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The Knowable Universe - novembersmith - Welcome to Night Vale [Archive of Our Own]
an entire fic of that I LIKE THEM SO MUUUUUUUUUCH WAIT DO THEY MAYBE ACTUALLY LIIIIIIKE ME???? moment, drawn out to absolutely excruciating perfection
fic:read  length:short  novembersmith  nightvale  cecil/carlos  amazingfic  fluff 
august 2013 by la_dissonance
The Importance of Turning Around Three Times Before Lying Down - otter - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It’s like this dog has walked out of all of Stiles’ childhood dreams and into the real world just because Stiles wanted it hard enough. He is the most awesome dog ever, and Stiles and his new dog totally have a bond. A deep, unbreakable bond because this dog is his spirit animal, obviously. Now he just has to convince the dog of that.
fic:read  length:long  au  derek/stiles  teenwolf  otter  fluff 
april 2013 by la_dissonance
ain't nobody loves me better - lalejandra - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Happy poly fluffy feel-better sometimes-life-is-too-hard-for-anything-but-a-pete-and-gabe-brain-dump storytime.
fic:read  length:short  poly  fluff  pete/gabe  lalejandra 
march 2013 by la_dissonance
Catalysis - Anonymous - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
the one where Stiles fake-dates Danny to fool his grandmother into thinking he's happy
fic:read  length:medium  teenwolf  stiles/danny  pining  fluff 
december 2012 by la_dissonance
anything, anything - drunktuesdays - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
set about 5 years in the future, for a prompt from kalpurna: Stiles wakes up in Derek’s bed in a world where they’re married now, and Derek keeps leaving the room every time he tries to have a conversation about how this happened, since they weren’t even dating. Betaed by giddygeek.
fic:read  length:medium  drunktuesdays  teenwolf  derek/stiles  au  fluff  domesticity 
november 2012 by la_dissonance
Breathing For Two - luninosity - X-Men: First Class (2011) RPF [Archive of Our Own]
James is possibly being too casual about his own health concerns. Michael rather impressively over-reacts, and belatedly figures out why. And then there is apologetic coffee and first kisses.
fic:read  length:medium  luninosity  x-men  rpf  charles/erik  fluff 
november 2012 by la_dissonance
Amenity - AccursedSpatula - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
“If you truly do not desire this, then I shall stop. But otherwise, I have no qualms about offering you a bit of...comfort.”
fic:read  length:short  avengers  thor/steve  accursedspatula  pwp  fluff 
may 2012 by la_dissonance
eledhwenlin - not kissed
when their first kiss doesn't go like brendon thought it would
fic:read  length:short  eledhwenlin  bandom  patd  brendon/spencer  fluff 
april 2012 by la_dissonance
There's A Reason They Call It A Crush - iamtheenemy (Steph) - Panic At The Disco, Empires [Archive of Our Own]
“Come on, I’m serious,” Brendon said. “This is important, okay? This could be a life changing moment that we’re having here. Hot Starbucks Guy told me that I should come by during his shift today.” Barista AU and college AU. (Reinventing the wheel, I know.) Failboat Brendons and the Jons who love them.
fic:read  length:long  au  empires  patd  brendon/jon  tom/sean  brendon/tom  bandom  iamtheenemy  fluff  spencer/ryan 
march 2012 by la_dissonance
Family Portrait - rsadelle - Bandom, Empires [Archive of Our Own]
No one's quite sure where Tom and Sean got the baby, and they're not telling.
fic:read  length:short  kidfic  empires  tom/sean  fluff  bandom  rsadelle 
march 2012 by la_dissonance
Give Me Empathy - addictedkitten - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Everyone has adorably useless superpowers. Otherwise, everything is pretty similar.
fic:read  patd  au  length:medium  fluff  brendon/ryan  jon/spencer  addictedkitten  bandom 
february 2012 by la_dissonance
Late Delivery - Anonymous - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
When Tony was little, he once wrote a letter to Santa begging for the one thing he wanted most in the world. What Tony didn't know is that Santa always delivers... eventually.
fic:read  length:short  avengers  steve/tony  fluff  gen 
december 2011 by la_dissonance
otpsaurus_rex: Give It Up, Give It Up (gabe/pete, 3000 words, adult)
That itch under Pete's skin is back, irritating and prickly and driving him fucking nuts.

"You should really get that looked at," Gabe says, lazy and cocky even over the phone.
fic:read  bandom  length:medium  pwp  pete/gabe  otpsaurus_rex  kink  content:impactplay  fluff 
september 2011 by la_dissonance
fictionalaspect: Indoor FireworksBrendon/Spencer, PG, ~5
the one where Spencer hires an escort so he won't look like a loser at his sister's wedding
fic:read  length:short  brendon/spencer  fictionalaspect  fluff  au  bandom  patd  pg 
august 2011 by la_dissonance
lilywhitelilith: Cave of Wonders
Jon Walker keeps hearing about these fabulous orgies
fic:read  fluff  bandom  nc-17  patd  gsf  length:short  theaerosolkid 
june 2011 by la_dissonance
sunsetmog: Not!fic: It's Just Pretend, Right? [Brendon/Spencer]
The one where Spencer needs Brendon to be his pretend boyfriend for his scary praying-mantis elementary school teacher's retirement party
fic:read  length:medium  brendon/spencer  patd  bandom  pg-13  fluff 
april 2011 by la_dissonance
Ten - reni_days - Panic At The Disco, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
"Are you gay yet, Spencer?" the one where that weird new kid Dallon causes drama!
fic:read  length:short  reni_days  bandom  brendon/spencer  au  fluff  patd 
march 2011 by la_dissonance
fiddleyoumust: Fic - The Law of Attraction (In Seven Easy Steps) (Brendon/Spencer)
Spencer wakes up and realizes immediately that something is off.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Spencer asks, because he's seriously not even awake yet, and Brendon is sitting on their bed with the fingers of his right hand splayed out over Spencer's stomach.
fic:read  fluff  pwp  patd  brendon/spencer  bandom  fiddleyoumust  nc-17 
february 2011 by la_dissonance
reni_fic: Spencer Smith Saved My Gay Cred (And All I Got Was This Sparkly T-Shirt)
“God, you messed him up bad, Spence. He’s like a twelve-year-old girl around here today.”
fic:read  reni_days  length:short  brendon/spencer  pg-13  fluff  patd  bandom 
february 2011 by la_dissonance
I have crossed the dunes with their whistling bent - Fic: Not That Hard To Find
A day in the life, post-split. Wherein Ryan gets to dispense Very Important Advice, cuddle, and then has to go look for his best friend.

sequel here:
fluff  bandom  gen  harborshore  alwaysagirl  patd  tyv  thelike  fic:read  length:short  spencer/ryan 
april 2010 by la_dissonance
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