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Favinks - Collect, share and follow your links!
Favinks is a social tool focused on links. You can easily organize your links, discover from your friends and discuss about.
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december 2017 by kpieper876
Better Than Bookmarks - Toby
Bookmarks are for books, not browsers. Organize your browser tabs into Toby so you can access key resources in one-click instead of seven.
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september 2017 by kpieper876
Stash - Smarter cross-device bookmarking using Artificial Intelligence
Stash is an intelligent bookmarking tool that will automatically analyze and organize links that you save, allowing you to find them when you need them.
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october 2016 by kpieper876
bookmarking done right: historious your personal search engine - historious
historious is a single-click bookmarking search engine. Bookmark a site you like then come back to historious and search for it using some keywords. It's that simple! Tags: bookmarks search engine search historify historius favorites historification remember social bookmarking
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june 2015 by kpieper876

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