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Honey Lemon Chicken and Broccoli Bowls - Damn Delicious
Use cauli rice and maybe not pineapple juice...maybe hoisin sauce or something else more savory.
recipes  asian  easy  weeknight  glazed  honey  lemon  broccoli  bowls  cauliflower  rice  Delicious 
september 2016 by lala7625
Honey Garlic Shrimp Skillet - The Cooking Jar
Add lime and some sweet chili sauce for a little kick.
recipes  easy  weeknight  skillet  shrimp  honey  garlic  Dad  rice  Asian  Delicious 
february 2016 by lala7625
Pan-Grilled Ginger-Honey Pork Tenderloin Recipe |
Use the sauce as a marinade instead and add some mirin or rice wine vinegar to it as well. And cilantro and garlic.
Cookinglight  recipes  honey  pork  ginger  asian  grilled  healthy  marinade  easy  weekinight  Delicious 
february 2016 by lala7625
Sriracha Lime Chicken Chopped Salad - Lexi's Clean Kitchen
I like the look of this salad but think the recipe needs a lot of work. Use this recipe for the chicken Maybe top with some crispy wonton strips or something. Add some red cabbage. Make it more asian. Maybe use the Asian Slaw too.
avocado  salad  chicken  lime  sriracha-  summer  grilled  honey  easy  healthy  ideas  chopped  photography  Asian  makesoon  P3  LADiet  Delicious 
january 2016 by lala7625
One Pan Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies - Damn Delicious
Add some soy sauce and some whole grain mustard and retitle Sweet Mustard Chicken
onepan  recipes  chicken  honey  savory  sweet  broccoli  potatoes  easy  makesoon  Delicious 
december 2015 by lala7625
Robiola Cheese-Stuffed Figs with Pomegranate Recipe | SAVEUR
Use brie for a more user-friendly version. Could also use blue cheese (a creamy Gorgonzola) and top with spiced and candied walnuts.
cheese  stuffed  figs  fall  winter  holiday  party  apps  easy  nobake  quick  pomegranate  elegant  honey  brie  gorgonzola  walnuts  Delicious 
october 2015 by lala7625
Butternut Squash Glazed Tart Recipe
Turn this savory by using a mix of ricotta and blue cheese as the base (maybe add chopped fried sage in the mix?). Drizzle the butternut squash with honey, spiced pecans, fried sage crumbles and sea salt.
butternut  recipes  tart  easy  apps  ricotta  sage  fall  baked  elegant  honey  bluecheese  spiced  pecans  Delicious 
september 2015 by lala7625
Grilled Honey Sriracha Chicken Kebabs - Two of a Kind
Turn this into a honey sriracha chicken pizza with cilantro, green onions and a cilantro-garlic oil as the base. Mozz for the cheese.
recipes  honey  sriracha  sauce  marinade  easy  asian  chicken  grilled  makesoon  pizza  skewer  unique  Delicious 
september 2015 by lala7625
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