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The Spice is Right: How to quit whining: Trader Joe's Masala Burgers
Use sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. Also, research other recipes to make a perfect version.
Recipes  sweetpotatoes  Traderjoes  vegetables  burgers  Indian  masala  unique  meatless  makesoon 
july 2018 by lala7625
Spicy Chicken and Sweet Potato Meal Prep Magic Recipe - Pinch of Yum
Can turn Mexican with avocado or go Mediterranean with hummus. Change onion types depending. Also could add feta to them both.
Recipes  healthy  lunch  makeahead  easy  mealprep  Chicken  vegetables  brownrice  sweetpotatoes 
february 2018 by lala7625
One Pan Healthy Chicken and Veggies | Chelsea's Messy Apron
Roast chicken, red/yellow bells, and sweet potatoes at the same time. Add drained black beans to the containers, along with thawed corn, and green onions. Bring cilantro dressing, lime wedge and avocado on the side.
Recipes  healthy  lunch  makeahead  easy  mealprep  Chicken  vegetables  brownrice  TexMex  sweetpotatoes  blackbeans  corn  cilantro  dressing  peppers 
february 2018 by lala7625
Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet - Primavera Kitchen
Would also make a great breakfast dish, with sage pork sausage mixed in with sweet potatoes or into the gravy and topped with soft fried eggs.
recipes  30days  hash  skillet  sweetpotatoes  weeknight  sausage  turkey  eggs  breakfast  brunch  gravy  sage  lowcarb  Delicious 
november 2016 by lala7625
Chicken Skillet with Sweet Potatoes, Apples and Brussels Sprouts
Add bacon and a little bit of blue cheese and do a chicken breast instead of diced chicken.
recipes  hash  brusselssprouts  easy  skillet  sweetpotatoes  chicken  30days  weeknight  comfort  fall  winter  bacon  bluecheese  apples  healthy  lowcarb  Delicious 
november 2016 by lala7625
Sweet Potato Lasagna | Minimalist Baker Recipes
Do a turkey sausage with sage, do a layer of ricotta (herbed up) and a bechamel sauce. Maybe add mushrooms? Or kale?
recipes  healthy  lowcarb  fall  winter  sweetpotatoes  casserole  layered  lasagna  sage  ricotta  unique  sausage  bechamel  sauce  Delicious 
october 2016 by lala7625
Recipe: Creamy Skillet Tortellini with Sweet Potato and Spinach ΓÇö 5 Skillet Reci...
Would be a great "variations" recipe - do a variation with spinach tortellini and make a blue cheese sauce. I think the original recipe should have sage and parm in the sauce.
creamy  recipes  onepan  pasta  tortellini  spinach  sweetpotatoes  fall  herbs  sage  makesoon  comfort  bluecheese  Delicious 
november 2015 by lala7625
Spiralized Mexican Sweet Potato and Chicken Casserole | Skinnytaste
86 the corn in this and use the wide spiral instead of the skinny ones. Use enchilada sauce and add chunks of tomatoes and small diced yellow squash instead of corn.
casserole  chicken  makesoon  sweetpotatoes  healthy  Mexican  baked  comfort  enchiladas  Delicious 
october 2015 by lala7625
sweet potatoes with pecans and goat cheese | smitten kitchen
I like this idea but wonder if slicing the sweet potatoes on a large bias wouldn't be better...faster cooking, more surface area, etc. LADiet P2
sweetpotatoes  smitten  recipes  apps  party  heatlhy  lowcarb  easy  bruschetta  LADiet  Delicious 
february 2015 by lala7625
Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes with Bacon Topping Recipe - Cook's Illustrated
Can't see the recipe because it's blocked but the idea is pretty simple...make homemade croutons (sourdough?) and saute with bacon, sage and other flavors, maybe even mix in some blue cheese and then bake for the second time.
twicebaked  recipes  sweetpotatoes  bacon  topping  Cooks  comfort  fall  unique  croutons  bluecheese  Delicious 
april 2014 by lala7625
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