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How low (power) can you go? - Charlie's Diary
So for the cost of removing chewing gum, a city in 2030 will be able to give every square metre of its streets the processing power of a 2012 tablet computer
future  power  privacy  technology  computing  energy  koomeyslaw  city  stross 
july 2017 by kybernetikos
Project Sunroof | About
Project Sunroof puts Google's expansive data in mapping and computing resources to use, helping calculate the best solar plan for you.
calculator  energy  google  solar 
march 2016 by kybernetikos
U.K. National Grid status
Dashboard of energy mix and usage for the uk
data  energy  power  uk  grid 
february 2016 by kybernetikos
Vortex tube
Gives you hot and cold air simply through funnelling air flow.
energy  gas  science  wikipedia  vortex  heat  physics  thermodynamics  availabletotheancients  primitive 
november 2010 by kybernetikos
Granular Realization of the Smoluchowski-Feynman Ratchet
A macro world version of the Brownian Ratchet that actually works (as long as you ignore the energy put into the system to keep the particles in motion).
brownian  ratchet  energy  entropy  gas  motion  thermodynamics 
november 2010 by kybernetikos
Small Wind Energy Systems
All the information you need to install your own wind turbine.
wind  energy  uk  renewable  turbine  electric 
december 2006 by kybernetikos
Worlds Energy from Solar Cells
Who cares about desert flora and fauna? Global warming'll kill em anyway, let's get some solar panels out there.
solar  energy 
december 2006 by kybernetikos
Battery power as good as gas?
Mysterious capacitor company to change the world? Or is it just hype?
battery  energy  car  capacitor  power  electric 
september 2006 by kybernetikos

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