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Missing Pieces - whitchry9 - The Defenders (Marvel TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Brett has always been good at solving puzzles, so when Matt Murdock is still missing weeks after the events at Midland Circle, he starts investigating. It turns out none of Murdock's friends are too concerned, and their behaviour is even outright suspicious. Brett starts putting the pieces together. The more he collects the more he thinks there's something really wrong with the picture he's getting. And Matt Murdock is looking more and more like a murder victim.
fic  Daredevil  character:BrettMahoney  character:FoggyNelson  character:JessicaJones  character:DannyRand  character:KarenPage 
february 2019 by kuiskata
I'll Most Likely Kill You in the Morning - inkfingers_mcgee - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Foggy and Matt never met at school. They cross paths for the first time while working opposite sides of a case, and Matt doesn't leave an impression beyond the superficial: a blind, pro-bono crusader who Foggy will feel really guilty about having to oppose in court one of these days. Seemed like a nice guy, but no one Foggy will worry about a week later.

He has more important things on his mind, like the masked vigilante who keeps cornering him in dark alleys to threaten him for information.
fic  Daredevil  Matt/Foggy  au  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  character:KarenPage 
december 2017 by kuiskata
Occupational Hazard - whitchry9 - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Matt is no stranger to getting stabbed, but he does find it unusual that it happened in court this time.
fic  Daredevil  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  gen  sick!character 
november 2017 by kuiskata
40/40 - Jadesfire - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It's not all bad, being friends with an Avenger. Thor has some great stories, Asgardian Mead, and is handy for resetting dislocated joints. Also, Thor's friends think Daredevil has the best eyesight in New York, and Matt certainly isn't going to tell them otherwise.
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  character:MattMurdock  character:Thor  character:JARVIS  gen 
november 2017 by kuiskata
In Absentia - whitchry9 - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Peter wasn't looking to find a man in the garbage, but that's what he found when he was looking for computer parts. Not only that, but a half dead man who insists he doesn't go to the hospital. Peter does what any responsible citizen would do, that is, call Tony Stark for help.
He hopes dumpster man appreciates it.
fic  Daredevil  Spiderman  Avengers  character:MattMurdock  character:PeterParker  character:TonyStark  character:HelenCho  character:FoggyNelson  reveal!fic  sick!character  whump  gen 
april 2017 by kuiskata
Spiderhead - orangejoose - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
“Can you open the window? I gotta talk to Matt.”
Foggy simply stared. “It’s three in the morning.”
The boy looked impatient. “So?”
“So… So why are you on Matt’s fire escape at three in the morning?”
fic  Daredevil  Spiderman  character:FoggyNelson  character:MattMurdock  character:PeterParker  gen 
february 2017 by kuiskata
Last to Know - whitchry9 - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Brett keeps getting wildly differing descriptions of Daredevil, and even his own mother seems concerned about the man's welfare. He's starting to suspect they all know something he doesn't.
fic  Daredevil  character:BrettMahoney  reveal!fic  gen 
october 2016 by kuiskata
Take All The Courage - prettybirdy979 - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When what should have been a straight forward mission in Hell's Kitchen goes pear shaped due to lack of communication, teaching his teammates sign language seems like a logical step to Clint. Communication when their comms are down - great plan! And including the local vigilante, who's been working closely with them on this, is a real no-brainer.

Until it turns out said vigilante is an asshole that thinks sign language is beneath him, judging by the way he's stubbornly refusing to learn it.

(Conversely - Matt's trying, he really is but damn it, those two signs are exactly the same... what do you mean they mean completely different things?!)
fic  Avengers  Daredevil  crossover  gen  character:MattMurdock  character:ClintBarton  disability  deaf!character  TeamAvengers 
october 2016 by kuiskata
Son of a Spider - DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee - Daredevil (TV), Hawkeye (Comics), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Runaways (Comics), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Young Avengers [Archive of Our Own]
(10 fics/?)

What if ten-year-old Matt Murdock never met Stick? What if Natasha Romanov, rouge agent, former assassin, and deadliest woman on the planet met a runaway child one day and, despite her reservations, found herself befriending him? What if the Black Widow adopted a little blind boy with preternatural abilities because she knew she could help him when no one else could?

