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The Twice Told Tale of Thorin Oakenshield - TheLadyZephyr - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies), The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

Thorin wakes up after the Battle of Five Armies the day the company is due to meet their new burglar in Hobbiton. Somehow he must use his knowledge to change their fate, yet secrets and subtlety are not exactly one of his strengths. Thankfully, as always, he has Bilbo Baggins to cover his shortcomings.
fic  LOTR  au  timetravel  Bilbo/Thorin  Kili/Tauriel  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:BilboBaggins  Thorin'sCompany  WIP 
january 2018 by kuiskata
Where the Acorn Grows - ThatOneChemistryNerd - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

Believing himself to still be banished after the Battle of the Five Armies, Bilbo does his best to help out in the aftermath despite having been injured himself in defense of Thorin at Ravenhill. While his guilt and loyalty leave him in a taxing game of hide and seek at the foot of Erebor, never going in but never leaving, he develops a relationship of mutual respect and almost friendship with the Dwarrowdam he assists in minding the children of Laketown and the few Dwarflings that accompanied her from the Blue Mountains, a relationship that leaves him with hope for something beyond death, but not the resources to achieve anything but.
fic  au  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  Kili/Tauriel  character:BilboBaggins  character:OC  character:Dis  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Fili  character:Kili  whump  sick!character  WIP 
december 2017 by kuiskata
A Shot in the Dark - Silver_pup - The Hobbit (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
When he opens his eyes again, he finds himself in his old bed in his old home in his old body. Is this death? Or a trick of magic? Either way, Bilbo recognizes a second chance when he sees one, and this time his adventure with Thorin is going to go a bit differently.
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  Thorin'sCompany  au  timetravel 
november 2017 by kuiskata
The Courting Habits of the Ereborean Dwarf - Lumelle - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo knew, of course, that dwarves could make just about anything needlessly complicated. He did not know just how true this was until Ori initiated his courtship of Fíli and Bilbo got to witness the dwarven courtship with all its strange turns.

It's a learning opportunity.
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  Fili/Ori  Kili/Tauriel  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Fili  character:Kili  character:Ori  character:Tauriel 
september 2017 by kuiskata
An Inconvenient Love (Or What Happened After the After) - Lumelle - The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien [Archive of Our Own]
Thorin may be stubborn, but Dáin is even worse. After all, Thorin never tried to break down the barriers between the Halls of Waiting and the Undying Lands simply by beating his head on the nearest wall. Thorin has a plan, thank you very much, one he and Narvi have been working on for ages, and things would really be much easier if Dáin didn't insist on constantly drawing attention to the fact that he very much misses a certain prissy woodland sprite.

Of course, for all that Thorin and Narvi's plan might be superior, there is always the possibility that Kíli might be the smartest of them, or at least the most persistent. Really, Mahal shouldn't have made Durin's Line quite so insistent in their love if he didn't want to get nagged into opening doors here and there.

Legolas and Gimli might think this is all just nonsense, but it's not like they have much of a choice except deal with it all, anyway.
fic  LOTR  Kili/Tauriel  Bilbo/Thorin  Dain/Thranduil  Legolas/Gimli  Fili/Ori  character:Kili  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:DainIronfoot  character:Fili  character:Ori 
august 2017 by kuiskata
A Dragon's Tale - vtforpedro - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo Baggins has been a hobbit for many long years and he should very much like to keep it that way, thank you very much.

An old friend drops by Bag End with the offer of an adventure and despite Bilbo's refusal, the idea of only thirteen dwarves and a wizard facing a dragon may just convince him yet. After all, he has experience with the Great Dragons of the North. Once upon a time, he was one.
fic  LOTR  au  shapeshifting  Bilbo/Thorin  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Gandalf  character:Beorn  character:Thranduil  Thorin'sCompany 
july 2017 by kuiskata
There's Some Good in this World, Mr. Baggins - vtforpedro - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

Bilbo Baggins was banished by Thorin Oakenshield in the throes of gold sickness for the theft of the Arkenstone. When the Battle ends and Thorin apologizes for his actions, he's still firm in his decision to keep the hobbit banished from Erebor, to never return. Never mind that they had fallen in love and dreamed of a future together already, never mind that Bilbo saved them all.

