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Vitamin C Foundation - View topic - Homemade Lypo C
So the usual recipe is dissolve:
3 TBS soy lecithin in 1 cup water (shake in jar for about 5 minutes to dissolve thoroughly)
1 TBS ascorbic acid in 1/2 cup water.
Pour in the Ultra Sonic and run for 6 min or more.
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december 2010 by kye
McLaren: Family and Integrative Medicine: Lypospheric Vitamin C
If Cold symptoms occur, immediately take 2 packets of Lypo-C and repeat every hour until symptoms are gone. Usually by the second or third dose the virus has been effectively inactivated, and no further cold symptoms will appear.
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december 2010 by kye
Vitamin C Foundation - View topic - Lypo Spheric Vitamin C Typical Dosage for various scenarios
Now we know that an adult can accomplish the same thing with 8000 mg every 20 minutes (or 24,000 mg/hr) for 2 to 3 hours, so 48000 to 72000 mg in 3 hours. Lets calculate that based on body weight your daughter would have needed half that dosage, or 24000 to 36,000 mg and we might estimate that Lypo-C was roughly equivalent to 36000/4 or 9000 mg of ordinary vitamin C, which is remarkably close to Dr. Levy's estimate of 1 Lypo = 10 grams regular vitamin C.
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december 2010 by kye

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