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Parable of the Polygons - a playable post on the shape of society
This is a story of how harmless choices can make a harmful world.

These little cuties are 50% Triangles, 50% Squares, and 100% slightly shapist. But only slightly! In fact, every polygon prefers being in a diverse crowd:
games  society  visualization  racism  diversity  bias  game  segregation  simulation  ghetto  ghettoisation 
september 2017 by kybernetikos
Rubik's Cube Solution - Petrus Method
Most people solve the cube layer by layer. This is a simple way for the human mind to approach the problem, but it is useless for speed cubing. No matter how good you are, you will use more than 100 moves. Going for speed, I use 55-60 moves on average. Going for few moves, I average 40-45.

The basic problem with the layer method is big, and obvious once you realize it. When you have completed the first layer, you can do nothing without breaking it up. So you break it, do something useful, then restore it. Break it, do something, restore it. Again and again. In a good solution you do something useful all the time. The first layer is in the way of the solution, not a part of it!
fun  games  tutorial  puzzle  rubiks 
february 2016 by kybernetikos
Regex Crossword
Welcome to the fantastic world of nerdy regex fun!
regex  games  programming  puzzle 
january 2016 by kybernetikos
Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe | Math with Bad Drawings
Once at a picnic, I saw mathematicians crowding around the last game I would have expected: Tic-tac-toe.
game  games  tictactoe  math 
january 2016 by kybernetikos
Arimaa - Intuitively simple ... intellectually challenging
For computers Arimaa may be a thousand times more difficult than Chess, but it's actually very easy for people to learn and play. The rules are simple and intuitive. So even if you've never learned how to play Chess you can learn to play Arimaa in just a few minutes. If you're already a Chess player then Arimaa gives you another interesting game that can be played with a standard Chess set.
ai  game  games 
january 2016 by kybernetikos
Tetris: Playing forever
Exploiting loops in tetris to play forever.
maths  games  tetris  analysis 
may 2013 by kybernetikos
« Hannu's Plaza » Doing gravity right
here's a big flaw in the commonly used Euler's method to handle the gravity (or other forces). Even all the Quake games have this problem. Then what is it? If you have more frames per second in Quake, your player will run faster and jump higher. There are some places in Quake where you can't jump high enough if you don't have enough frames per second. Sounds odd, right?
games  physics  programming  gravity  integration  fps  quake  acceleration  force 
december 2012 by kybernetikos
BananaBread | Demo Studio | MDN
BananaBread is a 3D first person shooter that runs on the web. It takes the Cube 2: Sauerbraten engine, which is written in C++ and OpenGL, and compiles it using Emscripten into JavaScript and WebGL so that it can run in modern browsers using standards-based web APIs and without the need for plugins.
3d  firefox  games  webgl  game  emscripten  sauerbraten  cube  engine  javascript  html5  web  fullscreen  fps 
december 2012 by kybernetikos
The PA Report - The killing floor of PAX: welcome to 18-player Johann Sebastian Joust, complete with traitors
The game is simple, but fiendish: if you move too quickly, the Move controller senses your speed and knocks you out. You must move at a slow speed while also attacking other players and causing them to move their controller rapidly enough to knock them out. It’s a game of quick hits, hip-checks, and fake-outs.
game  games  speed  controller  group  crowd  team 
september 2012 by kybernetikos
The guide to implementing 2D platformers | Higher-Order Fun
The long-term goal is to make this an exhaustive and comprehensible guide to the implementation of 2D platform games.
programming  games  gamedev  development  2d  via:popular 
may 2012 by kybernetikos
Valve: How I Got Here, What It’s Like, and What I’m Doing | Valve
Valve is different.

Gabe tells it this way. When he was at Microsoft in the early 90’s, he commissioned a survey of what was actually installed on users’ PCs. The second most widely installed software was Windows.

Number one was Id’s Doom.
business  games  management  valve  wearable  ar  augmentedreality 
april 2012 by kybernetikos
Double Fine Adventure by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions — Kickstarter
The world of video game design is a mysterious one. What really happens behind the closed doors of a development studio is often unknown, unappreciated, or misunderstood. And the bigger the studio, the more tightly shut its door tends to be. With this project, we're taking that door off its hinges and inviting you into the world of Double Fine Productions, the first major studio to fully finance their next game with a Kickstarter campaign and develop it in the public eye.
games  kickstarter  crowdsource  disintermediation  adventure  game 
february 2012 by kybernetikos
Geometry Games
Games and applications in unusual geometries.
geometry  math  games  learning  science  fun  education  topology  mathematics  software 
november 2010 by kybernetikos
A retro game allowing the players lots of control.
mmorpg  java  rpg  mud  game  games  yegge  properties  prototype 
november 2010 by kybernetikos
Everything you know about ARGs is WRONG
Interesting stuff. Since it's so expensive to create Story-Games, perhaps we should be employing the ingenuity of the players more to create the puzzles for the other players. User-generated content (or the democratisation of creativity), is the solution to scaling things like this.
game  story  games  arg  storytelling  storygame 
february 2009 by kybernetikos
Virtual Labor Lost
Why academic MMORPGs need to be fun. (Fairly obvious)
games  research  education  mmorpg  fun 
december 2007 by kybernetikos
Network of virtual worlds
mmorpg  games  virtual  design  game  engine 
june 2007 by kybernetikos

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