Tempestuous Ducal Romance! So Handsome! So Kind! ♥
Duke Adam Lambert, besotted with Mister Kris Allen, orchestrates their being stranded alone together during a storm, compromising Kris' virtue. To save Kris' reputation and the honour of his family they must marry.
creator:kiki_eng  length:00-05K.words  round:12.sin/virtue  rating:pg  type:fanfiction  details:non-con  details:marriage  details:historical  details:au 
august 2013
Untitled Mansion Fic
There’s a knock on Adam’s door. He expects to see someone with a headpiece and a clipboard in hand, telling him where he needs to be at what time. But instead it’s this boy – this man - with short fluffy hair and a crooked smile standing in the doorway with a guitar and a bag thrown over his shoulder.
creator:peacockcock  rating:not.rated  details:au  length:00-05K.words  round:back.to.basics  type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete 
september 2012
Get Naked
“I locked myself out,” a mussed, flush, and mostly naked Kris frantically explains as he hurries on his bare toes. He awkwardly hugs himself as he stands before Adam in nothing but a pair of white low-cut briefs that say “Calvin Klein” on the red waist band. “Can I--?”
creator:vanya_elda  rating:nc-17  details:tour  length:00-05K.words  round:back.to.basics  type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete 
september 2012
Faerie Rehab
Faerie Kristopher has a glitter addiction and is sent to Rehab for fae folk so he can regain control over his powers and to rest and recuperate. He meets fellow Rehab roommate and sex addict Adam, who broke Faerie law by sleeping around with human folk. This is their story.
creator:house_of_lantis  rating:nc-17  details:au  details:crack  length:00-05K.words  round:back.to.basics  type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete 
september 2012
Kris as Idol Judge
When Simon Fuller announces via the twittersphere that season five winner and platinum recording artist Kris Allen will be joining Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul as a fourth judge on the next season of Idol, the entire world explodes into a frenzy of gossip.
creator:shakespearsgrl2  rating:not.rated  details:au  round:back.to.basics  type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete 
september 2012
Untitled Werewolf AU
There are a surprising number of wolves in LA – insert pithy comment about the industry here – even though it’s not exactly the easiest place for them to live.
creator:jerakeen  rating:not.rated  details:au  details:werewolves  length:00-05K.words  round:back.to.basics  type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete 
september 2012
Hi! My name is Adam Lambert and I'm with Music Uncovered. We are a relatively new magazine that focuses on, as the name suggests, new music, new musicians. I was sent a tape of your performance at the Mint that you did. Allison Iraheta? She said I should interview you.
creator:anonymous  rating:not.rated  details:au  length:00-05K.words  round:back.to.basics  type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete 
september 2012
Practice Makes Perfect
“It’s broad daylight and you’re human,” Adam pointed out as Kris continued to crane his neck as he tried to follow the scent. “Chasing squirrels isn’t conducive to a picture of sanity, you know.”
creator:house_of_lantis  rating:nc-17  length:05-10K.words  type:fanfiction  round:back.to.basics  commentfic:incomplete 
september 2012
I'm His, He's Mine
“It’s broad daylight and you’re human,” Adam pointed out as Kris continued to crane his neck as he tried to follow the scent. “Chasing squirrels isn’t conducive to a picture of sanity, you know.”
creator:vanya_elda  rating:pg-13  details:au  details:foxes!  details:werewolves  length:00-05K.words  type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  round:back.to.basics 
september 2012
Untitled Domesticity Fic
Prompt: I really want a story where they're in love and together and it's so new that they still can't quite believe that it's happening. I want them blushing and smiling and sneaking innocent touches.
creator:arasigyrn  rating:not.rated  details:established.relationship  details:domesticity  length:00-05K.words  round:back.to.basics  type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete 
september 2012
Untitled Idol Reunion Fic
"You are not turning our room into a sex dungeon, Adam," Kris shook his head. "Anyway, it's not like we're going to be spending that much time in here with the schedule that they've laid out for us."
creator:deannawol  rating:not.rated  details:futurefic  length:00-05K.words  round:back.to.basics  type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete 
september 2012
The last thing Kris saw before he died was Adam's face. The first thing he saw when he woke up the night of his death was Katy.
creator:anonymous  rating:not.rated  details:au  details:vampires  length:10-20K.words  round:back.to.basics  type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete 
september 2012
In Contrast
“I wonder,” Adam says, “is it less scandalous or more than the snake cover?”
creator:anonymous  rating:not.rated  details:cake  length:00-05K.words  round:back.to.basics  type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete 
september 2012
Untitled PWP
“What’re you doing?” Kris whines in a thick, groggy voice and instinctively grabs at cozy covers being pulled away from his warm body.
creator:vanya_elda  rating:nc-17  length:00-05K.words  round:back.to.basics  type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete 
september 2012
Fic, Extra Round #3: Exit Strategy
Kris is a ruthless assassin and he’s after a notorious criminal who, on the streets, goes by Lambert.
creator:house_of_lantis  rating:r  type:fanfiction  round:back.to.basics  length:05-10K.words  details:assassin  details:au 
september 2012
... SOOOoooo, I might have made art for this. But it's not really art. It's more like a political poster? Or something. *squints* That doesn't count, right? Right??
type:fanart  round:01.performance  creator:birddi  type:posters  rating:not.rated  details:au  details:political 
july 2012
Unbecoming of a Gentleman
The thing about being from Arkansas was that Kris did his very best to avoid things that he couldn't comfortably tell his mama about over the phone.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  creator:anonymous  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  round:07.wild 
july 2012
The Adventure of the Scarlet Pimpernel (or, How Adam Lambert Saved the World)
The bent-over old woman is slowly fingering her way through the black, woven cotton scarves. She's hunched with age, slow with the stiffness of her joints. She wears a burka, her face covered except for the eyes, which are old and wrinkled and sensitive to the light. Her face stays down-turned, and she mumbles to herself, the words indistinguishable through her veil. Her younger companion stands close enough to keep an eye on her, but not close enough for the old woman to see the young woman's cell phone--which she's using to text someone.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  creator:shakespearsgrl2  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  round:09.movies 
july 2012
Demon!Adam drabbles
So a while ago I wrote Caesar's Palace in which Adam is a demon and Kris uses an archaic magic ritual to claim him, binding his powers to Kris's will for 1000 days and 1000 nights.
Adam is Not Happy about this.

