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MLPerf – Will New Machine Learning Benchmark Help Propel AI Forward?
Image classification– Resnet-50 v1 applied to Imagenet.
Object detection– Mask R-CNN applied to COCO.
Speech recognition– DeepSpeech2 applied to Librispeech.
Translation– Transformer applied to WMT English-German.
Recommendation– Neural Collaborative Filtering applied to MovieLens 20 Million (ml-20m).
Sentiment analysis– Seq-CNN applied to IMDB dataset.
Reinforcement– Mini-go applied to predicting pro game moves.
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may 2018 by krasserm
Pretrained CNNs
Pretrained CNN weights from a number of different datasets
deeplearning  facerecognition 
january 2018 by krasserm
Transforming Auto-encoders
G. E. Hinton, A. Krizhevsky & S. D. Wang
deeplearning  capsules 
january 2018 by krasserm
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