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Hold Me In Your Arms - Lucifuge5, dapatty - Bandom
Chosen Family/Pack/Team/Urban Fantasy/Girls are Rad AU because why not. Title from song by the Black Keys by the same name.
rated.t  host:ao3  "<5k  =Lucifuge5  =depatty  %lindsey/jamia/alicia  *fluff  *  +getting.together  &fantasy 
july 2019 by LadyLame
Spin the Wheel of the Year (Close Your Eyes and Point) - jjtaylor - Bandom
"And I'd never be stupid enough to put out a contract with an anonymity clause. If I were going to kill Pete Wentz, I'd do it myself," Gerard says, with such conviction that Frank believes him completely. "And if he'd turned Mikey, I would have."
host:ao3  rated.m  #mcr  #fob  %mikey/pete  "05-20k  =jjtaylor  series:Gerard-Way's-(Vampire)-Detective-Agency  *  &fantasy  &vampires  +magic 
june 2019 by LadyLame
Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency - jjtaylor - My Chemical Romance
Pete, in Decaydance Mansion, with a yarrow stake. Frank and Gerard, in the greenhouse, with a plant of questionable origin. Bob, everywhere you look, with a gang of assassins for justice. Vampires, valets, pamphlets, haunted furniture, dub-thrall, disembodied voices, zombie couriers, and sinister rituals.
host:ao3  rated.m  #mcr  %frank/gerard  "20-50k  =jjtaylor  series:Gerard-Way's-(Vampire)-Detective-Agency  *case/mission  &fantasy  &vampires  +feels  *romance  !***  +humor  +magic 
june 2019 by LadyLame
What Dreams May Come - sperrywink - My Chemical Romance
His career in music derailed, Frank never met the other guys in My Chemical Romance. A silly tale of teleportation.
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  %frank/mikey  "05-20k  =sperrywink  *romance  &fantasy  +teleportation 
may 2019 by LadyLame
Not Like That - orphan_account - Bandom
"Frank's a fairy." "I haven't heard anyone call gay people that in years. You fuck your entire band. We literally have sex every day, Ray, we're both fairies. I'm a fairy, you're a fairy, Mikey's a fairy. Don't single Frank out."
host:ao3  rated.m  "05-20k  =orphan_account  #mcr  %frank/gerard/mikey  %frank/ray/gerard/mikey  warning:major.character.death  &fantasy  *adventure  +established.relationship  +angst 
may 2019 by LadyLame
ever just the same (ever a surprise) - mwestbelle - Bandom
As the only charm weaver in his small village, Gerard has lead a quiet but productive life. All of that changes when he crosses the path of a dark fae with royal ambitions. A fairy tale with wicked witches, magic, and (of course) true love.
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  %frank/gerard  =mwestbelle  "20-50k  &fantasy  +kidnapping  +happy.ending  +magic  +bedsharing  !**  *adventure  *romance 
may 2019 by LadyLame
to the midnight land - akamine_chan - My Chemical Romance
Being a teenager is hard. Being a Blooded teenager, one with a connection to the Moon and his fur-self, is even worse. He's got to contend with his own hormones, high school, and the fact that he's in love with his best friend. Luckily, Frankie's got the determination to see things through. He's got family, friends, and a community of shifters to lean on, and he's not going to give up. Frankie's not patient, but he's stubborn when he knows what he wants. And he wants Gerard.
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  %frank/gerard  "20-50k  =akamine_chan  &fantasy  *romance  +angst  &highschool 
may 2019 by LadyLame
Frank the crankiest elf - Gorgeous Nerd (gorgeousnerd) - Bandom
There were two things Frank hated: Christmas, and disappointing his mom. Considering his mom's last name had been Claus ever since she remarried, it was a bit of a fucking problem.
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  %frank/gerard  "<5k  =gorgeousnerd  &fantasy  +magic  +christmas  *fluff  +humor 
may 2019 by LadyLame
Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency - jjtaylor, Pennyplainknits - Bandom