He leaves with a heavy heart but then those pesky hobbit secrets crop up on him and he, much to his dismay, realizes he's headed home with an unexpected addition. And Bilbo decides that the dwarf king really doesn't need to know about such a thing, for his sake and that of his future child. Hobbit secrets would stay in the Shire, thank you very much.
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  au  mpreg  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Thranduil  character:Fili  character:Kili  character:OC  kid!fic  WIP 
july 2017 by kuiskata
A Mountain's Heart - Elenothar - The Hobbit (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
The Arkenstone is found the same day that Thorin is born, and while Thror once again takes this as a sign of the righteousness of his rule, it is not a coincidence.

Or the one in which Thorin isn't quite as normal (even for a king) as he wants everyone to believe and carrying the soul of a mountain is really much more of a burden than a joy.
fic  LOTR  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:BilboBaggins  powers!fic  Thorin'sCompany 
july 2017 by kuiskata
In The Face Of Treachery - TheLittleMuse - The Hobbit (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo has been banished and Thorin lies still sleeping in a healer's room. Bilbo prepares to walk the lonely road back to the Shire alone and Thorin wakes and realises the consequences of what he has done.
fic  LOTR  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  pre-slash 
july 2017 by kuiskata
Elf-Friends - Lumelle - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
After the Battle of Five Armies, Fíli is stuck running Erebor while his brother and uncle recover. However, things are somewhat mixed up with the arrival of Tauriel, banished from Mirkwood and carrying a secret. If Thorin can forgive Bilbo, though, surely he can be convinced to accept an elf? (It might be best, however, not to mention that according to elven custom, she is already his niece-in-law -- with quickly growing proof to show for it...)
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  Kili/Tauriel  whump  character:Fili  character:Kili  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Dis  character:Tauriel 
july 2017 by kuiskata
Weddings In the Shire (And Maybe More) - Lumelle - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
A few months after returning to the Shire in a huff, Bilbo receives some surprising visitors. He's quite happy to welcome Kíli and his unusual friend, but their request surprises him even more than their arrival. Not that there is any cause to worry, of course. A hobbit is always ready to help a friend, or to plan a wedding -- and Bilbo Baggins especially is always ready to do something that might annoy a certain King Under the Mountain.

Stand in the way of love, will he. Bilbo will just see about that.
fic  LOTR  Kili/Tauriel  character:Kili  character:Tauriel  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield 
july 2017 by kuiskata
Finding Words - Lumelle - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
In the aftermath of the Battle of Five Armies, Thorin knows he should apologize to Bilbo and ask him to say. However, knowing this and doing so are two entirely different matters. It's sometimes difficult to find the words for what you mean, and even when they finally do come they might not be what you meant to say.
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Ori  character:BilboBaggins 
july 2017 by kuiskata
Follow the Star - Lumelle - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
After the battle, Legolas realises he has missed something extremely important about Tauriel. On the other hand, there is something even more important that Tauriel hadn't realised about herself, either.

Fíli, Kíli, and Thorin should be moving on, but Kíli won't let the last star out of his sight. This may work out better for them than anyone expected.
fic  LOTR  Kili/Tauriel  character:Kili  character:Fili  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Tauriel  character:Balin 
july 2017 by kuiskata
Fear and Family (Or, the One Where Kíli Is the Sensible One) - Lumelle - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
After the Battle of Five Armies, Bilbo isn't sure of his welcome in the mountain, and thus returns to the Shire as soon as he can. Somewhat to his surprise, Ori goes with him -- but it turns out Ori has his own reasons for leaving Erebor behind. Well, Bilbo's quite used to being the talk of the Shire.

The line of Durin might suffer of thick skulls, but fortunately Kíli is less stubborn than his uncle and brother, and decides to fix things, even if that means taking his newlywed wife for a ride all the way to the Shire and beyond. Of course, he doesn't yet know what he'll see there -- but he does know how to fix things. Even if it means giving up his claim to the throne.

