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Materials for the game "Collection Deck" • MuckRock
The CIA use the game 'Collection Deck' to teach the collection of intelligence. It was declassified and requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

There is now a kickstarter game (CIA) based on it.
game  training  CIA  card  intelligence  humint 
may 2018 by kybernetikos
The Poor Man's Netcode · Evan Todd
my topic of choice is game development. Everyone in that field agrees: don't add networked multiplayer to an existing game, you drunken clown.

Well, I did it anyway because I hate myself. Somehow it turned out great. None of us know anything.
gamedev  networking  dev  game  programming  net  network  netcode 
march 2018 by kybernetikos
One Hour One Life
a multiplayer survival game of parenting
and civilization building by Jason Rohrer
game  design  survival  generations  civilization 
february 2018 by kybernetikos
ink - inkle's narrative scripting language
The powerful scripting language behind 80 Days and Sorcery!
engine  fiction  adventure  game  if  interactive  interpreter 
november 2017 by kybernetikos
Skyrim rendered in text – Filip Hracek – Medium
Game as narrative. How to make combat work in text form, and the various levels of abstraction needed to describe combat satisfyingly.
game  programming  gamedev  article  development  procedural  skyrim  worldbuilding  technology  narrative  text  fantasy 
november 2017 by kybernetikos
In 1961, Donald Michie build MENACE (Machine Educable Noughts And Crosses Engine), a machine capable of learning to be a better player of Noughts and Crosses (or Tic-Tac-Toe if you're American). As computers were less widely available at the time, MENACE was built from from 304 matchboxes.
learning  matchboxes  noughts  crosses  oxo  game  tictactoe 
october 2017 by kybernetikos
Parable of the Polygons - a playable post on the shape of society
This is a story of how harmless choices can make a harmful world.

These little cuties are 50% Triangles, 50% Squares, and 100% slightly shapist. But only slightly! In fact, every polygon prefers being in a diverse crowd:
games  society  visualization  racism  diversity  bias  game  segregation  simulation  ghetto  ghettoisation 
september 2017 by kybernetikos
The Evolution of Trust
Game theory primer on iterated games and trust.
game  gametheory  iterated  prisonersdilemma  trust 
july 2017 by kybernetikos
Lightmap Compression in The Witness | Ignacio Castaño
he RGBM color transform seemed to be a popular way to encode lightmaps. I gave that a try and the results weren't perfect, but it was a clear improvement and I could already think of several ways of improving the encoder. Over time I tested some of these ideas and managed to improve the quality significantly and also reduce the size of the lightmap data. In this post I'll describe some of these ideas and support them with examples showing my results.
lightmaps  game  texture-compression  programming 
may 2017 by kybernetikos
The Day of The Tentacle: Dependency Graph Analysis | The Website is Down Dev Blog
While cartoonish on the surface this game is highly polished with an elaborate design and complex puzzle structure. This post will focus on the puzzle dependency graph and the way in which the puzzles are integrated into the narrative.
game  design  graph  analysis  story  puzzle 
april 2017 by kybernetikos
Disney Research » Threadsteading: A Two-Player, Single-Line, Territory Control Game for Quilting and Embroidery Machines
Threadsteading is a two-player game for a modified quilting machine. The quilting machine is a computer-controlled longarm quilting machine, which moves a sewing head around a 12′ x 2.5′ area to stitch 2D paths.
game  thread  sewing  quilting 
march 2016 by kybernetikos
Rithmomachy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rithmomachy (or Rithmomachia, also Arithmomachia, Rythmomachy, Rhythmomachy, or sundry other variants; sometimes known as The Philosophers' Game) is a highly complex, early European mathematical board game. The earliest known description of it dates from the eleventh century. A literal translation of the name is "The Battle of the Numbers". The game is much like chess, except most methods of capture depend on the numbers inscribed on each piece.

