I was not protected from Harvey Weinstein. It’s time for institutional change
I like that this opinion piece has action points. Thanks Jenny Schecter
women  sexism 
2 hours ago
What Is an Irish Exit? Why an Irish Goodbye Is Actually Not That Rude
"It boils down to this: People really don't care if you leave. You aren't Prince William making a grand exit out of cotillion. You are nobody... When you leave, the party will continue." THANK you
introverts  social  society 
2 days ago
Firearm-Related Injury and Death — A U.S. Health Care Crisis in Need of Health Care Professionals
"Don’t be silent. We don’t need more moments of silence to honor the memory of those who have been killed. We need to honor their memory by preventing a need for such moments. As health care professionals, we don’t throw up our hands in defeat because a disease seems to be incurable. We work to incrementally and continuously reduce its burden. That’s our job."
5 days ago
Death at a Penn State Fraternity
Toxic masculinity ruins the party again. Solid reporting that gives life to a tired subject
society  journalism  patriarchy 
10 days ago
Good Riddance to an Abusive Creep
One of the best pieces I've read on Hugh Hefner and his "legacy"
16 days ago
Escaping e-mail hell
The bit about avoiding "squishy" words spoke to me in particular
writing  productivity 
22 days ago
Do You Know How Others See You?
Interesting piece on external and internal self-awareness. Added the book (Insight, Tasha Eurich) to my reading list
4 weeks ago
Excerpts from the All-Girl Remake of “Lord of the Flies”
“And another thing,” Jackie said. “Should we have a rule that whoever has the conch gets to speak? You know, so no one gets interrupted?” "But who,” ventured Simone, “is here to interrupt us?”
literature  women  funny  feminism  satire 
5 weeks ago
It’s levels to this shit.
Poignant essay from a transracial adoptee on depression, feeling unwanted, and resilience over both
essay  korea  race 
7 weeks ago
This Is How Sexism Works in Silicon Valley
I pre-ordered the book before I even finished the article
sexism  tech 
7 weeks ago
Same job, some are called “entrepreneurs,” others are treated like criminals
"What’s the difference between little white girls selling lemonade and little black boys selling water?"
privilege  race 
7 weeks ago
The best weekend activities are most likely not the ones you're currently doing
"We need to be as vigilant about the quality of our free time as we are about the quality of our work."
productivity  health 
july 2017
The Fierce Triumph of Loneliness
"A paired life is not an aspirational state, but a compromised one. Loneliness is not the terror we escape; it is instead the reward we give up when we believe something else to be worth the sacrifice."
introverts  essay 
may 2017
The Brief Life And Tragic Death Of Akai Gurley
This made me cry. Imagine if the shooting death of every young black man were covered in this manner.
blacklivesmatter  brooklyn  humanrights 
february 2017
Welcome to the America Black People Have Always Lived In
"Trust me, you’ll get used to racist white guys giving jobs to all their underqualified white friends."
government  privilege  racism  politics 
february 2017
When Evidence Says No, but Doctors Say Yes
"Just do the surgery. None of us are going to be upset with you for doing the surgery. Your bank account’s not going to be upset with you for doing the surgery.”
healthcare  medicine 
february 2017
Medical students need to be quizzed, but ‘pimping’ isn’t effective
"Continuing to include pimping as part of evaluating medical students does not reward them for learning. Instead, it punishes them for doing so by highlighting what they did not know, and uses that lapse to represent their clinical performance more broadly."
february 2017
Care for the Vulnerable vs. Cash for the Powerful — Trump’s Pick for HHS
I am in favor of giving doctors a voice in government, but advancing physicians' economic interests at the expense of patients is not the solution to the healthcare crisis
health  government  politics  doctors 
january 2017
The Art of the Interview
I conducted my first interview yesterday—found this article afterwards in an effort to improve
business  social 
january 2017
Lorena Bobbitt Is Done Being Your Punchline
It must be both cathartic and infuriating to Lorena that only now is her side of the story being told, 20+ years on. Shows that the media has made some progress (and by extension we as a society) but there's still a long way to go
crime  women  feminism 
december 2016
In the Chappaqua woods, a search for Hillary Clinton
"A couple weeks later, Ellen, who calls herself 'the Sacagawea of the Arboretum,' let Phoebe off her leash." What a sentence
government  society 
december 2016
No Doctor Should Work 30 Straight Hours Without Sleep
We keep saying this, but the voices of those who are actually doing it are not being heard
healthcare  doctors 
december 2016
Tomi Lahren Extended Interview with Trevor Noah
I disagree with almost all of Lahren's rhetoric, but she is clearly informed, articulate, and does bring up some interesting points. Also, she is extremely brave for going, as she says, into the "lion's den", and Trevor should be commended for inviting her
blacklivesmatter  politics 
december 2016
The Sobering Female Rivalry of Mackenzie Davis's New Film, 'Always Shine'
Um... maybe I completely misinterpreted San Junipero, but "female friendship" is NOT how I would describe Yorkie and Kelly's interactions
tv  movies  culture  gay 
december 2016
How Design Thinking Turned One Hospital into a Bright and Comforting Place
"The first step in any design-thinking process is to understand the end-user’s experience." Designers get it. Healthcare does not
design  healthcare 
december 2016
A Conversation with Jia Tolentino
I just got a ton of reading recommendations
writing  books 
december 2016
Turns Out, Rory Gilmore Is Not a Good Journalist
"She sleeps with a source. She falls asleep while talking to another one. It’s no wonder she hasn’t won her Pulitzer yet." Savage! But true.