Featuring running, fighting, cooking, dancing, intrusive archers, some inadvisable parkour, and an overabundance of paper cranes; building a family is never easy.
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  family!fic  crossover  character:MattMurdock  character:NatashaRomanoff  character:ClintBarton  character:PhilCoulson  character:KateBishop  Natasha/Clint  character:FoggyNelson  TeamAvengers  WIP 
july 2016 by kuiskata
Thorns for Flowers - Valkirin - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Hawkeye don't mind working with Daredevil, really. He's a good guy to know and clearly cares about Hell's Kitchen.

Clint Barton would like Daredevil better if the guy was a little less ableist about Clint's hearing loss.
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  crossover  character:ClintBarton  character:MattMurdock  disability  deaf!character 
june 2016 by kuiskata
How (Not) to Meet New People - aloneintherain - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
“Why is there a teenager in our office?”

Foggy stood in the threshold of the office, mouth slightly agape, most likely wondering if he’d walked into the wrong building. The kid waved at him, smile huge under a blooming black eye and spilt lip.

“Foggy,” Matt said, far too calm for someone who was in the presence of a beaten, bloodied, teenage stranger. “This is Peter.”
fic  Daredevil  Spiderman  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  character:PeterParker  gen  reveal!fic 
june 2016 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Daredevil Prompt Post #11 - Daredevil and MCU Spider-Man
Just watched CA:CW and oh my god Tom Holland's Spider-Man was the best! The only problem was every time he took a hit, there was part of me going "no, he's just a baby!"

So Spider-Man runs into Daredevil. Daredevil can sense how young the new superhero is and goes into super-protective big brother mode! Now Spider-Man has to contend with a nagging vigilante following him around and telling him to go home this instant young man!
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  character:MattMurdock  character:PeterParker  gen 
may 2016 by kuiskata
A New-York Cop - dimircharmer - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Newly minted detective Brett Mahoney is noticing some fairly disquieting things about Matt Murdock. Namely, he's legally bound to one of his old friends, heavily in debt, and sporting different poorly-concealed injuries every other time Brett sees him. He's at least a little concerned. He's not sure if this is made easier or more complicated by the fact that his go-to investigations are the big-ticket ones Daredevil keeps kicking his way.

Also; He is a lapsed Catholic, loves his city, and gets put on a special task force.
fic  Daredevil  character:BrettMahoney  character:KarenPage  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  gen  reveal!fic 
may 2016 by kuiskata
On the Edge - whitchry9 - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Brett got a call about a drunk wandering around on a roof, he didn't expect it to actually be legit.
And he certainly didn't expect a drugged Matt Murdock to be the man in question.
fic  Daredevil  gen  character:MattMurdock  character:BrettMahoney  character:FoggyNelson  whump  friendshipfic 
may 2016 by kuiskata
Take a Break - whitchry9 - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Matt doesn't get enough sleep. And when he does fall asleep, it's in the most inconvenient places.

Five times people found him asleep where he probably shouldn't have been.
fic  Daredevil  gen  character:MattMurdock  character:FatherLantom  character:MelvinPotter  character:JARVIS  character:Stick 
may 2016 by kuiskata
Amends - igrockspock - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Claire told Matt he shouldn’t put so much distance between himself and the people he’s trying to save. She was right. Matt tries to make amends with the people he hurt in season two.
fic  Daredevil  friendshipfic  character:MattMurdock  character:BrettMahoney  character:ClaireTemple  character:KarenPage  character:FatherLantom  character:FoggyNelson  gen 
april 2016 by kuiskata
His Legions, angel forms, who lay entranced - Look_Left - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The Avengers are on one mission: To take down Daredevil and rescue the children under his control.

Or so they believe.

The truth is Stick keeps finding ways of making Matt's life difficult, like dumping all his current 'failures' of students on Matt.
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  TeamAvengers  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  character:OC  gen  character:KarenPage 
april 2016 by kuiskata
What Matt Lacks - DJClawson - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Matt makes no apologies for what he lacks, but it doesn't make it disappear.

Daredevil Meme Fill: Matt does an MRI
fic  Daredevil  character:MattMurdock  character:KarenPage  character:FoggyNelson  gen 
march 2016 by kuiskata
Late-Night Breakfast - FearNoEvil - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
During a long, long night with many much more pressing matters and criminal activity at hand, Matt goes to Denny’s at 3 AM with Brett Mahoney. There, they talk about stuff, and Matt makes a surprising decision.
fic  Daredevil  gen  character:MattMurdock  character:BrettMahoney  friendshipfic 
march 2016 by kuiskata
None So Blind - prettybirdy979 - Daredevil (TV), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
They say when you assume you make an ass of you and me.

