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Turkey-Pepperoni Burgers Recipe | Food Network Kitchen | Food Network
Rather than by slices, buy the small cubes of pepperoni and use that instead. Can you ground chicken instead of turkey. Skip the rosemary, use Italian seasoning and add red pepper flakes.
Recipes  burger  sandwich  ground-meat  Chicken  turkey  pepperoni  FN  idea  Italian  easy  fusion  weeknight  Dad 
9 weeks ago by lala7625
Tomato Twiddle (Tea Party Sandwiches) - House of Yumm
Kinda like a tomato pimento cheese sandwich, perfect for a Texas-themed tea party
Recipes  sandwich  tomato  cheese  easy  pimentocheese  summer  makesoon  Mom 
9 weeks ago by lala7625
Best French Onion Chicken Meatballs Recipe - How To Make French Onion Chicken Meatballs
Great idea for french onion sub sandwiches, kinda like french dip. can also use beef for the meatballs. Also great over pasta or mashed potatoes.
Recipes  chicken  meatballs  frenchonion  sauce  easy  weeknight  sandwich  cheese  Pasta  makesoon 
march 2019 by lala7625
Recipe: Cucumber-Peel Sandwich Spread | Kitchn
Would be great with chunks of roasted salmon on the salad, along with dill and maybe radishes
Recipes  cucumber  easy  summer  spring  healthy  creamy  side  makesoon  spread  salmon  sandwich 
april 2018 by lala7625
Super Simple Hummus Chicken Salad - Kim's Cravings
This is a little too simple - dress up with spices and herbs like cilantro
Recipes  healthy  lowcal  lowcarb  makesoon  easy  sandwich  wrap  chicken  hummus 
january 2018 by lala7625
Grilled Pesto–Turkey Meatball Sandwiches | Adams Fairacre Farms
Great idea, but do with a spread of goat cheese on the toasted bread first, maybe add some arugula instead of pesto.
Recipes  meatballs  sandwich  turkey  pesto  comfort  party  makesoon 
january 2018 by lala7625
Italian-American Meatball Subs Recipe | Serious Eats
Make homemade ricotta and smear on the bread after toasting and before the meatballs.
Recipes  sandwich  meatballs  Seriouseats  classic  best  ricotta  sub  Italian  comfort  party  fatkid 
january 2018 by lala7625
Baltimore-Style Crab Cakes Recipe - Andrew Zimmern | Food & Wine
The saved version is just a reminder and base recipe. Do this: Add parsley and Old Bay to the crab meat. Add a few saltines, just to act as a binder and gently combine. Do a mixture of the mayo, eggs, Dijon, Worcestershire, and some hot sauce and a little lemon juice (just a tad) and just bring together with the crab. (Sauce mixture should be pale yellow.) Form into ball/patties and bake at 350 for 15-20 mins.
crab  recipes  crabcakes  best  bake  baltimore  maryland  sandwich  F&W  Zimmern  classic  seafood  Mom  Delicious 
november 2016 by lala7625
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