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Matcha, (Gyokuro Green Tea Powder)
Matcha is a famous powder tea made from ground Gyokuro green tea.
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february 2011 by kye
Gyokuro: Japan's Finest Green Tea; Gyokuro Harvesting
Gyokuro is a sensitive green tea and needs to be carefully brewed to bring out the best flavor. Cooler water (around 140 degrees Fahrenheit) and a slightly larger amount of leaf (around 2 teaspoons per cup) are recommended to reveal the special flavor of Gyokuro.

High-quality Gyokuro will yield up to 3 flavorful infusions. Since the first infusion has allowed the leaves to open up, brew the second infusion for a much shorter time (around 30 seconds) and the third infusion for about 60 seconds.
february 2011 by kye

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