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Recipe: Savory Parmesan French Toast | Kitchn
Could top with sauteed mushrooms, poached eggs, hollandaise, like an Eggs Benedict
Recipes  savory  French  frenchtoast  easy  breakfast  brunch  dinner  cheese  Bread  weeknight 
11 weeks ago by lala7625
Ham & Asparagus Breakfast Roll-Ups Recipe - How To Make Ham & Asparagus Breakfast Roll-Ups
For weekday breakfasts, just sprinkle with cheddar, fontina or some other good melting cheese and broil.
Recipes  breakfast  brunch  easy  weekday  baked  sauce  asparagus  Spring  eggs  ham  lowcarb 
april 2019 by lala7625
Mexican Breakfast Casserole
This is the casserole that Tim made for the World Cup/Birthday party. He said he made it the night before and just baked it the next day.
Recipes  Mexican  casserole  breakfast  brunch  easy  makesoon  lowcarb  heatlhy  party  makehead 
december 2018 by lala7625
Hash Brown Egg Cups -
Could maybe also do with the broccoli tater tots. Cute idea.
Recipes  eggcups  breakfast  brunch  eggs  stuffed  baked  tatertots  Todayshow 
april 2018 by lala7625
Eggs in a Garden Breakfast Tart Recipe | MyRecipes
Perhaps do a green goddess-type vinaigrette or dressing to drizzle on top.
Recipes  breakfast  brunch  easy  baked  puffpastry  vegetables  spring  pretty  girly  elegant  party  healthy 
march 2018 by lala7625
Best Sheet-Pan Breakfast Squares Recipe - How to Make Sheet-Pan Breakfast Squares
I think puff pastry would be better for this. Look for recipes that use it instead of the rolls.
Recipes  easy  baked  breakfast  brunch  eggs  ham  bacon  puffpastry  tart  sheetpan  makeahead  party  girly 
february 2018 by lala7625
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