-waiting is beautiful, a beauty Sabé can't hope to match (and how is she to emulate this beauty, to become this beauty when necessary?).

“So you are to be the other Amidala,” the Queen says, and smiles at Sabé. And in that moment, Sabé falls absolutely, irrevocably, in love. "
fandom:starwars  padme/sabe  unread 
21 days ago
The mystery of the twins by edgelord / lostlikeme
"Haruhi finally forces the twins to acknowledge their relationship properly."
fandom:ouran  haruhi/hikaru/kaoru 
21 days ago
Harry Potter Jedi by zajinn
"The somewhat realistic and humorous story of Harry Potter, if he grew up watching a little too much Star Wars. - This takes place in the real world, where Harry is inspired by Star Wars to learn magic and discover the wizarding world in new and interesting ways. Canon secrets are revealed and hints are hidden throughout the story to discover what is really happening at Hogwarts."
interesting but kinda all over the place
possibly abandoned
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/hermione  wip 
21 days ago
And keep you here with me by chash
"Bellamy isn't even supposed to be in the band. He's playing one show with them, as a favor, while Lincoln recovers from a broken arm. That's going to be the extent of his involvement.

But Finn wants it to be a soppy ballad, and that just doesn't work, so Bellamy speeds it up, and before he knows it, he's a rock star."
fandom:the100  author:chash  the100:au  bellamy/clarke 
21 days ago
Fly away by incompletesentanc / erava
""Sansa Stark was markedly different from her siblings. From the first words she spoke until her last, she was undeniably strange. Jon knows it better than anyone - he was there when she spoke her first.""
really interesting so far
fandom:gameofthrones  gameofthrones:au  genfic  sansa/tyrion  jon/ygritte  wip 
22 days ago
By dawn we'll have our wings by ladykg / lasyswitch
"Obito scowls, “I don’t need an escort. I can take care of myself.”
“Unconscious. In Lightning.” Sakumo says dry as dust.
“A miscalculation.” The words are stressed against his tongue.
“Miscalculations will get you killed.”
‘Or bring you back to life,’ Obito thinks sardonically.

the one where Obito dimension-time-travels and ends up getting completely and irrevocably lost on a road of life that he didn't even know existed."
really good so far
fandom:naruto  naruto:au  genfic  obito/sakumo  wip 
22 days ago
son of kings, daughter of tisrocs by tielan
"Aravis has renounced all else, but she cannot renounce the blood running in her veins. She is born out of the line of Tisrocs and Tarkaans, blood of Calormene rulers who have laid siege to Archenland by means both foul and fair through the ages, and she may not lay claim to Archenland’s heir."
fandom:narnia  aravis/shasta  recommended  author:tielan 
22 days ago
in this expected country they know my name by musicforswimming
"At the wedding feast, Oberyn and Ellaria are approached by the Master of Whisperers, who begs they indulge him with a discussion of clothing — specifically, Lady Sansa Stark's. Very fine, they all agree...but what a shame, Ellaria tuts, she has lost an amethyst from her hairnet.

So when Joffrey begins to cough, they follow her, and find her in the godswood."
fandom:gameofthrones  gameofthrones:au  ellaria/oberyn/sansa  ellaria/oberyn  wip 
24 days ago
A necessary gift: a Harry Potter story by cosette-aimee
"The war drags on after Voldemort's defeat and the Order of the Phoenix is fighting a losing battle. When Harry is hit by yet another killing curse, he wakes up years in the past and in an alternate reality. As an unknown child in a foreign world, Harry has a chance to change the outcome of the war - while dealing with new magical talents, pureblood politics and Black family drama."
interesting so far; i like the worldbuilding
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip 
25 days ago
Always read the fine print by questionablequotation
"After being entered into the Tri-Wizard Tournament against his will, Harry does some independent research on what precisely "magically binding" means...and comes up with a very different approach to the competition. As they say, the pen is mightier than the sword...but is the quill mightier than the wand?"
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic 
25 days ago
I'm still here by kathryn518
"The second war with Voldemort never really ended, and there were no winners, certainly not Harry Potter who has lost everything. What will Harry do when a ritual from Voldemort sends him to another world? How will he manage in this new world in which he never existed, especially as he sees familiar events unfolding?"
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  recommended  favorite  wip 
25 days ago
Curses of interest by insanityunleashed
"Laurel Potter made a mistake and poked something better left alone. A mad escape flung her into a far off reality, into the lap of Naruto Uzumaki, Hokage-to-be. Now in between deciphering the runework keeping her trapped, she has to train Naruto, avoid the ANBU trying to figure her out, and find a way to stamp out every source of sabotage aimed at her new charge."
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:naruto  crossover  harrypotter:au  naruto:au  genfic  wip  unread 
26 days ago
Transcript_76292: Winter Soldier by lc2l
"This is Agent 76292, reporting in on the trail of Asset 0084."
podfic by madnads
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:lc2l  genfic  unread 
26 days ago
Evil overlord, Inc. by footloose
"Merlin is a recent graduate with a double doctorate in metaphysics and physics. Arthur is a low-level paper pusher with a desk in the sub-basement of MI5. They live in a world with ridiculous laws and restrictions against anyone who might be supernatural in any way, shape, or design.

Merlin has huge debts looming over this head, a few quid left in his bank account, and no job prospects. Arthur is pushing thirty, in a dead-end job with no chances of promotion to fieldwork agent, and is thoroughly bored with his life.

One ill-advised Craigslist advert, five pushy mates, one nosy all-knowing sister, and a hacked email account later, Merlin and Arthur take the world by storm.

(Or, more precisely, they take over the world.)"
art by mushroomtale
fandom:merlin  merlin:au  arthurpendragon/merlin  unread 
26 days ago
Princess of the Blacks by silently watches
"Sirius searches for his goddaughter and finds her in one of the least expected and worst possible locations and lifestyles. How was he to know just how many problems bringing her home would cause?"
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/luna  genderswap  unread 
26 days ago
Faery heroes by silently watches
"Harry, Hermione, and Luna get a chance to travel back in time and prevent the hell that England became under Voldemort's rule, and maybe line their pockets while they're at it."
mind the warnings
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/hermione/luna 
26 days ago
in the nook of a cousin universe by amillionsmiles
" It was hard because you were so far away.

On a distant rock floating through space, Keith waits for the first comet to strike.

On Earth, Takashi Shirogane angles the rocket toward the sky."
fandom:voltron  author:amillionsmiles  voltron:au  keith/shiro  unread 
27 days ago
Sora by araceil
"One accident three years ago changes everything for Sawada Tsunayuki when she joins the Disciplinary Committee. Now, instead of being groomed as the wife of Vongola Decimo, she is being given a chance to become the Decimo herself."
fandom:katekyouhitmanreborn  author:araceil  katekyouhitmanreborn:au  genfic  genderswap  wip  unread 
28 days ago
Memo: Jedi maintenance (the care and feeding of your Jetii) by rainoflittlefishes
"The Care and Maintenance of Your Jedi: A Clone Trooper's Guide


You have a memo (Level: Non-Urgent, Confidential, Ongoing Maintenance, Internally Generated).

Memo: Jedi Maintenance

To: You. Yes, you. Presuming you don’t want to get shot up or be responsible for getting your unit shot up because you were too lazy to prep properly in a moment of downtime. "
fandom:starwars  genfic  recommended 
28 days ago
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