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Social Reech | Keep In Touch With Your Customers
Social Reech manages your customers and web engagements of multiple channels including Twitter, Reddit, Web Articles through a single team inbox.
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may 2019 by kpieper876
Features | BlueVenn
The BlueVenn omnichannel marketing platform transforms your customer data into a profitable asset and drives up the success of campaigns and customer journeys
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august 2018 by kpieper876
Evergage | 1-to-1 Personalization and Customer Data Platform
Evergage’s real-time personalization and customer data platform (CDP) enables companies to leverage behavioral analytics and machine learning to deliver maximally relevant, 1-to-1 digital experiences and emails.
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august 2018 by kpieper876
Amperity: The Only Intelligent Customer Data Platform
Supercharge Your Customer Initiatives Using All Your Data to Build Complete, Actionable Customer Profiles from All Your Disparate Data Sources.
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august 2018 by kpieper876 | Intelligent insights and automation from converged customer data
Advize combines quantitative and qualitative data to power
customer engagement automation and customer-centric decision making.
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august 2018 by kpieper876
Customer Development Survey
Get started with customer development for free by creating your own initial customer development survey below.
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april 2018 by kpieper876
Delighted – Customer feedback with Net Promoter Score
Delighted uses Net Promoter Score to gather real feedback from your customers – in minutes not weeks.
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april 2018 by kpieper876
OneDesk - Software to manage your products, projects, and customer service
OneDesk combines product management, project management and customer support into a single integrated application. Now all your customers, employees and teams are in sync: working on tickets, fixing i…
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november 2017 by kpieper876
Incredibly easy way to create and share customer facing video & GIFs in minutes
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november 2017 by kpieper876
Find emails & leads, send drip campaigns and manage your customers - Anyleads
Lead generation infrastructure for small & larger companies. Find emails, send drip campaigns and sell more!
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september 2017 by kpieper876
Modern messaging for sales, marketing, and support - Freshchat
A modern-day leap from legacy live-chat, Freshchat helps businesses engage with prospects and users on website, app, and social - for sales and support.
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september 2017 by kpieper876
Recruiting CRM & Marketing Software | Beamery
Combining Recruitment CRM and Marketing Automation, Beamery is built to source, attract and engage passive candidates
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september 2017 by kpieper876
Canny: Customer Feedback Management Tool
Canny helps you collect and organize feature requests to better understand customer needs and prioritize your roadmap.
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september 2017 by kpieper876
AI Powered Customer Engagement for Growth Marketers
AI-Powered Recommendations & Trigger-Based Automation for Email, Mobile Apps and Websites
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may 2017 by kpieper876
Temper - Find out how your customers feel about every aspect of your business
Temper lets you easily measure customers' moods at every touchpoint over time so you can see how changes to your product or service affect overall satisfaction.
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may 2017 by kpieper876
Slaask – The customer service app for all Slack users.
Interact with your leads and customers wherever they are from a single point in space: Slack! Sign up for Free!
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march 2017 by kpieper876
Business Reputation Management | BirdEye
Need help managing online reviews? See what BirdEye can do for your business.
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february 2017 by kpieper876
Customer Service | Help Desk Software for Customer Support | Helprace
Helprace is a customer service software suite linking a ticket system with help desk software, giving customer support agents a complete helpdesk solution.
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december 2016 by kpieper876
Customer Messaging Platform | Intercom
We make customer messaging apps for sales, marketing, and support, connected on one platform. Our mission is to make business personal again.
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december 2016 by kpieper876
Metriculator - In-App & Email Net Promoter Score Survey
Collect customer feedback directly from your website using Net Promoter Score (NPS)
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november 2016 by kpieper876 - Professional market validation made easy
Award-winning platform that makes market research easy, fast and cheap. Instant market validations for products, services and apps.
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november 2016 by kpieper876
Each customer is on a unique digital journey. Our integrated, omnichannel marketing engagement platform makes it easy to be present—and persuasive—at every twist and turn.
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august 2016 by kpieper876
Respond by Buffer
Deliver Exceptionally Responsive Customer Support On Twitter
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july 2016 by kpieper876
Educating your users, when and where it's needed most | elevio
Learn how elevio can help bring all your support channels into one, to provide the best support possible for your users
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july 2016 by kpieper876
Salesforce, Sugar CRM and HighRise Integration with Gmail | Collabspot
Collabspot is a chrome extension that integrates and connects Salesforce, Sugar CRM and HighRise with Gmail and Google Apps. Get Started for Free.
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march 2016 by kpieper876 - Customer-centric behavioral marketing is a platform that uses application data and rules to message users
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march 2016 by kpieper876
Hull is a customer data platform for B2B. Sync the data your sales and marketing teams need between the tools they use without code - through Hull’s Profiles.
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october 2015 by kpieper876
Customer Identity Management | Janrain
Janrain specializes in customer identity data management and social login systems so businesses know their customers and leverage data to deliver personalized marketing.
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october 2015 by kpieper876
Tags: AdTech Operations Collaboration Contacts
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june 2015 by kpieper876

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