Anyway, a few people mentioned wanting more and I know akavertigo does a thing where she writes drabbles to prompts so I thought I would offer the same thing since I need some pushing to get me writing again (:
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  creator:lc2l  details:fantasy  round:13.bonds 
july 2012
Holding the Pose
Kris is in his last year at UC-Berkeley’s School of Music and he needs to come up with enough money to record his demo as part of his final portfolio project. He finds out that the eccentric Professor Simon Cowell is looking for a nude model for his senior seminar drawing course and Kris applies for the job, desperate for the money. What he didn’t know was that the job comes with a gorgeous male partner named Adam and that all of the poses are sexual.

Written for Kradamadness Performance based on a prompt by unfrosted_cake.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  length:10-20K.words  rating:not.rated  creator:house_of_lantis  details:au  details:model  round:01.performance 
july 2012
Some Like It Hot (Otherwise known as "Kris fails at telling Adam he's a boy.")
“Please?” Allison begs, and Tommy is backing away as slowly as he can, trying not to spook her into grabbing for him. “I trust you, and I like you and it'd be way less pressure with someone I'm like, friends with, you know?”
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  creator:shakespearsgrl2  round:kink.meme  details:au 
july 2012
The gods of Olympus were no different than the mortals that groveled at their divine feet. Although they were the impersonation of perfection and people looked up to them literately and figuratively, they were far from perfect. They were petty and revengeful and they hated when they couldn’t get what they wanted.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  creator:anonymous  round:kink.meme  details:au  details:gods 
july 2012
“Giraud how’s the signal?” Lieutenant Seacrest is ducking behind the fallen car and reloading his MP5. The heavy fire they are under has the whole unit hiding behind what is left of the vehicles on the street. “Are we getting through?”
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  creator:simarillion  length:10-20K.words  rating:not.rated  round:kink.meme  details:military  details:au 
july 2012
Pour some sugar
Adam, Brad, Cassidy and Tommy have been living in their apartment for almost two years now. It’s four rooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. They like it because it has to be said that is is by far the most glamorous apartment in all of L.A. There are velvet couches and cushions with golden and silver embroidery. Their lamps are adorned with glass crystals and strings of pearls. Scarves and fabrics draped artfully over chairs, tables and lamp shades. They walls are purple, blue and green. In short it’s fabulous.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  rating:not.rated  length:00-05K.words  creator:simarillion  round:kink.meme  details:neighbors 
july 2012
Adam sits in the interview, his hands folded over his stomach, and just smiles when the interviewer asks about his rumored sickness.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  creator:shakespearsgrl2  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  details:mpreg  round:kink.meme 
july 2012
Can't be contained
Adam stares down at himself morosely. The body paint was supposed to be waterproof, but apparently it isn't up to torrential rain. Figures. Not enough that the weather sucks, no, it has to make him look like an overenthusiastic preschooler used him as a canvas, too.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  creator:anonymous  round:kink.meme 
july 2012
Untitled Micro Fill
One of the first thing Kris thinks when he sees Adam is not about how tall he is or how dominant his persona is, although both are true, it’s actually the comical scenario of the man robbing a unicorn of all its sparkles and proclaiming himself King of the mountain top. This is one of the reasons Kris, in general, makes bad first impressions and why he’s learned to filter what’s about to come out of his mouth.