Matt wishes that the Avenger's assumptions about his seeming inability to read the written word did something as benign as making an ass of him and them. Being called illiterate shouldn't hurt, not when he knows he's not, and it's not like he can tell them the truth.

Not that the truth would make much difference. He's just going to have to grin and bear it.

If he can.
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  crossover  character:MattMurdock  TeamAvengers  gen 
march 2016 by kuiskata
The Liars Club - igrockspock - Daredevil (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Matt and Natasha have a lot in common. They have a flexible relationship with the truth, and people who hang out with them might get charged aiding and abetting a felony. Oh, and when they were ten, unscrupulous people trained them to fight in a mysterious war.
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  crossover  character:MattMurdock  character:NatashaRomanoff  Matt/Natasha 
march 2016 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Daredevil Prompt Post #9 - A snowball's chance in hell
Plot twist, Foggy's apartment/house/yard is a real life Neko Atsume yard
fic  Daredevil  character:FoggyNelson  gen 
march 2016 by kuiskata
Last to Know - whitchry9 - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Brett keeps getting wildly differing descriptions of Daredevil, and even his own mother seems concerned about the man's welfare. He's starting to suspect they all know something he doesn't.
fic  Daredevil  reveal!fic  character:BrettMahoney  character:BessMahoney  character:ClaireTemple  character:FoggyNelson  character:MattMurdock  gen 
march 2016 by kuiskata
Patching Up Superidiots - FireflysLove - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jessica Jones (TV), Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Claire needs a day off from these damn superheros showing up on her fire escape.

Jessica needs a new lawyer.

Matt just needs to stop getting beat up.
fic  Daredevil  JessicaJones  character:JessicaJones  character:MattMurdock  character:ClaireTemple  gen 
february 2016 by kuiskata
A Different Kind of Hero - goldstandard - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Foggy accidentally starts a general fix-it hotline.

an old fill for the Daredevil Kinkmeme:

So after the whole thing with Fisk dies down, Foggy decides that he's going to take a page from Matt's playbook and try to make his city a better place. But he doesn't want to be breaking the law while doing it (like Matt is) and also wants to honor Elena Cardenas' memory at the same time. So while Matt's out beating criminals to a pulp, Foggy's out fixing up busted plumbing, delivering groceries to those who can't afford it or go out and get their own, dispensing free legal advice to anyone who needs it, etc. Eventually, while Daredevil becomes the local hero in the eyes of the rest of the world, inside the city when people refer to "the hero of Hell's Kitchen" it's a 50/50 chance they're referring to Foggy instead of Matt.
fic  Daredevil  character:FoggyNelson  character:KarenPage  character:MattMurdock  character:BessMahoney 
december 2015 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Daredevil Prompt Post #8 - Love is for Children
So there was a great fill with Natasha, being older than she looks, is Matt's mysterious missing mother who comes back into his life when Matt's an adult.

I'd like it if Natasha kept vague tabs on Matt's life, maybe the occasional visit or present...until Jack dies. Suddenly there's a little boy and the KGB won't allow such weakness in their Black Widow.

So Natasha runs with him. That's why Hawkeye made a different call.

I mostly just want grown-ass adult Matt showing up at the Avengers Tower and calling Natasha 'Mama' and blowing Tony's mind.
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  crossover  character:NatashaRomanoff  character:ClintBarton  character:MattMurdock  family!fic 
december 2015 by kuiskata
Franklin P. Nelson: Super-Attorney - enthusiasmgirl - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]

Even before he found out that Matt was Daredevil, Foggy was earning Nelson and Murdock a reputation as the go-to law firm for superheroes. He was as surprised as anyone else by how it happened.
fic  Daredevil  JessicaJones  Avengers  character:FoggyNelson  WIP 
december 2015 by kuiskata
In The Flash Of A Second - prettybirdy979 - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
There is a world where Ben Urich goes home alone. There is a world where he meets his murderer there. There is a world where he dies.

