Mutiny | Turn Your Website Into Your #1 Growth Channel
Using Mutiny's personalization platform, engage your site visitors with a tailored experience made just for them -- so they get what they want, faster!
b2b  ecommerce  personalization 
18 hours ago
Flex.io | Turn any API, file or database into a lookup function for Excel or Google Sheets
Distribute on-demand data enrichment capabilities to your team directly in Excel and Google Sheets.
aoi  database  file  spreadsheet  convert 
18 hours ago
360° SEO software tool to help you increase traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results.
seo  search  keyword  backlink  analysis  research  tool 
19 hours ago
Best Email and Phone Number Finder - SignalHire
SignalHire's recruitment tool streamlines the hiring process. It optimizes all recruitment activities and helps you find the best talents.
contact  data  information  email  find 
Online Interior Design with Modsy | Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms & More!
Tell us your style then see your exact room, expertly designed in 3D, with furniture from brands both well-known and unique, that you can buy on the spot!
room  design  custom  online  top_10 
3 days ago
Google Slides | Slido - Audience Interaction Made Easy
The simplest way to add Q&A and polls to your Google Slides presentation.
google  presentation  slides  polling 
5 days ago
AnyPicker: Visual Web Scraper | Web Crawler | Web Data Extractor | Web Data Visualization
AnyPicker is an visual web scraper. Setting the web extraction rules super easily, just by clicking what you see on website.
easy  web  scraper  data  screen 
7 days ago
Escape :: Travel inspiration by price
Don’t know where to go? Explore the cheapest flights to every travel destination in the world
travel  dream  wish  vacation  find 
10 days ago
I T E M S Y - You are what you read.
Turn content saved for later into a beautiful personal newsletter. Follow interesting people to read what they read.
read  email  list  newsletter 
10 days ago
One2Lead - LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool
One2Lead LinkedIn automation tool allows you to reach and engage with thousands of people just in one click. Make top-line sales by automated Linkedin lead generation technology.
linkedin  automation  marketing  crm 
10 days ago
Modular Homes Marketplace and Guide
Explore the top Modular Homes of 2019 for sale. Dwellito is a modular home marketplace featuring over 45 modern Prefab designs. Browse by design, floorplan, bedroom count, price range, and more!
modular  shipping  container  home  purchase 
18 days ago
KPI Reporting with ServiceClarity | KPI reporting of cloud service metrics.
ServiceClarity SaaS is a suite of business value metrics dashboards that enables automated KPI reporting of cloud service metrics including JIRA dashboards.
kpi  monitor  report 
21 days ago
Unito :: Integrate Project Management Tools - Sync Trello, Jira, Asana...
Solve your workflow problems with Unito! Sync popular project management tools together and optimize collaboration across tools, teams and projects.
workflow  process  sync  manage  2-way  Top_10 
21 days ago
A single API to connect to many Hotel Systems: Impala
Connect your product to hotel data in minutes. Securely read from and write to many hotel systems using one powerful, well-documented JSON API.
hotel  travel  data  api 
21 days ago
Adzooma | Simplify, Automate & Optimise Online Ad Campaigns
Manage, optimise & automate your Google Ads & Facebook Ads campaigns with Adzooma. Save time & money on your online advertising campaigns today.
google  facebook  advertising  manager 
25 days ago
Social Media Advertising | Digital Advertising | Strike Social
Let us do the work. Our social media advertising provides 24/7 campaign optimization and always-on support to target your social advertising when and where people are the most receptive.
rtb  advertising  bidding  algorithm 
29 days ago
MediaGamma | Find and unlock AI opportunities
MediaGamma is a leading AI consultancy business. We are a spin-out from University College London (UCL) and our team is made up of AI experts from within its world-leading computing science academic faculty.
rtb  advertising  bidding  algorithm 
29 days ago
Scibids : The new algorithmic standard for RTB.
