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On Safety, and How Rust Can Help
I’ll first talk about my opinions about safety as an abstract concept and my experiences with practicing safety in various environments; I’ll then talk about my experiences programming at work in C and Ruby; then I’ll draw upon these to talk about what Rust can currently offer my work and what I believe it still needs in order for it to strengthen its utility and efficacy in our contexts.
safety  c  c++  rust  ruby  nasa  programming 
january 2018 by kybernetikos
Video Conference Part 1: These Things Suck – Ben Garney
I wrote my own (prototype) video conferencing app. It turned out pretty well. And that’s what these posts are about.
compression  programming  video  c++ 
july 2016 by kybernetikos
LiquidFun is a 2D rigid-body and fluid simulation C++ library for games based upon Box2D. It provides support for procedural animation of physical bodies to make objects move and interact in realistic ways.
gamedev  physics  c++  fluid 
march 2014 by kybernetikos
Native gnu tools for windows
gnu  mingw  c++  development  native  _geekinstall 
april 2008 by kybernetikos
C++ Wiimote api, supports most of the advanced features
wii  bluetooth  c++  api 
april 2008 by kybernetikos
We're not talking TibCos general interface here, but it's fun and it's bizzarely community oriented. Just wish that gopher, ruby, perl and python were included. (And why does nobody else realise that the true basic is BASIC V). With a bit of database pro
ide  programming  web2.0  code  javascript  hacking  pascal  basic  lisp  c++ 
november 2006 by kybernetikos

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