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Oven Baked Salmon with Lemon Cream Sauce
Would be great with a parmesan orzo or rice with fresh spring vegetables in it.
Recipes  Spring  Summer  easy  baked  roasted  salmon  sauce  lemon  cream  creamy  light  makesoon  orzo  rice  asparagus  peas 
march 2018 by lala7625
Carrot Pasta Recipe: A New Take on Gnocchi - PureWow
Also use this dough recipe to make standard pasta, maybe flecked with sage and served with a blue cheese sauce.
recipes  pasta  lowcarb  carrots  healthy  easy  summer  light  unique  makesoon  dough  Delicious 
october 2016 by lala7625
Paleo Avocado Tuna Salad - Cook Eat Paleo
Good idea, great for ceviche, chicken salad, and even the krab salad, Serve on a bed of lettuce, maybe dressed in something that goes with the type of salad used.
recipes  ideas  avocado  stuffed  tuna  salad  seafood  chicken  light  healthy  paleo  LADiet  lowcarb  lunch  makesoon  Delicious 
august 2016 by lala7625
Seared Salmon Noodles With Scallions | Real Simple
Use the 3-ingredient sauce recipe that is saved: equal amounts of honey, lime and soy.
recipes  salmon  noodles  asian  udon  soba  quick  healthy  vegetables  summer  light  weeknight  makesoon  sauce  Delicious 
july 2016 by lala7625
Banana Blossom Chicken Salad - Lucky Peach
Find something to replace the banana blossoms.
asian  recipes  Thai  chicken  unique  salad  light  Delicious 
june 2016 by lala7625
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