This is not that world.
fic  Daredevil  character:BenUrich  character:KarenPage  character:MattMurdock  gen 
december 2015 by kuiskata
Faithful Unto... - whitchry9 - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Yes, Foggy is angry that Matt has been shot, period, but what makes him even angrier is that Matt was shot by a cop. And it was Matt who was shot, not Daredevil.
fic  Daredevil  gen  sick!character  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson 
november 2015 by kuiskata
Made of Glass - prettybirdy979 - Daredevil (TV), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Matt's not overly fond of the Avengers but they do have their uses and it is fun to banter with Hawkeye. He'll tolerate them when he has to but he's not sharing anything more than the basics.

But when an explosion takes Hawkeye's hearing well... things change. Matt can adapt - and he's going to make sure Hawkeye Clint does too.
fic  Daredevil  gen  character:MattMurdock  character:ClintBarton 
november 2015 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Prompt Post #7 - Knight in Shining Armour
Who you gonna call when you need help but aren’t exactly keen on dialing 911? The only honest cop in the city, of course. When Matt is hurt and alone and vulnerable he ends up calling Brett. Maybe he thinks it’s too dangerous to call Foggy or Claire and wants the kind of back-up that carries a badge and a gun, or maybe he’s just too close to them. And of all the people he expects to get a “please come help me” call at three in the morning from, Matt Murdock is probably at the bottom of Brett’s list (a) they’re not that close and b) they are close enough for him to know that Matt is both very independent and very secretive), but that doesn’t mean Brett doesn’t have his keys in his hand and is already walking out the door to come to the rescue before Matt even hangs up.

+ If Brett already suspects Matt is Daredevil (because he’s really, really not very good at lying) or something Matt says or does causes him to start suspecting
++ But it is Matt asking for his help, not Daredevil. Doesn’t matter why Matt’s calling - maybe somebody slips something in his drink, and he manages to fight them off, but when the drugs kick in they make him too disoriented to figure out how to actually get out? I just want Matt being scared or confused or hurt enough to actually call for assistance, and Brett being the knight in shining armour.
fic  Daredevil  gen  character:MattMurdock  character:BrettMahoney 
november 2015 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Daredevil Prompt Post #8
Foggy has a secret, and it's a doozy. He's from the future of the Murderdock universe, sent back to his younger body to break the Kingpin's hold over New York by removing his right-hand man, Matt Murdock, who managed most of Fisk's day-to-day operations. It all goes as planned, right up until he meets cute, idealistic young Matt Murdock at Columbia, and can't bring himself to kill the guy. Becoming friends can be argued as a way of keeping tabs on him, so that Foggy can deal with things should he ever show signs of being about to join Fisk. Actually getting to like the guy isn't, nor is falling in love with him, but Foggy never was that good at following instructions.
Bonus points for:
- Matt's reaction when he inevitably finds out.
- Foggy not wanting to get involved with Matt if he might still have to hand him in to the police for his involvement with Fisk.
- Foggy's cognitive dissonance re: Karen, who in the original timeline was a vicious mob hitman in Murdock's employ.
fic  Daredevil  unfilled 
november 2015 by kuiskata
Not a Robot - squireofgeekdom - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Here is something most people know: vampires are monsters.

Here is something many people know: vampires have no reflections.

Here is something true: you can make someone a monster by denying them a reflection.

Here is something else true: tell someone what they are long enough, they will become it.
fic  Daredevil  gen  character:JamesWesley  character:WilsonFisk  ace 
november 2015 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Prompt Post #7 - Look the Devil in the Face

They have a thunder god and a defrosted super-soldier on the team already (two, if Bucky's in the picture), but even so when the stories start coming in of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen at first they assume he's just a Batman type using demonic imagery to terrify the superstitious. And then they start looking into it more closely. This guy can navigate perfectly in pitch blackness, apparently detect lies, and maybe there are one or two dodgy incidents with holy symbols here and there which lead them to believe that, yeah, he's an actual demon. Alarmingly, it's about six months after they start working together before anyone figures out the truth.
Bonus points for:
- Matt has no idea what's happening and thinks it's weird how the Avengers behave around him.
- Matt knows exactly what's happening, and plays into it to scare criminals and troll his teammates.
- Foggy knows everything and is deliberately spreading rumours/misleading people to think the Devil is an actual demon partly to keep Matt out of trouble and partly just for shits and giggles.
fic  Avengers  Daredevil  crossover  gen  character:MattMurdock  TeamAvengers 
october 2015 by kuiskata
Double Blind - smilebackwards - Daredevil (TV), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Daredevil and the Avengers are both in the middle of a team-up and something happens, maybe an explosion or the psychopath they're fighting gets in a lucky shot but either way DD gets knocked out and his eyes get damaged.

