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Best Flank Steak Marinade Recipe - How to Cook Flank Steak in Oven or Grill
Add garlic to this. Be sure and pat dry before cooking. Go easy on the sugar.
Recipes  flank  steak  marinade  easy  weeknight  best  classic 
9 days ago by lala7625
Best Chicken Stroganoff Recipe - How To Make Chicken Stroganoff
Go easy on the amount of chicken stock, reviews say 4 cups is way too much. Serve over wide zoodles to make it low carb.
Recipes  Chicken  stroganoff  easy  comfort  mushrooms  sauce  creamy  weeknight  newdiet  zoodles  lowcarb  healthy 
9 days ago by lala7625
Black Bean Quinoa Enchilada Bake
Great for the new diet. Do a Mexican seasoned chicken breast alongside. Top chicken with cheese, not this.
Recipes  enchilada  bake  baked  quinoa  easy  TexMex  Mexican  corn  beans  makesoon  newdiet 
10 days ago by lala7625
Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup with Rotisserie Chicken Recipe - EatingWell
Use the carcass of the rotisserie chicken to make a stock to use for the soup to add more flavor.
Recipes  creamy  Chicken  noodle  soup  healthy  EatingWell  mealprep  newdiet  makesoon  comfort  easy 
11 days ago by lala7625
Moist and Tender Brown Butter Cornbread Recipe | Serious Eats
Use corn flour instead of corn meal for a fluffier result. Maybe combine the two.
Recipes  bread  baked  baking  cornbread  Southern  classic  Seriouseats  Kenji  makesoon  football  SuperBowl  party  brownbutter 
16 days ago by lala7625
Cheeseburger Salad with Special Sauce | Platings + Pairings
Use turkey or really lean beef. Also look where calories/fat can be curbed in the dressing.
Recipes  cheeseburger  salad  newdiet  easy  makesoon  beef  turkey  dressing  sauce  lowcarb 
16 days ago by lala7625
Best Instant Pot Chicken Thighs Recipe - How To Make Instant Pot Chicken Thighs
Made this - did chicken for 10 mins - and used the trivet as they recommended. These thighs did not get as tender as the other IP chicken and gravy recipe but it was still very good. Didn't thicken the sauce, just used the au jus as dressing for salad. Added a little blue cheese to the salad as well. Took the skin off after cooking the chicken.
Recipes  instantpot  Chicken  thighs  easy  weeknight  sauce  gravy  newdiet 
18 days ago by lala7625
Shrimp Burgers Recipe - NYT Cooking
This recipe is really just for the burger part. Turn into banh mi shrimp burgers by adding cukes, carrots and banh mi mayo. Edited recipes are saved in MyFitnessPal so go there for the actual recipes. Mayo recipe is saved separately. Could also serve in whole wheat pitas to keep the calories down.
Recipes  shrimp  burger  Asian  banhmi  healthy  newdiet  makesoon  easy  NYT  weeknight  MyFitnessPal  Seafood 
20 days ago by lala7625
Turkey Meatball Stroganoff (Instant Pot, Slow Cooker or Stove Top) - Skinnytaste
The results from the IP were terrible. Use a slowcooker or the stovetop. Bake the meatballs if doing on the stove.
Recipes  turkey  meatballs  slowcooker  crockpot  stroganoff  easy  mushrooms  sauce  healthy  newdiet  makesoon  comfort  baked 
20 days ago by lala7625
Banh Mi Lettuce Wraps | Good Life Eats
Don't use the rice, remove them from the recipe when calculating the carbs. Make a sauce instead.
Recipes  wrap  banhmi  pork  tenderloin  lowcarb  healthy  Asian  Vietnamese  weeknight  easy  makesoon  newdiet 
21 days ago by lala7625
Crispy Fish with Lemon-Dill Sauce Recipe | MyRecipes
Do a process called velveting to get the breadcrumbs to stick. See comments for more info.
Recipes  crispy  fish  broiled  cod  comfort  makesoon  weeknight  easy  healthy  lowcal 
24 days ago by lala7625
Pumpkin Pecan Baked Brie - Damn Delicious
Instead of the pumpkin spread, do Trader Joe's fig butter or apple butter instead.
Recipes  baked  brie  apps  party  girly  Petra  cheeseboard  figs  apples  puffpastry 
29 days ago by lala7625
Chef Michel Stroot's Thai Vegetable Medley
Would be great served with a grilled chicken breast or shrimp added to the vegetables and sauce.
Recipes  healthy  Thai  Asian  vegetables  curry  sauce  coconut  creamy  easy  weeknight  newdiet  makesoon  Chicken  shrimp 
29 days ago by lala7625
Slow Cooker Pumpkin-Parmesan Polenta Recipe - NYT Cooking
Use butternut squash instead of pumpkin. Only do half the recipe and don't add the butter when cooking the polenta, do only 2 T of brown butter, and do 4 T of mascarpone instead of cream cheese. Go easy on the parmesan. Serve with pork chops or pork tenderloin.
Recipes  butternut  squash  fall  winter  Parmesan  creamy  polenta  grits  comfort  makesoon 
29 days ago by lala7625
Air Fryer Avocado Southwest Egg Rolls - Yummy Healthy Easy
Add some grilled chicken breasts to these. Remove the sundried tomatoes. Add some black beans and a little corn as well. And shredded pepper jack cheese.
Recipes  airfryer  avocado  Chicken  eggrolls  stuffed  healthy  apps  easy  TexMex  Mexican  makesoon  snacks 
29 days ago by lala7625
How to Make a Rainbow Bundt Cake - The Little Kitchen
Make the colors lighter so they don't look the same. More like the book than hers.
Recipes  cake  baked  bundt  rainbow  unique  gay  party  birthday  kids 
29 days ago by lala7625
Jimmy Fallon's Air-Fried Chicken Burgers -
Skip the milk and bread and stuff. Just use panko instead. Add an egg to the mix and just a little bit of milk.
Recipes  easy  Questlove  Todayshow  burgers  Chicken  ground  JimmyFallon  unique  makesoon 
4 weeks ago by lala7625
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