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The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar
Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats has compiled nuggets of narrative wisdom she’s received working for the animation studio over the years.
story  storytelling  narrative  writing  creative  creativity  pixar 
june 2018 by kybernetikos
Dabble - Projects
A scrivener like editor for writing books in the browser using prosemirror.
story  editor  writing  prosemirror 
november 2017 by kybernetikos
The Day of The Tentacle: Dependency Graph Analysis | The Website is Down Dev Blog
While cartoonish on the surface this game is highly polished with an elaborate design and complex puzzle structure. This post will focus on the puzzle dependency graph and the way in which the puzzles are integrated into the narrative.
game  design  graph  analysis  story  puzzle 
april 2017 by kybernetikos
Infovore » Infinifriends
Generating Friends episodes using markov chains, and then using plotagon to turn them into video.
video  friends  generative  story  markov 
february 2014 by kybernetikos
The significance of plot without conflict - still eating oranges
Does plot necessarily hinge on conflict? No. Such claims are a product of the West’s insularity. For countless centuries, Chinese and Japanese writers have used a plot structure that does not have conflict “built in”, so to speak. Rather, it relies on exposition and contrast to generate interest. This structure is known as kishōtenketsu.
plot  structure  narrative  literature  philosophy  writing  story  conflict  japanese  chinese 
july 2012 by kybernetikos
Why I Write "Strong Female Characters"
The Quick Answer goes like this:

Q: How do you write such strong/well-realized/positively portrayed women?

A: I don't. I write characters. Some of those characters are women.
writing  characterisation  feminism  character  story 
may 2012 by kybernetikos
scott_lynch: Against Big Bird, The Gods Themselves Contend In Vain
You think you know a Muppet... but it's plain that we've had Big Bird figured all wrong. He's no kindergartener. He's a previously unknown aspect of the Eternal fucking Champion.
children  egyptian  mythology  bigbird  justice  hero  silly  funny  story 
march 2012 by kybernetikos
Everything you know about ARGs is WRONG
Interesting stuff. Since it's so expensive to create Story-Games, perhaps we should be employing the ingenuity of the players more to create the puzzles for the other players. User-generated content (or the democratisation of creativity), is the solution to scaling things like this.
game  story  games  arg  storytelling  storygame 
february 2009 by kybernetikos
The Story of Meehan’s Tale-Spin
I'm very interested in the idea of a story generator. Shame the code is now lost.
story  generator  understanding 
september 2007 by kybernetikos

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