Luckily, Adam’s sympathetic to his problem, “Oh my god, did they figure out a way to shrink a lumberjack?”
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  creator:birddi  length:10-20K.words  rating:not.rated  round:kink.meme 
july 2012
The Suitor
“Kristopher has always been his own man. If he doesn’t want to take any Suitors, I see the fault is with the men who try to engage his attention, not any fault with my son.”
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  creator:house_of_lantis  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  round:kink.meme  details:au 
july 2012
Talk Sondheim to Me
Kris hears Adam's arrival before he sees it. The slamming door and muttered curses tell him all he needs to know about how his day went. Kris still has nightmares about the last time Adam had a really bad day, so he runs into the kitchen and heads straight for the ice cream. If he's lucky, maybe he can curtail the oncoming storm.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  creator:eirana_regan  round:kink.meme 
july 2012
Fluffy domestic porn
Kris had started cooking mostly because he wanted Adam to eat healthy foods, be he soon learned that he really enjoyed cooking. He was proud of his creations, and he sometimes even tweeted pictures of his creations, to the delight of his fans.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  length:00-05K.words  creator:anonymous  rating:not.rated  round:kink.meme  details:established.relationship 
july 2012
untitled couch sex nonsense
Kris is waiting for Adam when he gets home, perched on the sofa, flicking through tv channels like he’s getting paid for it. He’s wearing Adam’s bathrobe, the huge fluffy red terrycloth thing Brad gave him for his last birthday. (Red is not a good color on Adam; Kris, on the other hand, looks fantastic in it. Brad is not subtle.)
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  creator:fictionalcandie  round:kink.meme 
july 2012
The Gift
"What the hell?"

"Sign here please." The Fed Ex driver stuck the device and pen that created an unintelligible signature under Adam's nose.

"Sign . . . for him? I don't want . . ."
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  creator:idolme922  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  details:au  round:kink.meme 
july 2012
Tie Up My Hands
“Can I help you?” Adam said with a raise of his brow when he answered the back door of his studio to find a fresh faced young man with hands shoved into the pockets of his baggy jeans and the rest of him hidden in a bulky hooded sweatshirt.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  creator:vanya_elda  length:00-05K.words  rating:nc-17  round:kink.meme 
july 2012
kradamadness: Naughty Fox: a kradamadness kink meme
Adam’s heady scent of fresh sweat mingled with desires like lust and greed put a deep burn in Kris’ limbs that clung to Adam’s bare torso as Adam pulled up Kris far enough from the sheets to heft their combined weight toward the solid headboard.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  length:00-05K.words  rating:nc-17  creator:vanya_elda  round:kink.meme 
july 2012
Untitled WallSex!Fic
When Kris comes back home after a stressful day, all he wants to do is cuddle, dammit, but Adam’s stupid exercise-kick is interrupting his precious cuddle-time.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  length:00-05K.words  rating:nc-17  creator:redkislington  round:kink.meme 
july 2012
A Fresh Shave
“You want to what?” Kris said, looking over the rim of his glasses.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  creator:house_of_lantis  round:kink.meme 
july 2012
mer fan mix
I am particularly weak to these mer and mer/scientist pairings. You have won me over.
type:fanmix  creator:ihatemangoes  round:kink.meme  details:au  details:mermaids  rating:not.rated 
july 2012
Totally Superfluous fill
In the depths of Adam's back-up hard-drive there is a spreadsheet that lists every single joke he's ever heard about the hydrophobic marine biologist. It takes up three megabytes of space which Adam should really use to back up data but his deeply repressed inner math-geek likes to be able cite the statistics. (Don't talk to him about the last MS Office update.)
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  creator:arasigyrn  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  round:kink.meme  details:au  details:mermaids 
july 2012
Kris was dream of pearls falling out of his hand into the water when Allison banged into his room and punched his chest.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  creator:akavertigo  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  round:kink.meme  details:au  details:mermaids 
july 2012
Untitled Merman Fic
"You know when you said 'spend the day on a boat' I imagined a little more sun and a little less fishing," Adam said as he sat at his net station.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  creator:solarbaby614  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  round:kink.meme  details:mermaids  details:au 
july 2012
crazy like a fox
“No.” Big brown eyes blink up at him, uncomprehending. “Absolutely not. No. No way.” Another blink and a small shuffling step forward. Adam sighs, “Fine, but just this one time, okay? And only because it’s raining.”
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  creator:dollydolittle  round:kink.meme  rating:not.rated  length:00-05K.words  details:foxes!  details:au 
july 2012
The bang that wasn't
"No seriously, Kris, pants!" If he'd still been keeping count, Adam could have added that to the ever expanding list of things he never thought he'd say, the 'to a hot guy' sublist which included gems like 'are those horns?' and 'no, it's cool, that pillow isn't flammable'. "The pants go on or you are so grounded! You hear me, Mister?"
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  round:kink.meme  rating:not.rated  length:00-05K.words  creator:arasigyrn  details:au  details:dragons 
july 2012
It Feels So Right Now
If you asked Kris, he might say his earliest memory is something about blowing out the candles on a birthday cake or rolling around in his little plastic car.