The damage is irreversible. Daredevil will never be able to see again, he'll have to go through rehabilitation, he'll never be able to crime fight again, his life will be RUINED!!!

But the Avengers are going to be there for him, because he was blinded in the line of duty and they'll do anything to help him survive this and reassure him that plenty of people live perfectly ok lives without their sight.

How does Matt respond?
fic  Avengers  Daredevil  crossover  gen  character:MattMurdock 
october 2015 by kuiskata
both have sharp teeth - cosmicocean - Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"And there are stories about wolves and girls. Girls in red. All alone in the woods. About to get eaten up. Wolves and girls."
-Black Widow, Nathan Edmondson

She is one of 28.

The story of the girl who would be Karen Page, through Russian winters and New York streets.

[A truly amazing Karen-was-a-Black-Widow fic]
fic  Avengers  Daredevil  crossover  character:KarenPage  character:NatashaRomanoff  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  gen  backstory 
october 2015 by kuiskata
In Which The Avengers And Daredevil Don't Know How To Share Friends And Foggy Nelson Has The Patience Of A Saint - cosmicocean - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel, Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
(Now a series! 2 fics/?)

Honestly, Foggy’s just kind of grateful that the unconscious dude in the alley by his apartment isn’t beat up as bad as Matt was when he found him that first time.

He also kind of thinks it says a lot about his life right now that those are his feelings on the subject, but it’s best not to analyze that.

Where Foggy accidentally becomes bros with the Avengers, Foggy and Matt talk it out, and the Avengers and Matt don't seem to grasp the concept that the "s" in "friends" is there for a reason.
fic  Avengers  Daredevil  crossover  friendshipfic  Matt/Foggy  character:FoggyNelson  TeamAvengers  character:MattMurdock 
october 2015 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Prompt Post #6 - The Least of These
Foggy made a terrible mistake in his former life and has spent thousands of years in purgatory trying to atone for his sin. In order to test whether his redemption is sincere, heaven offers him another chance, and he's reborn as Foggy Nelson, determined to redeem his soul by being a good person.

The trouble is, that mistake he made? Biggest one in the new testament. The ultimate betrayal. If he fails, there's a special circle of Hell reserved just for him.


*One of the reasons Foggy takes Matt lying to him so badly is not only that he always assumed Matt was the better of the two of them, but he's terrified that he'll somehow end up betraying the people he loves again.
*Matt somehow finds out he's been best friends with the Bible's biggest sinner outside Cain and Lucifer. Your choice on how he takes it.
fic  Daredevil  gen  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  TeamAvengers 
september 2015 by kuiskata
With Friends Like These - prettybirdy979 - Daredevil (TV), Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Wherein Steve hires mild mannered Matt Murdock (and the rest of Nelson and Murdock) to represent Bucky; learns all the good pizza places in Hell's Kitchen; watches Bucky fight about cooking; makes new friends; gets handcuffed by Hydra and meets the Devil in the Murdock boys.

More or less in that order.
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  crossover  character:SteveRogers  character:BuckyBarnes  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson 
september 2015 by kuiskata
My Boyfriend's A Superhero And All I Got Was This Lousy ER Trip - paperclipbitch - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I walked into a file cabinet,” Murdock says loudly, when Claire reaches for his face, tilts it toward the light so she can check that nasty-looking cut on his cheekbone a little better.

“Oh my God,” Karen murmurs; in her peripheral vision, Claire sees her press her face into her hands.

“I thought we were going to come up with a better-” Nelson begins, visibly stops himself, and continues: “-explanation of that thing that definitely happened.”
fic  Daredevil  au  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  character:KarenPage  character:ClaireTemple  Matt/Foggy  Claire/Karen 
september 2015 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Prompt Post #6 - Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost (But Matt's Not Wandering; He's Just Lost)
Tony insists he has the best and one of the most inclusive companies ever.

Tell that to Matt Murdock who is trying to make his way in the Stark building to the legal department relating to a case. He's there to meet Foggy.

With the lack of Braille, holographs (that he interacts with without realizing it), and helpful AI - Matt somehow ends up in the Avengers' floors. He knows he's lost and eventually calls Foggy for help.

