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OpenHatch - Community tools for free and open source software
OpenHatch is a non-profit dedicated to matching prospective free software contributors with communities, tools, and education.
community  opensource  programming  software 
february 2014 by kybernetikos
Random Hacks of Kindness
Random Hacks of Kindness is a global community of innovators building practical open technology to make the world a better place.
activism  community  hacking  programming  hack 
march 2012 by kybernetikos
Search Wikia
Planning for a transparant search. Doesn't seem to be much activity sadly.
search  wiki  transparency  community  quality  privacy 
january 2008 by kybernetikos
Time banks
Time based currency is an interesting idea.
time  currency  timebank  bank  exchange  community  charity 
september 2007 by kybernetikos
Jaiku | Stay Connected
Looks like a twitter-a-like with location stuff too.
presence  social  community  web2.0 
march 2007 by kybernetikos

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