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Moist and Tender Brown Butter Cornbread Recipe | Serious Eats
Use corn flour instead of corn meal for a fluffier result. Maybe combine the two.
Recipes  bread  baked  baking  cornbread  Southern  classic  Seriouseats  Kenji  makesoon  football  SuperBowl  party  brownbutter 
8 days ago by lala7625
Mark Bittman's Roasted Salmon with Butter Recipe | Serious Eats
Cook skin side down for about 5 mins and then flip, remove skin and then cook another 5 mins.
Recipes  Seriouseats  easy  salmon  baked  roasted  quick  healthy  butter  Bittman  weeknight 
august 2019 by lala7625
The Best Classic Chicken Salad Recipe | Serious Eats
Find a good temp to sous vide the chicken, this one seems a bit low. Also, use this is a base for making this copycat version of Trader Joe's Wine Country Chicken Salad
Recipes  Kenji  Seriouseats  Chicken  Salad  easy  sousvide  classic  makesoon  lunch 
may 2019 by lala7625
Lemony Broiled Potatoes With Halloumi Cheese Recipe | Serious Eats
Let the potatoes cook a little longer to make sure they're cooked through.
Recipes  baked  roasted  broiled  potatoes  halloumi  cheese  Seriouseats  makesoon  Greek  unique 
april 2019 by lala7625
The Best Smooth Hummus Recipe | Serious Eats
This looks like it could be the way Izmir makes their hummus!
Recipes  hummus  Seriouseats  best  classic  Izmir  copycat  Mediterranean  Ethnic  makesoon 
october 2018 by lala7625
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