Pete, in Decaydance Mansion, with a yarrow stake. Frank and Gerard, in the greenhouse, with a plant of questionable origin. Bob, everywhere you look, with a gang of assassins for justice. Vampires, valets, pamphlets, haunted furniture, dub-thrall, disembodied voices, zombie couriers, and sinister rituals.
host:ao3  rated.m  "100k+  #mcr  %frank/gerard  =jjtaylor  series:Gerard-Way's-(Vampire)-Detective-Agency  %mikey/pete  &fantasy  &vampires  *case/mission  *romance  +feels  +humor  +magic  *slowburn 
april 2019 by LadyLame
Burn Ever Bright - turps - Bandom
When Gerard isn't selected by a dragon he thinks his life is over -- he's wrong. It turns out his life has only just started.
rated.t  host:ao3  #mcr  =turps  "05-20k  %gerard/mikey  %frank/ray/gerard/mikey  &fantasy  *adventure  +established.relationship  +protectiveness 
march 2019 by LadyLame
All Was Golden In the Sky - wakingup - Multifandom
“Hi.” He says with a wide smile. Mikey can feel the warmth radiating off of him. "I'm Pete."
“Hi.” Mikey says, eyes darting nervously towards the gate. "I know."
Pete might be young, but as the Sun, he rules the sky. Even though it's only Mikey's second month, he’s not convinced that Pete doesn’t know who he is, but he isn’t going to question him.
"<5k  rated.g  host:ao3  =wakingup  #mcr  #fob  %mikey/pete  &fantasy  *fluff 
march 2019 by LadyLame
"and the moon in their net"
iphignia939's FOB fic (with fairies!). "In which it is proven that there’s a perfectly valid reason for Pete to be such a total freak, and hey, all those Emma Bull novels? Totally true."
=iphignia939  "05-20k  #fob  rated.t  host:livejournal  %patrick/pete  *adventure  +humor  +friendship  &fantasy  +magic 
february 2019 by LadyLame
Monster Under the Bed - BasementVampire - My Chemical Romance
“You’re not real. Go away,” Gerard ordered.
“If I’m not real, then who are you talking to?” it countered.
“My imagination.”
“Can your imagination shake the bed?”
Gerard screeched. “Stop that!”
There was a sigh from underneath the bed. “It makes me sad to be told I’m not real. Sad and angry.”
Gerard whimpered and squeezed his eyes shut. “All right—you’re real! Stop shaking the bed!”
"<5k  host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  =BasementVampire  %frank/gerard  &fantasy  *smut  /act(anal)  /sex-rough  /breathplay  /crying  /bloodplay  /humiliation  /namecalling  /D/s  /sm  warning:dubcon  warning:violence 
february 2019 by LadyLame
Of All The Hidden Corners: bandombigbang
An epic, adventurous tale filled with alternate universes, lords, mischief, magical powers, snark, boyfriends, and luck of the bad kind.
"20-50k  rated.t  host:livejournal  =daybreak25  #mcr  %frank/gerard  *adventure  &fantasy  +established.relationship  +magic 
january 2019 by LadyLame
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Stables: bandombigbang
When school lets out, it's time for summer camp. At a sleepaway camp called Rigby's Summer Camp for Equestrians, Patrick is struggling to get back into riding horses after a nasty accident last summer. And on top of that he has to deal with the fact that he just might hold the key to saving the world from a venegeful spirit bent on destroying the world with his legion of snakes. Not to mention there's that whole being unmistakably in love with Pete Wentz thing. It's just another typical summer at Rigby's, in the end; just with a little bit more terror and a little less innocent fun and games. But the question still remains: will there be victory or will the entire world be enslaved by the infamous King Cobra?
"20-50k  rated.e  host:livejournal  %patrick/pete  =elessar  *adventure  &fantasy  #fob  & 
january 2019 by LadyLame
On Your Behalf - iphignia939
In which Patrick is a spirit of vengeance, Pete's his unwilling psychic partner, and Brendon Urie's soul hangs in the balance.
"05-20k  host:livejournal  =iphignia939  %patrick/pete  rated.e  *adventure  &fantasy  #fob 