Scibids arms display teams with a world-class machine learning layer for automating campaign management and skyrocketing performance.
rtb  advertising  bidding  algorithm 
29 days ago
DRN Data | License Plate Recognition Technology
License plate recognition technology providing financial and insurance agencies data to assess risk and vehicle location data to aid automotive recovery.
license  plate  recognition  visual  ai  vision  data 
4 weeks ago
Instant Captions for LinkedIn Videos
Typito automatically creates stunning captions for your video. Increase your brand engagement on LinkedIn with on-brand captions.
automatic  video  captioning  captions 
5 weeks ago
Dadroit API Studio - A designer for HTTP APIs
Power-full tool to develop and monitor HTTP APIs with ease. Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
http  api  management 
5 weeks ago
CloudForecast: ‍AWS Cost Monitoring Tool
CloudForecast helps you monitor and optimize your AWS cost with an easy to read daily cost report sent via email or Slack that saves you time and money.
aws  amazon  web  service  cost  monitor 
6 weeks ago
Endorsal — customer testimonials, automated.
Fully automated collection & display of testimonials. Increase conversions with beautiful, simple social proof.
review  comment  automate  feedback 
6 weeks ago
HireFunnel - Question Bank
Interview Questions for hiring Product Managers, Software Engineers, Marketing Specialists, Marketing Interns, Sales Associates, Project Managers, Copywriters, Operations Managers, Interns, Customer Support Reps, Web Designers, General Managers, Operations Analysts, Personal Assistants
interview  questions 
6 weeks ago
💬1 - Placid – Automate your Social Share Images - Placid.app
Let us create social share images for your websites automatically! You choose the design – we add images for Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest to your pages.
preview  social  image  sharing  automatic  create  top_10 
6 weeks ago
GitHub - mmccaff/PlacesToPostYourStartup: Compiled list of links from "Ask HN: Where can I post my startup to get beta users?"
Compiled list of links from "Ask HN: Where can I post my startup to get beta users?" - mmccaff/PlacesToPostYourStartup
startup  post  boards 
6 weeks ago
API Marketplace - Free Public & Open Rest APIs | RapidAPI
Browse, Test & Connect to 1000s of Public Rest APIs on RapidAPI's API Marketplace - the world's largest API directory. Sign up today for Free!
api  catalog  data  sources  directory  process  top_10 
6 weeks ago
Feedier - Next generation Feedback tool
Feedier helps companies collect amazing and actionable feedback by leveraging a built-in reward programs management and engagement program. Understanding your customers starts now, customer satisfaction and a thriving business at your fingertips!
feedback  survey  poll  top_10 
6 weeks ago
Custom Chimney Damper Source... chimney dampers and downdraft solutions... Chim-a-lator chimney flue damper
Volko Custom Chimney Dampers is your source for custom Chim-a-lator chimney flue dampers... draft and ventilation solutions for your fireplace and wood stove.
chimney  damper 
6 weeks ago
Make a side project with no code. Find the best no code tools to build a web app or marketplace.
Turn data collection into an experience with Typeform. Create beautiful online forms, surveys, quizzes, and so much more. Try it for FREE.
no  code  codeless  project  tech  stack 
6 weeks ago
Tweet Jobs | Search Engine on the top of twitter to find jobs
Tweet Jobs an Search Engine on the Top of Twitter to find latest jobs in real time. Find Remote Jobs, Software Jobs, Content Writer, Marketing jobs & Blockchain Jobs in the top companies.
twitter  social  job  search  engine 
6 weeks ago
The Nugget | The original play couch | Free U.S. Shipping
It turns out the world’s best kids toy is actually a couch. Soft, supportive and lightweight. Four folding pieces that become tunnels, rocket ships, castles and more. Free U.S. Shipping.
kids  children  sofa  furniture 
6 weeks ago
Pre-employment testing | teamglide
teamglide is a pre-employment testing and recruiting platform that helps companies improve pre-employment selection and improves employee performance
job  search  find  screen  test 
7 weeks ago
Best Practices Business Processes w/ Online Software Tools, Templates & Dashboards
upBOARD: The web's largest collection of interactive business processes & online best practices tools & templates for strategy, innovation, project management, software development, operations & team collaboration dashboards
nocode  low  code  free  codeless 
7 weeks ago
Instant domain name check and domain name generator for startups and side-projects
Startup name check helps you to find the right domain name and check names for your next startup & side project.