It has been argued that between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries, "rithmomachia served as a practical exemplar for teaching the contemplative values of Boethian mathematical philosophy, which emphasized the natural harmony and perfection of number and proportion. The game, Moyer argues, was used both as a mnemonic drill for the study of Boethian number theory and, more importantly, as a vehicle for moral education, by reminding players of the mathematical harmony of creation."
game  number  calculation 
february 2016 by kybernetikos
Learn Elixir The Fun Way: Red:4
This multimedia Elixir tutorial will put you in the middle of the action at one of the hottest fictional aerospace startups in existence.
coding  programming  tutorial  game 
february 2016 by kybernetikos
Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe | Math with Bad Drawings
Once at a picnic, I saw mathematicians crowding around the last game I would have expected: Tic-tac-toe.
game  games  tictactoe  math 
january 2016 by kybernetikos
Arimaa - Intuitively simple ... intellectually challenging
For computers Arimaa may be a thousand times more difficult than Chess, but it's actually very easy for people to learn and play. The rules are simple and intuitive. So even if you've never learned how to play Chess you can learn to play Arimaa in just a few minutes. If you're already a Chess player then Arimaa gives you another interesting game that can be played with a standard Chess set.
ai  game  games 
january 2016 by kybernetikos
Home - Stockfish - Open Source Chess Engine
Stockfish is one of the strongest chess engines in the world. It is also much stronger than the best human chess grandmasters.
chess  engine  opensource  game 
january 2016 by kybernetikos
We introduce a new approach to computer Go that uses value networks to evaluate board positions and policy networks to select moves... This is the first time that a computer program has defeated a human professional player in the full-sized game of Go, a feat previously thought to be at least a decade away.
go  deepmind  network  neural  ai  game 
january 2016 by kybernetikos
2048 in Erlang / Erlang / Kukuruku / Technology Hub
It’s my first project in Erlang. Many programmers are afraid of it. They suppose that it’s difficult to use it. But it’s actually not. I’ll try to highlight some things that are not obvious for Erlang beginners.
gamedev  erlang  2048  game  tutorial 
june 2014 by kybernetikos
Godot Engine
Godot is a fully featured, open source, MIT licensed, game engine. It focuses on having great tools, and a visual oriented workflow that can export to PC, Mobile and Web platforms with no hassle. The editor, language and APIs are feature rich, yet simple to learn, allowing you to become productive in a matter of hours.
development  game  gamedev  opensource 
march 2014 by kybernetikos
Disruptions: Using Addictive Games to Build Better Brains -
Has some examples of the benefits computer games bring already.
brain  game 
february 2014 by kybernetikos
An introduction to the Crafty game engine - Build New Games
Crafty, previously known as CraftyJS, is a small, simple, and lightweight game engine that can greatly help you build prototypal or fully-featured 2D HTML5 games. Crafty is also open-source and completely free. Its code is hosted openly on and is distributed under the MIT or GPL license.
gamedev  html5  development  game  javascript  entity  engine 
march 2013 by kybernetikos
Parallel Universe • A New Approach to Databases and Data Processing — Simulating 10Ks of Spaceships on My Laptop
Like map-reduce frameworks and SQL databases as they’ve been traditionally used — and unlike many NoSQL solutions — we believe that it is the database’s role not only to store and retrieve data on behalf of the application, but also to assist the application in processing it. This because the database is in a unique position to know which transactions may contend for the same data items, and how to schedule them with respect to one another for the best possible performance. The database can and should be smart. If the database is dumb and sharded, it places a-priori constraints to avoid contention that it could have handled intelligently at runtime without imposing limitations on the application.
code  clojure  programming  database  store  spatial  game  mmorpg  mmo  space  region  shard  scale  scaling 
february 2013 by kybernetikos
BananaBread | Demo Studio | MDN
BananaBread is a 3D first person shooter that runs on the web. It takes the Cube 2: Sauerbraten engine, which is written in C++ and OpenGL, and compiles it using Emscripten into JavaScript and WebGL so that it can run in modern browsers using standards-based web APIs and without the need for plugins.
3d  firefox  games  webgl  game  emscripten  sauerbraten  cube  engine  javascript  html5  web  fullscreen  fps 
december 2012 by kybernetikos
Let the Finder Beware: Singularity Chess
I originally ran across this chess variation back when I was a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We're talking late 70s or early 80s. I found this game described on a calendar in the math department library. Thinking back, I'm not sure just what the name of the game was. I call it "singularity chess," or "whirlpool chess," for reasons that will become evident.
chess  variant  game  gravity  singularity  curved  space 
october 2012 by kybernetikos
A longitudinal study of the association between violent video game play and aggression among adolescents.
Moreover, greater violent video game play predicted higher levels of aggression over time, after controlling for previous levels of aggression, supporting the socialization hypothesis. In contrast, no support was found for the selection hypothesis. Nonviolent video game play also did not predict higher levels of aggressive behavior over time.
agression  video  game  research  study 
october 2012 by kybernetikos
The PA Report - The killing floor of PAX: welcome to 18-player Johann Sebastian Joust, complete with traitors