Really, his earliest memory is just a little inkling of feeling safe and warm.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  creator:nutshell  round:kink.meme  rating:not.rated  length:00-05K.words 
july 2012
"Statistically, 96.567% of the US population will enjoy an intimate pairbond relationship. 2.345% of the population will have a platonic pairbond relationship. 1.073% of the population will choose to break the pairbond through mutual consent or act of violence.

0.015% of the population will lose their pairbond partner or partners without ever meeting them."
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  creator:arasigyrn  round:kink.meme  details:soulbonding 
july 2012
Contractual Obligations
The only thing Kris can think is that this is all his fault because he didn't read the fine print.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  details:au  rating:not.rated  round:kink.meme  creator:shakespearsgrl2  length:00-05K.words  details:assistant 
july 2012
'59 Sound
He hears the first rumor at graduation. The name comes from a few rows back, whispers escaping hurried hands: Adam Lambert is back.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  rating:pg-13  length:00-05K.words  creator:samanthahirr  details:au  round:kink.meme 
july 2012
untitled phone sex fill
Adam trails off, the end of his giggles reaching Kris down the phoneline. “You’re not still spray-painted into your jeans and those horrible sneakers, are you?” he asks affectionately.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:complete  length:00-05K.words  rating:not.rated  round:kink.meme  details:phone.sex  creator:fictionalcandie 
july 2012
On a moonless night
Explaining pack law and shifter code to a coatless is an exercise in futility. They don’t understand the nuances and the complexity of it. True a full blood is the highest in the ranking of shifters but there are nuances concerning shape, branch, bloodlines, breeding capabilities, natural subservience and so on.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  creator:simarillion  round:kink.meme  details:werewolves  details:au  length:05-10K.words  rating:not.rated 
july 2012
HalfBlood!Kris Art
I seriously tried, but Adam is a very persistent Alpha. Kris wasn't exactly objecting to it, either.
creator:aneas  type:fanart  round:kink.meme  rating:not.rated  details:werewolves  details:au 
july 2012
take a bite of my heart
Adam tries to keep his head down. Tries being the operative word, because everything just smells so interesting.
type:fanfiction  commentfic:incomplete  creator:dollydolittle  rating:not.rated  round:kink.meme  details:werewolves  length:00-05K.words  details:au 
july 2012
Bottoms Up
It was inevitable that when Kris made a mistake, it was a "big" one.
creator:house_of_lantis  rating:r  round:kink.meme  type:fanfiction  length:00-05K.words  commentfic:complete 
july 2012
Amnesty! Round #2: Fanfic: Far Across the Stars (My Heart Will Lead Me There)
So I did a remix of this post and it is posted here. I was also going to remix this post but realized that I veered from it too much for a remix. So tl;dr, have a mermaid!AU.
type:fanfiction  creator:poppetawoppet  rating:pg  length:10-20K.words  details:au  details:mermaids  round:02.fantasy 
july 2012
Amnesty! Round 9: Fanfic: Pop Goes The Camera
Five mid-week lunches, two weekend sleep-overs, and one highly memorable trip to a club neither of them should have been seen at, and the tabloids were going crazy, their management had six almost-heartattacks and an aneurysm, and their fake relationship was born.

They broke seven publicists before they got to Kris.
type:fanfiction  length:10-20K.words  rating:nc-17  creator:fictionalcandie  details:au  details:publicist  details:actors  round:09.movies  details:pretend.relationship 
july 2012
Remix: Fic: Girl, You're Like A Weird Vacation (The Howl-At-The-Moon Remix)
"Dear Adam Lambert,

Hello! My name is Kristina Allen. I live in Conway, Arkansas. My parents are Kim and Neil Allen. I am a lesbian werewolf. How about you?"
type:fanfiction  creator:arasigyrn  rating:pg-13  length:10-20K.words  details:werefoxes  details:au  details:genderfuck  details:werewolves  round:remix 
july 2012
Remix: Fic: To Taste
In the game of love, food has an unfair advantage. In which Kris is a gourmet chef, and Adam is a Hollywood PA on a simple lunch run.
type:fanart  type:fanfiction  creator:samanthahirr  creator:katekat  rating:pg-13  length:10-20K.words  details:chef  details:assistant  round:remix 
july 2012
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