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Slow Cooker Pumpkin-Parmesan Polenta Recipe - NYT Cooking
Use butternut squash instead of pumpkin. Only do half the recipe and don't add the butter when cooking the polenta, do only 2 T of brown butter, and do 4 T of mascarpone instead of cream cheese. Go easy on the parmesan. Serve with pork chops or pork tenderloin.
Recipes  butternut  squash  fall  winter  Parmesan  creamy  polenta  grits  comfort  makesoon 
27 days ago by lala7625
Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese - Damn Delicious
Use Banza pasta shells for this. Can do the butternut squash in the IP to get the puree. Maybe leave out the bacon or use pancetta and sprinkle on top.
Recipes  butternut  squash  macaroni  cheese  fall  comfort  makesoon  mealprep  creamy  pasta 
5 weeks ago by lala7625
How to Cook a Whole Butternut Squash in the Pressure Cooker |
Easy to make butternut squash soup, filling for ravioli, butternut squash macaroni and cheese or other pasta. Look up ways to use butternut squash puree.
Recipes  instantpot  butternut  squash  easy  fall  winter  makesoon  soup  vegetables  instructional 
5 weeks ago by lala7625
Turkey chilli jacket potatoes recipe | BBC Good Food
Add some additional cumin and paprika (check out other chili/turkey chili recipes for additional spices) and some kidney beans for increased protein. Passata is tomato puree.
Recipes  turkey  ground  chili  healthy  easy  weeknight  fall  winter  comfort  BBC  classic  makesoon 
6 weeks ago by lala7625
The ultimate makeover: Chicken pie recipe | BBC Good Food
Great idea for a recipe but use onions instead of leeks and add peas and mushrooms. Add the mushrooms to the first step of making the stock (pour into the large measuring up and use that same one to mix the cornstarch and water mixture, saves on cleanup). Add peas to the mix right before going into the oven.
Recipes  healthy  lowcarb  comfort  phyllo  Chicken  potpie  makeahead  mealprep  BBC  winter  fall  vegetables  weeknight  makesoon 
6 weeks ago by lala7625
1770 House Meatloaf | Recipes | Barefoot Contessa
Make my own turkey and vegetable meatloaf and use this sauce instead of the balsamic one.
Recipes  sauce  garlic  Ina  meatloaf  easy  makesoon  comfort  fall  winter  turkey  classic  weeknight  healthy 
6 weeks ago by lala7625
Best Chicken, Spinach & Artichoke Lasagna Recipe - How to Make Chicken, Spinach & Artichoke Lasagna Recipe
Reviews say it needs more sauce so add some chicken stock to it. I would actually do ground turkey, seasoned with Italian herbs and such over the chicken itself. Great to mealprep in the winter. Can bake off and freeze in individual portions.
Recipes  lasagna  comfort  fatkid  pasta  Chicken  turkey  spinach  artichoke  baked  party  makeahead  winter  fall  Spring  mealprep 
6 weeks ago by lala7625
Easy Miso Ramen with Soy Marinated Eggs Recipe | Trisha Yearwood | Food Network
Try and find a boxed ramen stock or something like that to use instead of the packages
Recipes  soup  ramen  Trisha  Asian  Japanese  eggs  marinated  FN  comfort  fall  winter  makesoon  noodles 
august 2019 by lala7625
Chicken, Leek and Tarragon Stew Recipe | HelloFresh
Lillian made this and it was very good, even with the tarragon. Nice and light, not heavy and not just for fall or winter.
Recipes  fall  winter  Spring  comfort  easy  Chicken  thighs  leeks  carrots  stew  elegant  hellofresh  weeknight 
june 2019 by lala7625
Red Wine + Goat Cheese Risotto with Caramelized Mushrooms
Add a little onion to cook with the mushrooms. Also, do a better job of creaming this up. Her's doesn't look like a real risotto. Would be great served steak. Would make a simple but elegant girl's night dinner with a salad
Recipes  redwine  goatcheese  risotto  creamy  Italian  caramelized  mushrooms  onions  elegant  makesoon  fall  winter  comfort  weeknight  girly  steak  beef  party 
may 2019 by lala7625
Pulled Hen and Buttermilk Dumplings Recipe | Food Network
There's ways to do shortcuts with this, just simple roasted chicken parts, etc. for example.
Recipes  restaurant  DDD  Chicken  dumplings  project  comfort  fall  winter  soup  broth  makesoon 
april 2019 by lala7625
Jalapeno Cornbread Muffin Recipe | Food Network
Great to serve with chili or soup. Be sure and do every other muffin slot so that the muffin tops spread out and become big
Recipes  DDD  bread  baking  cornbread  muffins  jalapeno  classic  Dad  winter  fall  baked 
april 2019 by lala7625
Garlicky Mushroom-Onion Toasts Recipe - Francis Mallmann | Food & Wine
Would be great to add some grated gruyere to the top of these. Perfect with steaks, pork chops and chicken.
Recipes  mushrooms  toast  onions  easy  apps  fall  winter  cheese  F&W  weeknight  garlic 
april 2019 by lala7625
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