tv  netflix  writing 
december 2016
How Cubans Live as Long as Americans at a Tenth of the Cost
"As a poor country, Cuba can’t afford to equivocate... This pressure seems to have created efficiency. Instead of pouring money into advanced medical technology, the system is forced to keep people healthy."
health  global 
december 2016
The Attorney Fighting Revenge Porn
“I wish it wasn’t always ‘As the father of a daughter’ or ‘As the husband of a wife.’ I wish it were ‘This kind of assault on someone’s dignity bothers me as a human being with a soul and a conscience.’ ”
women  society  law  misogyny 
november 2016
Rory from ‘Gilmore Girls’ Is Actually the Worst
A bit harsh, but not entirely untrue... watching the show now makes me realize how naïve I was loving it blindly as a teenager
tv  nostalgia 
november 2016
Wine Project
Photographer snaps people before and after they've had 1, 2, and 3 glasses of wine. I love this!
photography  wine 
november 2016
When Eve and Eve Bit the Apple
A beautifully written and honest story, appropriately filed under Modern Love
religion  relationships  women 
november 2016
The More Doctors Interact, the Better Their Patients Do
Okay, but how do we encourage teamwork among doctors then?
healthcare  doctors 
november 2016
I’m a Muslim, a woman and an immigrant. I voted for Trump.
I think this is the first well-thought-out and calmly expressed rationale for Donald Trump that I have seen in this entire election cycle. I disagree with her opinions but I respect her for sharing them to a Clinton-supporting audience. This kind of dialogue is what will move us forward
november 2016
Louis CK is all in for Hillary
A bit late, but he still sums up my feelings on the whole thing (as always)
women  politics  video  comedy 
november 2016
Who Believed in Trump, and Who Is to Blame
"The real question wasn’t how Trump won the support of fifty per cent of voters when we thought he had forty-five per cent. It was how tens of millions of Americans could see him as their champion in the first place."
politics  dystopia 
november 2016
Jess Lee of Polyvore joins Sequoia Capital as its 11th investing partner
I love her story: from avid Polyvore user to Polyvore employee to Polyvore CEO to Sequoia investor
women  tech 
october 2016
Dear fellow doctors: Please play nice
I think I nodded so hard my head fell off
october 2016
The Dutch Reach: Clever Workaround to Keep Cyclists from Getting "Doored"
A true example of engineering safety with a simple but elegant solution at the systems level
design  bicycles 
october 2016
Great Content Is Still the Biggest Hurdle
Good writing is concentrated, vivid, incisive
october 2016
For Many Women, Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ Brings Memories of Abuse
Reminds me of the saying that not all men hurt women, but all women have been hurt by men
women  rape  politics 
october 2016
Our secret’s out. – VanMoof
Bicycle company reduces shipping damages by 80% simply by printing a picture of a flat-screen television on the outside of the box. Love it
october 2016
Donald and Billy on the Bus
"But here is the thing, the big thing, that Paul D. Ryan and Reince Priebus and Mike Pence and all the spineless Billy Bushes of the world (and plenty of progressive men too, for that matter) don’t understand: Most of you are no better than Mr. Trump; you are just more subtle."
women  misogyny  politics 
october 2016
Democrats Are Pushing to Repeal the Hyde Amendment, but Their Efforts Will Likely Fail
Disappointing example of an important issue where the battleground is in Congress, not the White House
abortion  politics 
october 2016
The Qualities of an Introverted Leader
"If we keep prioritizing gregariousness over competency, work quality will not meet its potential." This high school student gets it—I wish I'd known about my own introversion (and that it's not necessarily a bad thing) at that age
october 2016
First baby born with novel three-parent embryo technique
How come nobody is talking about this technique to potentially help gay people conceive? Also, the closing sentence is a bit disturbing ("Dr. John Zhang, who led the scientific team, told New Scientist that the boy was born in Mexico because “there are no rules” there.")
september 2016
Ali Wong’s Radical Raunch
Hero. Also, this quote from her mom, when asked if Ali was funny growing up, is everything: “I don’t know. I had four kids. So I was busy.”
comedy  asian  women 
september 2016
CSS Floats Explained By Riding An Escalator
I've found the float property especially valuable in using CSS to replace HTML tables
coding  css 
september 2016
What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege
I'm reminded of that quote about how (I'm paraphrasing) non-black people shouldn't be surprised that black people are stereotypically "angry"; they should be shocked that they aren't MORE angry, given the transgressions they encounter on a daily basis
privilege  race  racism  blacklivesmatter 
september 2016
How to schedule a meeting without being punched in the pancreas
A lot of this applies to social situations too. It bothers me when people ask to hang out but then have no thought about where or when to meet
september 2016
Teen Makes 'Sit With Us' App That Helps Students Find Lunch Buddies
Love positive stories about teenagers being innovative and proactive
september 2016
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