The game is simple, but fiendish: if you move too quickly, the Move controller senses your speed and knocks you out. You must move at a slow speed while also attacking other players and causing them to move their controller rapidly enough to knock them out. It’s a game of quick hits, hip-checks, and fake-outs.
game  games  speed  controller  group  crowd  team 
september 2012 by kybernetikos
We present a defense against
coercion attacks using the concept of implicit learning
from cognitive psychology. Implicit learning refers to
learning of patterns without any conscious knowledge of
the learned pattern. We use a carefully crafted computer
game to plant a secret password in the participant’s brain
without the participant having any conscious knowledge
of the trained password. While the planted secret can
be used for authentication, the participant cannot be coerced
into revealing it since he or she has no conscious
knowledge of it.
rubberhose  crytpanalysis  learning  implicit  secret  key  password  paper  guitarhero  game 
july 2012 by kybernetikos
Language Hunters :: Home
Language Hunting is a system of techniques for community language education and revitalization, and a philosophy for teaching and learning, guided by results. Language Hunt players are also teacher-trainers, so that the ability to teach and learn is passed on indefinitely to other players. All this is accomplished through a fun, contagious, high-energy game focused first on encouraging fluent conversation.
language  learning  game  gamification  languages  linguistics  education 
may 2012 by kybernetikos
Avatar Machine - today and tomorrow
Avatar Machine by Marc Owens is a wearable system which replicates the aesthetics and visuals of third person gaming, allowing the user to view themselves as a virtual character in real space via a head mounted interface.
thirdperson  avatar  machine  perspective  fps  view  game 
march 2012 by kybernetikos
Double Fine Adventure by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions — Kickstarter
The world of video game design is a mysterious one. What really happens behind the closed doors of a development studio is often unknown, unappreciated, or misunderstood. And the bigger the studio, the more tightly shut its door tends to be. With this project, we're taking that door off its hinges and inviting you into the world of Double Fine Productions, the first major studio to fully finance their next game with a Kickstarter campaign and develop it in the public eye.
games  kickstarter  crowdsource  disintermediation  adventure  game 
february 2012 by kybernetikos
Cow Clicker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The game, designed to be a satire of social games on social networking web sites (particularly those developed by Zynga, such as FarmVille), became popular with users and critics who praised the game for its dissection of the common elements of social games.
cow  farmville  farm  satire  fake  game  success  irony 
february 2012 by kybernetikos
Case Study: Building the Stanisław Lem Google doodle
The Google homepage is a fascinating environment to code within. It comes with many challenging restrictions: particular focus on speed and latency, having to cater to all sorts of browsers and work under various circumstances, and… yes, surprise and delight.
animation  canvas  google  html5  javascript  game  doodle 
february 2012 by kybernetikos
Quantum Tic Tac Toe
Quantum Tic Tac Toe in which you make two plays in superposition every turn.
game  quantum  superposition  tictactoe  noughts  crosses 
october 2011 by kybernetikos
A retro game allowing the players lots of control.
mmorpg  java  rpg  mud  game  games  yegge  properties  prototype 
november 2010 by kybernetikos
9x9 Goban [PDF]
'Beginners' go board
go  game  board  goban  9x9  pdf 
july 2009 by kybernetikos
Everything you know about ARGs is WRONG
Interesting stuff. Since it's so expensive to create Story-Games, perhaps we should be employing the ingenuity of the players more to create the puzzles for the other players. User-generated content (or the democratisation of creativity), is the solution to scaling things like this.
game  story  games  arg  storytelling  storygame 
february 2009 by kybernetikos
You Have To Burn The Rope
Computer games are getting so hard these days...
game  flash  design 
april 2008 by kybernetikos
Network of virtual worlds
mmorpg  games  virtual  design  game  engine 
june 2007 by kybernetikos
Bruce Sterling speech: The Wonderful Power of Storytelling
"Follow your weird, ladies and gentlemen. Forget trying to pass for normal. Follow your geekdom. Embrace your nerditude."
culture  writing  game  design  sterling  speech  transcript  philosophy  weird  art  books  narrative 
march 2007 by kybernetikos
Project Darkstar
Sun's free game server system.
sun  game  darkstar  java  server 
march 2007 by kybernetikos
Foresight Exchange
Quite similar to something Roo was working on a while ago.
prediction  market  future  reference  economics  game  exchange  trade 
december 2006 by kybernetikos
Armadillo Run
Fun physics based game in the vein of The Incredible Machine. I'm completely addicted.
physics  game 
november 2006 by kybernetikos
Philosophical Games
Some games to test your philosophy. I recommend Battleground God.
philosophy  game  theism  god  identity  moral 
october 2006 by kybernetikos
My Hindu Shooter
Escapist magazine talks about the difficulties of developing a nonviolent fps game.
fps  game  nonviolence  ahimsa  shooter  hindu 
october 2006 by kybernetikos
The WorldForge Project.
A very creative and friendly community has multiple stabs at massively multiplayer environments.
game  virtualreality  mmorpg  environment  development 
october 2006 by kybernetikos
Fun With Guns!
In the United Soviet States, propaganda games play you!
stupid  politics  game  inventive  immigrants  guns  propaganda 
september 2006 by kybernetikos
I always crash into these anyway.
game  speed  car  driving 
september 2006 by kybernetikos

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