Cue awkward" "HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?!" and "Uh I'm going to sue you as soon as I fig
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  gen  character:MattMurdock  character:ClintBarton  character:FoggyNelson  character:TonyStark 
august 2015 by kuiskata
this is my fight song - QueenWithABeeThrone - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

So Jack Murdock is alive again, due to reasons of magic or time-travel or whatnot. (Maybe the avengers have an epic fight with some magic user, and as a side-effect a couple hundred corpses from a specific cemetery are zombified and subsequently healed to aliveness again. Something that's not directly connected to Matt being Daredevil.)

And then lots of angst and awkward family feels happen. Because there's a difference between thinking your dad would maybe be proud of you and suddenly having him as a roommate.

On the one hand Matt is kind of giddy about having his dad back, on the other he really doesn't want to tell him about the whole Daredevil thing, and what if it turns out he's a disappointment after all? Meanwhile Jack is still reeling from the fact his little boy isn't a cute nine-year-old anymore.
fic  Daredevil  character:JackMurdock  character:BenUrich  character:GwenStacy  gen  character:ElenaCardenas  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  character:KarenPage 
august 2015 by kuiskata
corpus callosum - themikeymonster - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
How in the hell do you control a Jaeger when one pilot is blind? No one's really sure, but Matt's pretty determined to try - if he could just find someone Drift-compatible with him.
fic  Daredevil  PacificRim  crossover  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  character:KarenPage  character:ClaireTemple  gen 
july 2015 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Prompt Post #5 - Foggy is a criminal mastermind
Foggy our dear and sweet Foggy is a criminal consultant. He help criminal to create crimes, perfect crimes with no witness and no DEAD. (the hold up from Now you see me).
+1 : if he use the name Moriarty reference too Conan doyle book.
+10 : he start young (13_14 years), because he thought " why are the criminals soo stupid § If they had down it that way then all those complication would have been avoid"
+100 : he became an urban legend, because please : nobody see him, hear him. He live by the precept : The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
fic  Daredevil  gen  character:FoggyNelson  au 
july 2015 by kuiskata
a woman who calls herself Karen - Gunmetal_Crown - Daredevil (TV), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
In which the woman who calls herself Karen Page lies about almost everything, except for what she doesn't, and is quiet and sweet and gentle, right up until she isn't.

[Black widow Karen!]
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  crossover  character:KarenPage  backstory  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  character:ClintBarton  character:NatashaRomanoff  gen 
july 2015 by kuiskata
I Am Not Your Jim Gordon - WerewolvesAreReal - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Daredevil has been directing criminals to confess to Sergeant Brett Mahoney specifically. Brett would like an explanation for this, and the cops of Hell's Kitchen speculate.
fic  Daredevil  character:BrettMahoney  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  character:OC 
july 2015 by kuiskata
The four corners of the world - Dissenter - A Fisherman of the Inland Sea - Ursula K. Le Guin (Short Story), Daredevil (TV), The Birthday of the World and Other Stories - Ursula K. Le Guin [Archive of Our Own]
Foggy and Matt always said that one day they'd make sedoretu together, but in this day and age that's easier said than done. They have the right people,
There's Matt to give them purpose, a reason to act a reason to be, he is the fire that keeps them all going, and keeps them on the straight and narrow.
Foggy makes them happy, makes the journey a thing to enjoy not endure, he is sunshine keeping them warm, and cheerful and whole, through all the troubles they face/
Karen works to keep them alive, is the razor sharp knife that will do anything to keep them alive, hold them together, who knows there is no cost too high to protect those she cares for.
Claire is the one who patches their wounds, who fixes them so that they can get up and carry on when Matt is torn and bleeding from his missions, when Foggy feels too worn down by the shadows to keep cracking jokes, when Karen cries at the nightmares of what she has done to keep them all safe, at what she’d do again if she had to.
They have the right people but building a marriage takes work even if you do find the right people, especially when you're keeping secrets from each other.
fic  Daredevil  sedoretu  Matt/Foggy  Matt/Claire  Karen/Claire  Foggy/Karen  Fisk/Vanessa  Fisk/Wesley  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  character:KarenPage  character:ClaireTemple  character:WilsonFisk  character:JamesWesley  character:VanessaMarianna 
july 2015 by kuiskata
5 Times Parker Slept in Matt's Bed, +1 Time Matt Slept in Hers - aunt_zelda - Daredevil (TV), Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Exactly what it says on the tin. Parker and Matt have known each other since childhood at various points in their lives, and they've shared a bed platonically. Written for a fill on the kink meme.

fic  Daredevil  Leverage  crossover  character:MattMurdock  character:Parker  friendshipfic 
july 2015 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Prompt Post #5 - Through the Looking Glass
The avengers have to call in Foggy because Something happens to Matt, maybe he gets deafened, drugged, head trauma, and/or be-spelled. Whatever it was, none of them can deal with or help Matt and he has to stay at the Tower for a few days. After all, Foggy really is the only one that Matt trusts.

