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My Life as a PhD Scientist – You Should Know Why Science Will Fail
Douglas Prasher got the shortest end of the stick. He should have gotten the Nobel Prize. He got the opposite. Prasher cloned and sequenced the gene for Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP). And Prasher was the first to propose that GFP could be used as a tracer molecule. He wrote a grant detailing how GFP could be used as a reporter to measure the levels of gene expression and track the localization of proteins in cells. Every geneticist and molecular biologist alive today uses GFP assays in their research. GFP revolutionized the field and allowed scientists to make rapid leaps forward. Not surprisingly, the work for GFP received the Nobel Prize. Only, Prasher didn’t win it.

You see, that grant he wrote about GFP never got funded. The reviewers of the grant thought his ideas were crazy. Without funding, Prasher didn’t get tenure. He had to close his lab. He gave his GFP samples and ideas to his fellow colleagues. He knew how important GFP was, and he didn’t want it to be lost. With no funding, Prasher was forced out of science altogether. He became a shuttle bus driver for a car dealership.
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