january 2019 by LadyLame
Paradox 'verse - stoplightglow - Bandom, My Chemical Romance
Ray shifts so he's no longer just a head hovering in the doorway. "Lily Dale? Brian, isn't that the place you were telling me about with all the psychics?" Frank's head snaps to stare at Brian incredulously. "With all the what?"
rated.m  "20-50k  host:ao3  #mcr  =stoplightglow  %frank/gerard  *romance  *adventure  +alcohol  +addiction  +grief  +fluff  +happy.ending  +angst  +flirting  !**  &fantasy  +ghosts  series:Paradox-'verse 
january 2019 by LadyLame
(many things lacking names) - provetheworst
Pete wakes up without a Shadow. And Patrick can speak anything into existence.
rated.t  host:livejournal  =provetheworst  &fantasy  *romance  "05-20k  %patrick/pete  +fluff  #fob 
november 2018 by LadyLame
The Night Leaves Me Restless - coricomile - Bandom
Patrick's phone buzzed in his pocket. He clenched his jaw when Pete's name showed on the screen under the tiny envelope icon. He looked up at Joe, who was still snuffling in his sleep, and back down at Pete's pale face. ride w/ me ric
rated.m  host:ao3  =coricomile  *angst  *dark  &fantasy  *drama  "05-20k  %patrick/pete  +reconciliation  #fob 
november 2018 by LadyLame
Fivehead and the Velociraptor - impertinence - Bandom
Beauty and the Beast - sort of. Thanks to stealstheashes on LJ for the beta.
rated.m  host:ao3  =impertinence  &fantasy  *romance  "05-20k  %patrick/pete  #fob 
november 2018 by LadyLame
BeWentzed - Lenore - Bandom
An AU a la the movie Bedazzled. Patrick is a bored high school student who just wants someone to take him away from all this bullshit. Pete is the Devil, AKA Lucifer, AKA Beelzebub, AKA big trouble, who just wants…Patrick.
rated.e  host:ao3  !**  &fantasy  &highschool  *adventure  *romance  "20-50k  %patrick/pete  +first.time  +humor  =Lenore  #fob 
october 2018 by LadyLame
Sherlock Holmes is a Sex God - wendymarlowe - Sherlock (TV)
“So what you’re telling me,” John said slowly, “is that you consider yourself a sex god.” He couldn’t decide whether it sounded completely ludicrous or completely plausible.
Sherlock threw his head back against the top sofa cushions and stared at the ceiling in familiar annoyance. “Lust, not sex, John, and I’m just a demigod. As far as I’ve been able to tell.”
rated.t  host:ao3  &fantasy  #sherlock  *fluff  "<5k  %sherlock&john  +platonic.lifepartners  =wendymarlowe  %gen 
december 2017 by LadyLame
Curse of the Were-Tuna - WhoGroovesOn - Sherlock (TV)
John couldn’t help but feel as though the large tuna beyond the glass was staring at him, which was weird because it’s not like fish had eyelids, they always seemed to be staring at things.
=WhoGrooveson  rated.e  host:ao3  &fantasy  #sherlock  *action  *case/mission  *romance  /act(anal)  /act(frottage)  /act(handjobs)  "20-50k  %sherlock/john  +magic 
october 2017 by LadyLame
Hellfire - testosterone_tea - Sherlock (TV)
Sherlock is a Mage that gets involved with a case involving Dark Summoning rituals, leading him to John Watson, a man with Berserker blood. The only thing is, Berserkers have been extinct for centuries. And of course, nothing involving Mycroft and his interfering ways is ever simple. This time, even Sherlock may have bitten off more than he can chew.
rated.e  host:ao3  =testosterone_tea  warning:torture  &fantasy  #sherlock  *action  "20-50k  %sherlock/john  +magic  +ust 
march 2017 by LadyLame
The Contract - twistedthicket1 - Sherlock (TV)
On the eve of the day in which the divide between the spirit world and the Earth becomes thinnest, Captain John Watson is intent on making sure that no Demons will make it past the gate. The village of Baker is heavily fortified, a veritable fortress against the evils that are scheduled to arrive: Nightmarish monsters come to life with only the intent of tormenting innocent life. John hates all the Demons that feed off of his people.

