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Ivan Maximov - Fru 89 From left to right - YouTube
Amazing xzibit of imagination. Bizarre and weird russian animated short cartoon. Music composed by polish electronic music artist Marek Bilinski. Thanks B1SC...
videos  animation  music  latered 
9 days ago by lamnatos
Neoliberalism, World Music and Corporate Aesthetics - YouTube
Patreon: Twitter: Main sources: - Steven Feld (2003) “A Sweet Lullaby for World Music”, EBSCO...
videos  music  politics  sociology  philosophy  latered 
21 days ago by lamnatos
GOTO 2018 • Functional Programming in 40 Minutes • Russ Olsen - YouTube
This presentation was recorded at GOTO Berlin 2018 Russ Olsen - Author of Getting Clojure and Eloquent Ruby, VP at Cognitect ABSTRACT Func...
videos  talks  programming  functional  latered 
5 weeks ago by lamnatos
Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus (An Absurd Reasoning) - YouTube
An in-depth analysis of Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus. Citations: “There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide. Judging whe...
videos  talks  philosophy  latered 
6 weeks ago by lamnatos
Ghost In The Shell - Film Analysis - Motoko's Dilemma - YouTube
This is an analysis of Mamuro Oshii's classic, Ghost in the Shell. In this video i focus on Motoko Kusanagi and how she deals with certain themes in the film...
videos  anime  analysis 
10 weeks ago by lamnatos
Reality in Angel's Egg - YouTube
Reality is an important aspect of Angel's Egg, Oshii utilises visuals and narrative to manipulate reality. Very interesting. Peace. Social Links: My twitter:...
videos  anime  analysis 
10 weeks ago by lamnatos
Ladytron - The Island (Official Film) - YouTube
Stream / Download "The Island" from your favorite service: Pre-order "The Island" seven-inch vinyl, Ladytron's forthcoming album and me...
videos  music  latered 
september 2018 by lamnatos
The Society of the Spectacle | Graphicine
Notes on The Society of the Spectacle by HEATH SCHULTZ, 2013 I began this project not because I thought it must be done out of some political or aesthetic ...
videos  philosophy  society  modernity  latered 
august 2018 by lamnatos
Don't Panic - The Truth About Population (World Population Documentary) - Real Stories - YouTube
Check out our new website for more incredible documentaries: HD and ad-free. Using state-of-the-art 3D graphics and the timing of a sta...
videos  talks  latered 
august 2018 by lamnatos
Interview with Clarice Lispector - São Paulo, 1977 (English subtitles) - YouTube
This interview of Clarice Lispector from February 1977 is the only footage we have of her. She had arrived at the studios of TV Cultura in São Paulo to parti...
videos  interview  literature  latered 
july 2018 by lamnatos
Robert D. Putnam on Our Civic Life in Decline - YouTube
The Harvard professor of public policy on the decline of American communities. Click "Show more" to view both chapters. For more conversations, visit http://...
videos  politics  interview  sociology  talks  latered 
july 2018 by lamnatos
FOIE GRAS: Red Moon - YouTube
Director of Photography: Michael O'Neill Written & Directed by Angel Ceballos Yellow Year
videos  music  latered 
july 2018 by lamnatos
Mr. Chickadee - YouTube
Our channel is a video diary of our new lives on the homestead. More can be seen on our blog at
videos  wood  engineering  latered 
july 2018 by lamnatos
Ada's Twitch Tech Talks ep1. Isomorphic Rendering - YouTube
The very first episode of Ada's Twitch Tech talks. This episode is about Isomorphic Rendering using HyperHTML and ES Modules so that your Single Page App loa...
videos  talks  programming  latered 
june 2018 by lamnatos
Folding Ideas - YouTube
I'm writing this description after the channel has seen a sudden surge in popularity. I'm also medicated and in a fighting mood. I just finished ranting on T...
videos  latered 
april 2018 by lamnatos
Iconoclasts (Spoilers) - YouTube
Iconoclasts is a pretty neat game about shootin' things and solvin' puzzles and explorin' stuff. It's also a game about how roles and identities are built fo...
videos  videogames  reviews  latered 
april 2018 by lamnatos
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