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A publication about programming from the Recurse Center, shuttered in 2016.
via https://www.recurse.com/blog/144-rediscover-the-joy-of-computing
computer  programming 
6 weeks ago by koyachi
John Ⓐ De Goes on Twitter: "GoF => FP: Interpreter => Free Monad Visitor => Catamorphism Singleton => Reader Monad Abstract Factory => Modules Iterator => Traversable"
GoF => FP:

Interpreter => Free Monad
Visitor => Catamorphism
Singleton => Reader Monad
Abstract Factory => Modules
Iterator => Traversable
functional  programming  oop 
december 2016 by koyachi
技術採択のときにやるべきこと - まるまるこふこふ
要件を満たすか, 採択理由のドキュメント化, 採択したいものを使ったプロダクト化(デモレベルでなく使えるレベル), 実装の理解, 自分以外に2名の賛同者(TED Talk: How to start a movement),
technology  library  framework  programming 
december 2016 by koyachi
Type-Erased Wrappers in Swift
"There are situations where we’d like to treat associated types on protocols as generics, but the compiler refuses. Using type-erasure, there is a way to perform this transformation.", AnySequence, "turning associated types into generic constraints – and it’s called type erasure.", RealmCollectionType,
swift  programming  generics  protocol 
december 2016 by koyachi
老舗メディアが改善に取り組んでいる話 / ecnavi @phpcon2016 // Speaker Deck
VOYAGE GROUP ECナビ, PHPカンファレンス2016で発表した内容, 月に一度KAIZEN会,
work  service  webapp  refactoring  programming 
november 2016 by koyachi
MVVMをベースに複雑な振る舞いをしっかり把握できるアプリ開発 - Qiita
SwiftBound, SwiftTask, ReactKit, 共通処理のために継承をしない, 分岐網羅する, ありえない分岐はサーバにログ,
interface  mvc  mvvm  reactive  functional  programming  swift  ios 
november 2016 by koyachi
iOSアプリケーションでコードベースのレイアウトを積極利用する - クックパッド開発者ブログ
ImplicitlyUnwrappedOptional, as!, 実行時エラーの可能性, UIの変更をコード差分で確認可能, PureLayout, SnapKit, Zeplin, UIデザイン&実装フロー(prototyping), コードベースでAutoLayoutする時の注意点
ios  interface  design  swift  programming 
november 2016 by koyachi
null安全でない言語は、もはやレガシー言語だ - Qiita
Ceylon, Crystal, Flow, Hack, Haskell, Java, Kotlin, Python, Rust, Scala, Swift, TypeScript,
november 2016 by koyachi
Dependency Injection · objc.io
Constructor Injection, Property Injection, Method Injecion, Ambient Context, Extract and Override Call,
di  test  objectivec  programming 
october 2016 by koyachi
Rebuild: 161: Angry Jenkins Angers Me (kohsuke)
01:06:xx, deploy頻度, feature flag, toggle, canary server, インデックス貼るだけの作業, 修正の影響度, deployに一ヶ月かけて段階的に, 異なるtimezoneで段階的にアップデート,
programming  deploy 
october 2016 by koyachi
Functional Reactive Programming in Java
FRPとRP, RxJava, 最後にさらっとRxAndroid
functional  reactive  programming  java  android 
july 2016 by koyachi
TED2016, Linus Torvalds / 青木靖 訳
linux  opensource  programming 
may 2016 by koyachi
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