The Avengers have only ever seen Daredevil as a very serious, brutal, and intense fighter Who would rather die than admit to any weakness. Whether or not they know he is blind is up to the wonderful anon that fills this. Either way, they have never, ever, heard Daredevil really crack a joke, let alone act like a dork. Show me our two favorite Avocados at Law completely baffling the Avengers. Blind jokes, pranks and horrible puns, the Avengers are baffled and confused.
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  TeamAvengers  injured!character  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson 
july 2015 by kuiskata
Mercy - Mimnerme1860 - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Foggy has a few secrets of his own that he’s kept from Matt for years. He thought he knew how Matt would react when he found out.

He had no idea.

[SOMEONE FILLED THAT MAFIA AU FROM PART 4: http://daredevilkink.dreamwidth.org/2760.html?thread=4492488#cmt4492488]
fic  Daredevil  au  angst  hurt-comfort  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  gen 
july 2015 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Prompt Post #2 - Butterfly Wings
(Matt/Fisk, non-con) Fisk, upon meeting the Man in Black, realizes he wants him all for himself. And Fisk always gets what he wants.

Bonus points:
-Fisk doesn't have to use any additional restraint and is able to hold Matt down just by force.
-Matt does not go easy and is fighting the whole way through.

I'm just going to go back to hell now.
fic  Daredevil  character:MattMurdock  character:WilsonFisk  Matt/Fisk  non-con  torture  angst 
july 2015 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Prompt Post #4 - [unfilled]
The Avengers believe Matt is faking his blindness. They're a dick to him. Matt can deal with it because it's while he's Daredevil. Then it carries over to real life. Maybe Tony Stark makes it a mission to 'out' the 'blind' lawyer, idk. There are witnesses.

Matt has had enough.

He sues.
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  unfilled 
july 2015 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Prompt Post #4 - First Date and Any Possible Similarity
(Any Possible Similarity also on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4349531)

I saw the above 'Foggy is friend to all the heroes' prompt, and these things are my passion SO

The Avengers (or others: I love a bit of Team Red, if you can fit them in) LOVE Foggy. And they know (either because at least one team member has been out drinking with him or Foggy's just *incredibly* obvious) that he's been secretly in love with his oblivious law partner for years. So they decide to try and help him out. By setting him up with Daredevil (who has never met Foggy but of course would love him too).


The Avengers think Daredevil needs a date. Someone who can make him smile, tell stupid jokes, love him for who he is and not be fazed by his introspective brooding vibe. Good thing they know just the guy. (hint: it's that mostly broke lawyer from Hell's Kitchen who definitely needs to get over his crush on his metaphorically and literally blind law partner).

Cue awkward romancing and tru wuv
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  character:FoggyNelson  character:MattMurdock  TeamAvengers 
july 2015 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Prompt Post #4 - Is this what it means to be human?
Foggy becomes a human lie detector

Suddenly it's not just Matt who knows if people are lying to him or not.
fic  Daredevil  gen  character:FoggyNelson  fivethings 
july 2015 by kuiskata
daredevilkink | Prompt Post #4 - untitled fill [2/?]
Wesley gets brutally tortured and gang-raped by some of Fisk's enemies. Fisk tracks him down (either after or in the middle of his torture). Fisk busts some heads, carries Wesley to safety, cleans him up, and pampers him.
fic  Daredevil  character:JamesWesley  character:WilsonFisk  non-con  hurt-comfort 
july 2015 by kuiskata
It Broke the Ice - sp8sexual - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

In which Foggy and Matt meet in a bar, Foggy's brain-to-mouth filter is nonexistent, and Matt is not only hot like burning, but adorable, too.
fic  Daredevil  au  Marci/Karen  Matt/Foggy  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  character:KarenPage  character:MarciStahl  WIP 
july 2015 by kuiskata
one woman's trash is another's superhero - lilo202 - Daredevil (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
When she was a kid Claire imagined there were monsters living anywhere dark and small. In the closet. Under her bed. Inside the dumpster.

