Multichrome Polish Comparison
I still want them all... but i've at least been good about lemmings, sigh
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april 2014
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march 2014
UT on Rails
learn rails with schneems via youtube
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march 2014
My Life as a PhD Scientist – You Should Know Why Science Will Fail
Douglas Prasher got the shortest end of the stick. He should have gotten the Nobel Prize. He got the opposite. Prasher cloned and sequenced the gene for Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP). And Prasher was the first to propose that GFP could be used as a tracer molecule. He wrote a grant detailing how GFP could be used as a reporter to measure the levels of gene expression and track the localization of proteins in cells. Every geneticist and molecular biologist alive today uses GFP assays in their research. GFP revolutionized the field and allowed scientists to make rapid leaps forward. Not surprisingly, the work for GFP received the Nobel Prize. Only, Prasher didn’t win it.

You see, that grant he wrote about GFP never got funded. The reviewers of the grant thought his ideas were crazy. Without funding, Prasher didn’t get tenure. He had to close his lab. He gave his GFP samples and ideas to his fellow colleagues. He knew how important GFP was, and he didn’t want it to be lost. With no funding, Prasher was forced out of science altogether. He became a shuttle bus driver for a car dealership.
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march 2014
Animatron: HTML5 animations and interactive content
Use the intuitive Animatron Editor to design and publish movies, banners, and infographics that play everywhere, from desktop browsers to mobile devices. No coding necessary - what you see is what you get!
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march 2014
LinkedIn Can Connect You to Non-Profits for Volunteering Opportunities
The service can help you find volunteering opportunities too, and match you up with non-profits that need your skills and can offer you valuable experience in return.P
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march 2014
Use LinkedIn to Find Companies Friendly with Your Alma Mater
It's no secret that some companies, especially if they have a major presence in the same town as a major college or university, seek out graduates from that school for entry level positions. If you're looking for work, LinkedIn can show you which companies hire from your school often so you can connect with them. P

All you have to do is make sure you've added your education to LinkedIn—even if you haven't graduated. From there, LinkedIn will do the rest, even showing you the employers who hire most frequently from your school.
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march 2014
simplicity in nonprofit webdesign
“Good design emphasizes the usefulness of a product whilst disregarding anything that could detract from it.”
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march 2014

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