startup  name  domain  check  search 
8 weeks ago
Search Top Influencer Hashtags on Instagram | Socialbakers
Search Instagram users and hashtags to find influencers your business should partner up with. Learn who uses any hashtag the most often and how effectively.
free  social  hashtag  search 
9 weeks ago
A Free Search Engine to Find Instagram Influencers | Socialbakers
Find Instagram influencers that are right for your business using a free influencer search engine. Easily discover who you should work with based on your region and interests.
free  influencer  search 
9 weeks ago
Voiceflow - Design, prototype, and build voice apps.
Visually design, prototype and publish Alexa Skills and Google Actions without writing code.
voice  app  design  develop  publish 
9 weeks ago
Text, audio and graphic book summaries of most popular books - Readingraphics
We summarize top business and personal development books. See great ideas come to life, learn more in less time, and get powerful insights for success. Try our Text, audio and graphic book summaries of most popular books for entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals.
book  summary  infographic  image  visual  top_10 
9 weeks ago
Silent Disco | Event Management | Big Little Sound
Boulder Counties local event management company specializing in Colorado’s hottest new party and festival trend: silent discos.
audio  music  event  dance 
9 weeks ago
Pricing - Minute Suites
At Minute Suites we do our best to be the most accommodating place for you to relax, recharge and get away from the chaos in airports, all without breaking the bank.
travel  trip  airport  lounge 
9 weeks ago
Plutio - One app to manage your entire business.
From projects and tasks to invoices and time tracking, everything you need in one intuitive platform.
workflow  operation  tool  integrated  platform  tasks  proposals  crm  invoices  time  tracking 
9 weeks ago
Find emails addresses and social profiles in seconds | Orbitly
Append email and social data to incomplete contact lists. Upload a list of names, emails, or social profiles and Orbitly will fill in any missing lead data, so you can get in touch with the people that matter most for your business.
contact  information  details  append  email  lead  enrichment 
9 weeks ago
Thumbnails Cloud · File Previews API
The simplest API for generating file thumbnails that you've ever seen.
image  icon  thumbnail  preview  api 
9 weeks ago
Modern Furniture | Modular Sectionals & Bean Bag Chairs | Lovesac
Lovesac is the ultimate modern furniture store, featuring high quality bean bag chairs, sectionals, and accessories in many colors, patterns, and fabrics.
couch  sofa  flexible  configuration  sectional 
9 weeks ago
Retool – The fast way to build internal tools.
The fast way to build internal tools. Drag-and-drop our building blocks and connect them to your databases and APIs to build your own tools, fast. Connects with REST, GraphQL, SQL, mongoDB, Firebase, Google Sheets, and more. Used by startups and Fortune 500s. Sign up for free.
tool  app  web  build  nocode 
9 weeks ago
Missive | Endpoints
How to create drafts programmatically using the Missive API
consumer  business  contact  data 
9 weeks ago
MindTickle: Sales Enablement and Sales Readiness Platform
MindTickle’s sales enablement platform empowers your reps by equipping them with the knowledge and tangible skills to drive revenue.
sales  coaching  learning  sales-enablement 
9 weeks ago
MailGenius | Email Spam Checker & Testing Tool
Find out if your email is likely to trigger spam filters. Run a free email spam and security test in less than a minute
email  spam  security  test  free 
9 weeks ago
Leapsome: Performance Management & Engagement Software
Leapsome is an all-in-one platform for Performance Management. OKRs & Goals, Performance Reviews, Feedback, 1-on-1 Meetings, Engagement Surveys. Demo Now.
performance  management  employee  engagement 
9 weeks ago
Just Make Something
Fill out a form of what you want to build. Get your custom product stack. Answer a few questions to get your custom no code stack of tools and turn your idea into a reality.
idea  post  track 
9 weeks ago
Instaread - Key Insights from Books, In Minutes
Start a free trial now! At Instaread we extract key insights from best-selling books. Our professional book-experts read and analyze books for you, so that you spend your time reading only the books that you really love.
book  summary 
9 weeks ago
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