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The Spice is Right: How to quit whining: Trader Joe's Masala Burgers
Use sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. Also, research other recipes to make a perfect version.
Recipes  sweetpotatoes  Traderjoes  vegetables  burgers  Indian  masala  unique  meatless  makesoon 
july 2018 by lala7625
Sweet & Spicy Roasted Pecans (a trader joeΓÇÖs hack) | The Modern Locket
The ingredients on the TJ's ones are: canola oil, cane sugar, salt, cayenne, ancho chile, and paprika.
recipes  copycat  traderjoes  pecans  holiday  roasted  spicy  sweet  makesoon  gifts  nuts  Delicious 
december 2016 by lala7625
Waffle Dogs ΓÇô Huh? | Kitchen and Kids
make waffle dogs with maple and sage sausage and use TJ's pumpkin waffle mix
waffles  breakfast  sausage  fried  unique  brunch  party  pumpkin  traderjoes  makesoon  onastick  corndogs  Delicious 
october 2013 by lala7625

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