On the other side in the spirit world, Sherlock is an Incubus that faces a serious problem: He does not feel sexual attraction. Rather, he finds the entire process of sex tedious, mortals annoying, his bodily needs at once vaguely distressing and inconvenient. Faced with a need to eat after denying himself for nearly a year, Sherlock does not expect himself to take interest in another Demon's prey, of all things.
=twistedthicket1  rated.e  host:ao3  warning:dubcon  &fantasy  #sherlock  "05-20k  %sherlock/john 
march 2017 by LadyLame
Pythonissa - angelblack3 - Sherlock (TV)
The rain tells Sherlock what it always does. That John will always be by his side.
This is not good enough for Sherlock.

Witch!lock where Sherlock has a gift for divination, spells and whatnot. He puts John under a love spell.
rated.m  host:ao3  warning:dubcon  &fantasy  #sherlock  *dark  "<5k  %sherlock/john  +magic  =angelblack3 
march 2017 by LadyLame
Full Moon - s0mmerspr0ssen - Sherlock (TV)

"While working on a case for Mycroft in Afghanistan, Sherlock is captured and put in a locked container to find he’s not alone. John Watson beaten but alive is also there. With hours to go till the full moon Sherlock talks to the man he’s trapped with and gets to like him. When he wakes in the morning after the change he is surprised to find not only is John alive, but Sherlock is curled up in his lap. Sherlock realizes that this is the person his wolf has chosen as his mate and the need to protect and mate with John rushes to the front of his mind. A quick rescue by Mycroft’s team while Sherlock tries to attack anyone who wants to touch John, they end up safe place (hotel?) where Sherlock locks the door and begins the bonding process between them.

Top Sherlock, biting, dominating, very dominate Sherlock, BAMF John, Sherlock really just a puppy who needs love, all consensual sex, smut."
rated.e  host:ao3  &fantasy  &werewolves  #sherlock  "05-20k  %sherlock/john  =s0mmerspr0ssen 
february 2017 by LadyLame
Wishing for Bluebeard - angelblack3 - Sherlock (TV)
Shortly after Harry's death John marries Sherlock and moves into the mansion he shares with his business partner Jim Moriarty. Soon after, the nightmares start. The ghost of his sister talks to him. There are voices coming from the part of the greenhouse where the poisonous plants are kept. He falls ill and can't remember everything that happens to him.
Something is wrong. Are Sherlock and Jim poisoning him?
rated.e  warning:violence  warning:rape/noncon  host:ao3  +mindgames  warning:minor.character.death  +gaslighting  &fantasy  &historical  #sherlock  *dark  *horror  "20-50k  %sherlock/john  %sherlock/moriarty/john  +drugs  =angelblack3 
february 2017 by LadyLame
Guidelines - WithLoweredVoices - Sherlock (TV)
The Good Soldier, one of the oldest and strongest of the fallen, is offered a bargain: to live as John Watson and to Guide a fledgling archangel so that he will stay on the path of good. Of course, Sherlock Holmes has different ideas about his destiny. Fantasy AU. Warnings for violence, occasional gore, and a whole load of hurt and angst.
rated.e  =WithLoweredVoices  host:ao3  !**  &fantasy  #sherlock  *angst  *case/mission  *feels  *slowburn  "20-50k  %sherlock/john 
february 2017 by LadyLame
Show Me How to Stop Running - etothepii - Sherlock (TV)
John gets turned into a werewolf during Afghanistan, and it sucks, but then he moves in with another werewolf, and it gets better.
=etothepii  rated.e  host:ao3  &fantasy  &werewolves  #sherlock  "05-20k  %sherlock/john 
february 2017 by LadyLame
Take A Bite - likes2lurk - Sherlock (TV)
Promt fill: Vampire!John is on the run when he runs into vampire!Sherlock. Sherlock agrees to hide him until the danger has past, but demands payment in return. John figured a weekend of getting fucked was much better then better eternally tortured by the people pursuing him.