(Let's not kid ourselves -- that's his favourite part.)
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  Fili/Ori  Kili/Tauriel  mpreg  character:BilboBaggins  character:Ori  character:Kili  character:Tauriel  character:Dis  character:Fili  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Nori  character:Dori  hurt-comfort 
july 2017 by kuiskata
Say It With Mushrooms - FoxDragon - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
In which Hypothermia almost happens, dwarves sometimes sleep in cuddly puppy piles, and of course Hobbits court and/or propose with food, but not just any random food.
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Fili  character:Kili  character:Oin  fluff  cuddling 
june 2017 by kuiskata
Faerlim - babybaguette - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
The one thing on the company’s mind was to get out of that forsaken Wood. However, it was on no one’s mind heavier than Kíli’s.
fic  LOTR  character:Kili  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Fili  character:Oin  character:Tauriel  mpreg  non-con 
june 2017 by kuiskata
Of Acorns and Mountains - vtforpedro - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
In which nearly all beings on Middle Earth have soul marks. When and how dwarves and hobbits receive them is a bit different; misunderstandings follow. Bilbo Baggins is entirely sure he doesn't have a soul mark yet but Thorin Oakenshield knows different - he isn't much help when it comes to informing the hobbit because he's got a soul mark of his own.
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  soulmates!au  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  charactrer:Ori  character:Dwalin 
june 2017 by kuiskata
Heart of Stone, Heart of Stars - Chapter 1 - Lumelle - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

When Legolas goes to stay in Rivendell for a while, he doesn't expect anything overly exciting to occur. He certainly doesn't expect the arrival of a wizard, a hobbit, and fourteen dwarves -- or the way the youngest of the dwarves calls out to his heart. What follows is an adventure filled with magical lights, suspicious fathers, deflowered kings, bad jokes, and many hearts finding their match.

Or, the one where soulmarks and the presence of a certain young son of Glóin change everything for the better for everyone, no matter what Thranduil claims.
fic  LOTR  soulmates!au  Bilbo/Thorin  Legolas/Gimli  Fili/Ori  Kili/Tauriel  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Gimli  character:Gloin  character:Fili  character:Kili  character:Legolas  character:Elrond  WIP 
june 2017 by kuiskata
To Have and To Hoard - PurrpleCat - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
(12/?) (Probably abandoned)

When Gandalf strolled up the Bagshot Row towards Bag End, Bilbo Baggins was far from pleased.

He might have owed the wizard a favour, sure, though the old coot himself never even mentioned payback of any kind, but a suicidal quest to reclaim a homeland and slay a dragon with only thirteen dwarves, and not thirteen of the brightest at that, was a bit too much.

Then there was, of course, the issue of him being a dragon. Kind of. And even bigger issue of Goldlust that could only be controlled by a Tamer. But Bilbo's people were long dead and gone, and his potential Heart with them.

So why is his spirit all but purring at the sight of a certain pigheaded Dwarf King?
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  soulmates!au  shapeshifting  au  Thorin'sCompany  character:BilboBaggins  character:Gandalf  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Beorn  PTSD  WIP 
june 2017 by kuiskata
(Un)Familiar Ground - The Feels Whale (miscellea) - The Hobbit (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
(12/?) (Probably abandoned :( )
The Shire is spread out at Bilbo’s feet like a green duvet that stretches out as far as the eye can see. The air is full of birdsong and the indistinct murmur of a small town; conversation, laughter, and squabbling all blending together into a single cohesive whole.

Bilbo stands on young strong legs without thinking and takes three shaking steps away from the polished flagstone that makes up the front step of Bag End.

There is Farmer Maggot driving a herd of geese to market and there, there is Hamfast Gamgee tramping down Bagshot Row looking like a tween again with a flask of Gamgee rotgut poking out his back pocket. He is surrounded by faces and voices he knows, all of whom should be older and altered. Many of which should be dead.

‘Is this the undying land?’ Bilbo wonders and pinches himself. It feels real. It feels too real. If feels… familiar.

Bilbo gets sent back from the Undying Lands for one last try. Sometimes perspective makes all the difference.
fic  LOTR  timetravel  au  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Saruman  character:Gandalf  Thorin'sCompany  character:Gimli  WIP 
june 2017 by kuiskata
Sang The Sun In Flight - mudkippy, vilelithe (BroPorrim) - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

Bilbo Baggins of the Shire — late a dragon of Mordor — has been enjoying his retirement in the peaceful and boring Shire. It is here that he expects to live out the rest of his life as an underestimated and overfed hobbit, until the promise of treasure and adventure lures him from his hole.
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  Thorin'sCompany  shapeshifting  au  WIP 
june 2017 by kuiskata
Whispers In The Dark - alkjira - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo agreed to stay in Erebor during the winter because... well, to be entirely honest because of Thorin.