As an adult she can confirm she wasn't wrong.

(aka Matt Murdock wasn't the first person Claire found in the trash and he probably won't be the last)
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  TeamAvengers  character:ClaireTemple  gen  fivethings 
july 2015 by kuiskata
Welcome to the Team - Lassie - Daredevil (TV), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Hawkeye (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]

The Avengers are curious about the new player in town. Matt would rather be left alone, but he manages to get himself involved anyway.
fic  Avengers  Daredevil  TeamAvengers  character:MattMurdock  gen  WIP 
july 2015 by kuiskata
Sunshine and Cupcakes - tj_teejay - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Apparently aggression is Matt’s go-to reaction when he’s braved the icy waters of the Hudson for too long. Unfortunately it’s Foggy, armed with a blanket and only the best intentions, who finds himself on the unfortunate receiving end of Matt’s fist.
fic  Daredevil  character:ClaireTemple  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  sick!character  hurt-comfort 
july 2015 by kuiskata
a kiss with a fist (constitutes assault in all fifty states) - Ahavaa - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
what the hell kind of Fight Club shit was coming out of Matt's mouth this time?

Or: now that Matt's not keeping secrets from them, Foggy picks up on some worrying habits of Matt's.
fic  Daredevil  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  character:KarenPage  character:Stick  abused!character  angst 
july 2015 by kuiskata
Partners - enthusiasmgirl - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sometimes when Matt or Foggy refer to each other as partners, people misunderstand. However, very rarely do they let it actually bother them. They know what they mean, and that's all that matters.
fic  Daredevil  gen  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  friendshipfic 
july 2015 by kuiskata
I Look After You - KleineElfe92 - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
This was written in response to this prompt at the kink meme:

Matt/Foggy: Things Matt does for Foggy

Usually, fanfics portray Foggy as the caregiver in their relationship (and I love that!), but to me it's clear from their interactions in the show that Foggy also feels grateful for Matt, and I would like to read something that explores those feelings!
Show me some of the things, big and small, that Matt has done for Foggy or still does for him on a regular basis. Little favours, emotional support, gestures of affection, adjustments and compromises, just generally taking care of him when he needs it etc.

I'd like a sprinkle of romance to go with my fluff, but friendship would be fine, too! (Or pining. I'm always here for not-actually-unrequited pining.)
fic  Daredevil  Matt/Foggy  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  fluff 
july 2015 by kuiskata
Rarer than Rhodium - KleineElfe92 - Daredevil (TV), Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Right now, he is headed towards a seedy little bar, where he hopes no one will take the time or spare the thought to look at him twice. The descriptions on Yelp had all been terrible. He took this as a good sign.

Up ahead, Josie’s waits for him, not quite welcoming, but open.
fic  Daredevil  Avengers  character:MattMurdock  character:SteveRogers  Matt/Steve 
july 2015 by kuiskata
It's a Process - Plumcot - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
First it was attraction, and Matt was nervous.

Matt's been attracted to Foggy since they first met. He's been in love with him since a few months after that. And he happens to know Foggy shares his feelings. There's just one problem; Matt knows he isn't good enough for Foggy "Heart-of-Gold" Nelson. So he keeps his love secret, and he does it well for many years. But one day a technology mishap sends the truth crashing into plain view...
fic  Daredevil  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  Matt/Foggy 
july 2015 by kuiskata
Struggling Upward - volunteerfd - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
No one would believe that he came from Missouri. Everyone would think it was a joke if he told them. If he told them. Which he didn’t.
fic  Daredevil  character:JamesWesley  character:WilsonFisk  gen  backstory 
july 2015 by kuiskata
Clues - Freakierthanthou - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Foggy gives the Devil a chance to explain himself, and as usual, both he and Matt get in over their heads.

(That one where Foggy is dating Daredevil but breaks up with him because he is in love with Matt)

fic  Daredevil  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  Matt/Foggy 
july 2015 by kuiskata
Matt Murdock and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day - LachesisMeg - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Matt is just trying to get through a regular day as Matt Murdock, attorney at law. It really shouldn't be this difficult, even for a blind guy.

Prompted by http://daredevilkink.dreamwidth.org/725.html?thread=979413#cmt979413
"5 times Matt is underestimated because he was blind (and one time he underestimates someone else)"
fic  Daredevil  character:MattMurdock  fivethings  gen 
july 2015 by kuiskata
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