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How to Make a Rainbow Bundt Cake - The Little Kitchen
Make the colors lighter so they don't look the same. More like the book than hers.
Recipes  cake  baked  bundt  rainbow  unique  gay  party  birthday  kids 
25 days ago by lala7625
Jimmy Fallon's Air-Fried Chicken Burgers -
Skip the milk and bread and stuff. Just use panko instead. Add an egg to the mix and just a little bit of milk.
Recipes  easy  Questlove  Todayshow  burgers  Chicken  ground  JimmyFallon  unique  makesoon 
4 weeks ago by lala7625
Sausage Rolls recipe |
Great ideas for a regular flavored roll or an Asian dumpling like filling
Recipes  ideas  Asian  dumplings  pork  unique  fusion  makesoon  Epicurious  rolls  apps  puffpastry  party  snack  easy 
may 2019 by lala7625
Korean BBQ Burrito Recipe | Food Network
Easy enough to make a big batch of the meat mixture and make smaller ones for parties
Recipes  DDD  beef  fusion  restaurant  makesoon  burrito  Korean  BBQ  fatkid  unique  party 
april 2019 by lala7625
Ahi Poke Crunch Wrap Recipe | Food Network
This is from The Shanty on Triple D Nation: Poke, Pork & Chicken Parm
Recipes  DDD  poke  Asian  Tuna  wrap  rice  sushi  easy  unique  fusion  makesoon  summer  light  healthy 
april 2019 by lala7625
Crawfish Mac and Cheese New Orleans Style Recipe
This was on the episode Rock Star Chefs on DDD. The main difference is that they pureed the crawfish meat before adding it to the pasta/sauce.
Watch it made here: go to 39 min mark.
Recipes  DDD  crawfish  macaroni  cheese  Cajun  pasta  comfort  unique  easy  creamy  makesoon 
april 2019 by lala7625
Lemony Broiled Potatoes With Halloumi Cheese Recipe | Serious Eats
Let the potatoes cook a little longer to make sure they're cooked through.
Recipes  baked  roasted  broiled  potatoes  halloumi  cheese  Seriouseats  makesoon  Greek  unique 
april 2019 by lala7625
Mozzarella-Stuffed Pizza Bread Recipe - PureWow
This is just like ATK's Spicy Cheese Bread only with a pizza twist
Recipes  ATK  Cooks  bread  spicy  cheese  stuffed  mozzarella  pizza  baked  baking  unique  makesoon 
january 2019 by lala7625
The Spice is Right: How to quit whining: Trader Joe's Masala Burgers
Use sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. Also, research other recipes to make a perfect version.
Recipes  sweetpotatoes  Traderjoes  vegetables  burgers  Indian  masala  unique  meatless  makesoon 
july 2018 by lala7625
Best Asian Sloppy Joe Recipe - How to Make Asian Sloppy Joes
Try this recipe first but it seems like it would be a good party dish - everyone could build their own and eveything could be kept at the right temp
Recipes  easy  sloppyjoes  Asian  unique  fusion  party  SuperBowl  football  sliders  weeknight 
february 2018 by lala7625
Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk Recipe - NYT Cooking
Use nutmeg instead of cinnamon and up the amount of sage used. Here's a good site for ideas on how to use the leftovers:
Recipes  NYT  chicken  JamieO  milk  unique  sauce  fall  winter  roasted  braised  Italian 
february 2018 by lala7625
Lemon Chicken Stuffed Shells Recipe • Salt & Lavender
This has potential - it needs a sauce, like a mornay sauce and baked with non-stick foil on it so it doesn't get hard and dried out. It also needs some fresh herbs added to the mix and on top. Could also try adding asparagus.
Recipes  stuffed  shells  chicken  lemon  unique  lighter  spring  summer  creamy  cheese  baked  pasta  sauce 
november 2017 by lala7625
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