He'd like to... he'd like a lot of things.
But at the very least Bilbo would like to find his way back to the friendship he had with Thorin before everything got all twisted up.

However not everyone wants to be Thorin's friend, and not everyone is happy with how Thorin has been ruling Erebor, and most importantly for Bilbo's fate; not everyone is as blind as Bilbo. Which is why certain people decide that kidnapping the King's Hobbit to teach said King a lesson is a brilliant plan indeed.
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:OC  character:Nori  character:Oin  character:Dwalin  character:Balin  kidnapped!character  non-con 
june 2017 by kuiskata
Deathless - Sann - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

Let’s just assume Thrain spent a good decade or three more on his wanderings before being killed by Sauron.

On one of her adventures Belladonna Baggins has a torrid affair with a batty old dwarf who claims he is the rightful king of some long-lost mountain. It was jolly good fun, but she has a smial waiting for her back home with her husband inside. Bungo, bless his heart, takes the news of her pregnancy by another man, err- dwarf, in good stride.

And when their son is born, well, he has Bungo’s chin, doesn’t he? The neighbourhood certainly doesn't need to know that her Bilbo isn't a Baggins, let alone an actual Hobbit. And his feet are furry (just slightly so) and his ears are pointed (just a bit rounder than normal) and he eats like any Hobbit would.

It's just that sometimes, when he corrects her on her history or spends hours weaving the tale of some mountain kingdom and manages the other fauntlings like he is some sort of princeling, that Belladonna thinks that the only odd thing about her son is how he seems old beyond his years.
fic  LOTR  gen  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  au  Thorin'sCompany  WIP 
june 2017 by kuiskata
Gardening - The Feels Whale (miscellea) - The Hobbit (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo Baggins arrived home late one afternoon in the middle of the week and the entire west Farthing is still talking about it.

Poor Mister Baggins. He was doomed to be a nine-days wonder no matter what and is it any wonder after a year-long adventure? Even the Tooks haven’t the influence to hush that up, but Mad Baggins seems to have managed to silence every tongue in the Shire on that subject which would be awe-inspiring ...if not for the way he decided to go about it.

OR: That one where Middle Earth seems to be unclear about where baby Hobbits come from.
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  mpreg  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Dis  character:OC  family!fic 
june 2017 by kuiskata
The One Who Wouldn't - Salvia_G - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Fill for the following prompt from The Hobbit Kink meme on livejournal:

If Adventures make you late for supper, Soulmates make for missing supper entirely.

In Hobbit society peace and plenty is viewed as more valuable than passion and riches. Marriages are thought best when they're settled, warm affairs between friends. That's why Soulmate marks are thought of as a mark AGAINST a marriage-match...

Dwarves on the other hand, view a soulmate as a blessing from Mahal. If a dwarrow is so lucky as to be born with a mark they spend their life searching for their One. No wealth or jewel is thought of greater value than a soulmate.

So when Thorin and Bilbo meet and see each others marks?...

(the rest of the prompt is in the notes)
fic  LOTR  soulmates!au  Bilbo/Thorin  Thorin'sCompany  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield 
june 2017 by kuiskata
Here Be Dragons - agirlnamedchuck - The Hobbit (2012) [Archive of Our Own]

“Of course it has to be Gandalf.” Bilbo muttered, “I couldn’t just have some other wizard visit me.”

Not that he’d be happier with any of the other wizards visiting him at all. If Saruman had appeared on his doorstep he’d die of fright or more likely shock. In the shire a saying had become popular after Belladonna Took had run off with the wizard and returned three days late for her wedding some months later: Where Gandalf went there would be trouble.