Sherlock has other plans. He'd ran in John before, but John had always slipped through his fingers. Determined that John won't get away this time, he sneaks the start of the mating bond onto John's mind during the first fuck and then cements it during the rest of the weekend with lots and lots of sex.
=likes2lurk  rated.e  incomplete  host:livejournal  &fantasy  &vampires  #sherlock  *fluff  *smut  /bloodplay  /sex-rough  "05-20k  %sherlock/john 
february 2017 by LadyLame
slash - dashcommaslash - Sherlock (TV)
John can still feel his hands, for now, but he knows he mustn’t struggle much. Which is fine. Sherlock doesn’t want him to struggle tonight.


John can’t believe how long it takes him to get caught.

Vampire!John and Sherlock are together after Sherlock comes back. dark!Sherlock is a genuinely frightening dom.
=dashcommaslash  rated.e  warning:violence  host:ao3  warning:dubcon  series:slash  &fantasy  &vampires  #sherlock  *dark  *pwp  *smut  /bdsm  /bloodplay  "<5k  %sherlock/john  /knifeplay 
february 2017 by LadyLame
Between the Tongue and the Taste - philalethia - Sherlock (TV)
Sherlock was right about one thing at least: John was thinking about writing up the case. But he didn’t know what he would say, where he would even start. "We went after Ed Harvey, I got myself gutted, and Sherlock changed me so I wouldn’t die? It’s all right, I suppose, except that vampire hierarchy is apparently even wonkier than everyone says and nothing’s quite as sexual as those awful vampire films make it seem?"

In which John gets turned into a vampire and everything gets a bit weird.
rated.e  host:ao3  !***  &fantasy  &vampires  #sherlock  /bloodplay  "05-20k  %sherlock/john  +pining  =philalethia 
january 2017 by LadyLame
With a Wolflike Sharpness - philalethia - Sherlock (TV)
In which Sherlock is a werewolf, John is not, and during full moons, they have sex.

My girlfriend asked for savage sex between shapeshifted!Sherlock and human!John. I tried. ♥
rated.e  host:ao3  &fantasy  &werewolves  #sherlock  *smut  /bdsm  /sex-rough  "<5k  %sherlock/john  +possessiveness  =philalethia  /edging/orgasm.delay/denial 
january 2017 by LadyLame
Highway Unicorn - pentapus, thefourthvine - Hockey RPF
He saw the horn poking out from the pony's head, golden and straight and somehow delicate-looking despite the empty tuna can hanging off of it. The unicorn horn. "The fuck," Sidney said out loud, his eye skipping from the horn over the greyish-white body to the graceful gold-toned hooves.
=thefourthvine  rated.e  host:ao3  &fantasy  #hockey-rpf  "20-50k  %sid/geno  =pentapus 
january 2017 by LadyLame
By the Pale Moonlight - alexxphoenix42 - Sherlock (TV)
Sherlock notices that once a month, John gets tarted up, slips off to parts unknown, and stays gone till the next morning with nary an explanation. Sherlock can't resist a mystery of any stripe, but certainly not one that involves JOHN.
rated.e  host:ao3  &fantasy  #sherlock  *crack  *fluff  *smut  /kink  "05-20k  %sherlock/john  =alexxphoenix42 
november 2016 by LadyLame

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