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Sausage Rolls recipe |
Great ideas for a regular flavored roll or an Asian dumpling like filling
Recipes  ideas  Asian  dumplings  pork  unique  fusion  makesoon  Epicurious  rolls  apps  puffpastry  party  snack  easy 
16 days ago by lala7625
Ahi Poke Crunch Wrap Recipe | Food Network
This is from The Shanty on Triple D Nation: Poke, Pork & Chicken Parm
Recipes  DDD  poke  Asian  Tuna  wrap  rice  sushi  easy  unique  fusion  makesoon  summer  light  healthy 
19 days ago by lala7625
Best Mongolian Ramen & Meatballs Recipe - How to Make Mongolian Ramen & Meatballs
Use zucchini noodles instead of ramen. Make a double batch and use for the stuffed cabbage recipe
Recipes  lowcarb  healthy  meatballs  Asian  Mongolian  sauce  easy  weeknight  makesoon  makeahead  zoodles 
23 days ago by lala7625
Char Siu Chicken |
Add rice wine and/or brown sugar (read comment reply)
Recipes  chicken  Elise  Asian  sauce  marinade  Chinese  makesoon  thighs 
9 weeks ago by lala7625
Coconut Lime Chicken - A Saucy Kitchen
Add ginger, some mushrooms and maybe even some lemongrass to really kick this up. Instant Pot instructions are at the end. Serve over rice.
Recipes  easy  instantpot  Asian  Thai  Vietnamese  Chicken  sauce  ginger  mushrooms  creamy  makesoon  comfort  weeknight 
11 weeks ago by lala7625
Instant Pot Orange Chicken Lettuce Wraps |
Use the non-stick IP pan for this as some ppl had issues with the chicken sticking.
Recipes  instantpot  orange  Chicken  lettuce  wraps  healthy  lowcarb  easy  weeknight  sauce  Asian 
11 weeks ago by lala7625
Asian Zucchini Noodle Stir-Fry with Shrimp | Just a Taste
Do green onions and asparagus instead of red and snap peas. Add edamame too.
Recipes  healthy  Asian  stirfry  zoodles  noodles  quick  sauce  shrimp 
july 2018 by lala7625
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