(Or the one where Bilbo is a dragon and still gets roped into reclaiming Erebor, Gandalf is a meddling Wizard, and Bilbo may have confusing feelings for Thorin Oakenshield)
fic  LOTR  au  shapeshifting  Bilbo/Thorin  character:BilboBaggins  character:Bard  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Balin  character:Ori  WIP 
june 2017 by kuiskata
The Emerald Dragon Of Erebor - HildyJ - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Many stories are told about dragons in Middle-earth, of their unfathomable largeness, their untold cruelty, and their greed. The story of Thorin Oakenshield’s quest also ends with a dragon – two, in fact: Smaug the Impenetrable and the Emerald Dragon of Erebor.
fic  LOTR  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  shapeshifting 
june 2017 by kuiskata
Reclaiming Erebor...Again - Reach4theSky - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo is sailing to the Undying Lands but wary of letting go of the guilt that has been with him for many decade. His most sincerest wish is to go back and change what was done. Before reaching the lands of peace and healing, he dies aboard the ship and finds that his wish is being granted but not because he is the one to wish it. He finds that not only is he going to be sent back to his younger body, but so is the entire Company of Thorin Oakenshield. Time is a fickle thing and not all the members have their memories returned to them at the same time. The journey on becomes interesting as the dwarves slowly remember and fight for themselves and their kin.
fic  LOTR  timetravel  au  Bilbo/Thorin  Dwalin/Nori  Kili/Tauriel  Legolas/Gimli  Thorin'sCompany  character:BilboBaggins  character:OC  character:ThorinOakenshield 
may 2017 by kuiskata
Amidst a Kingdom's Reclamation - newyorktopaloalto - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

With only the clothing on his back, the dagger hanging from his hip, and the ring in his pocket, Bilbo Baggins found himself banished from Erebor.
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  Dwalin/Nori  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Nori  character:Dwalin  espionage  WIP 
may 2017 by kuiskata
Heart Of The Mountain - Kairyn - The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

For three hundred years they've been under attack. It's become background noise now but Gimli can't help but wonder why. Why in Mahal's name are the elves still attacking them after all this time? Surely they have something better to do?
fic  LOTR  au  Legolas/Gimli  Bilbo/Thorin  Kili/Tauriel  character:Legolas  character:Gimli  character:Fili  character:Kili  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Thranduil  character:Tauriel  character:Dis  character:DainIronfoot  character:BilboBaggins  character:Gandalf  Thorin'sCompany  character:Thrain  whump  hurt-comfort  torture  sick!character  WIP 
april 2017 by kuiskata
Comes Around Again - scarletjedi - The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
(2.2 fics/?)

Gimli closes his eyes, an old Dwarf on the brink of death in the home he had built with his husband in the Undying Lands, and opens them again as a young Dwarf in his childhood home in Ered Luin. He's returned to the tumultuous week before The Company set out to recruit their Burglar from his cosy hobbit hole. Gimli, once again a impetuous teen in the eyes of his family, must get into that Company--the lives of his loved ones, and the very fate of Middle Earth--depends on it.
fic  LOTR  au  timetravel  character:Gimli  character:Legolas  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Thranduil  character:Gloin  character:Fili  character:Kili  character:Tauriel  character:Dis  character:Dain  character:Gandalf  character:Galadriel  character:Elrond  Thorin'sCompany  Legolas/Gimli  Bilbo/Thorin  Kili/Tauriel  WIP  character:BilboBaggins 
april 2017 by kuiskata
Contractual Obligations - Lumelle - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies), The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Lord of the Rings (Movies), The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
(11 fics/?)

Thorin is dead, safe and sound in the Halls of Ancestors. Bilbo, being a Hobbit, would ordinarily be unable to reach him again -- but surely a burglar who braved a dragon can find his way anywhere. With some cunning and a lengthy contract with a dwarf, Bilbo has found his way to a place he never should have been able to reach -- but now he has find out whether Thorin returns his feelings or if his efforts have been in vain.
fic  Bilbo/Thorin  Legolas/Gimli  character:Legolas  character:Gimli  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Tauriel  character:Kili  LOTR 
april 2017 by kuiskata
Soulmates And Where to Find Them - Lumelle - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
(3 fics/?)

Hobbits, Bilbo finds, have an exceedingly simple way of finding their soulmates: You fall in love with who you will, and once you both feel the same, you'll get your marks. Dwarves, in typical dwarven fashion, do everything backwards, getting their marks first and then trying to find the matching one. Really, he's quite content to be courted by Thorin, who has no mark at all.

Kíli has no mark, either, until they come to Mirkwood, and things get needlessly complicated. Because of course elves do things yet another way, as though Bilbo didn't have enough of a headache already.

Of course, there's also the ultimate question: how to tell about your pregnancy to a partner who is not only gold-mad, but also doesn't believe in the existence of illegitimate children?
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Thorin  character:BilboBaggins  character:ThorinOakenshield  character:Legolas  character:Fili  character:Kili  character:Tauriel  Kili/Tauriel  mpreg  soulmates!au  Thorin'sCompany  character:OC  character:Dis  character:Ori 
april 2017 by kuiskata

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