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Xerox scanners/photocopiers randomly alter numbers in scanned documents [D. Kriesel]
In this article I present in which way scanners / copiers of the Xerox WorkCentre Line randomly alter written numbers in pages that are scanned. This is not an OCR problem (as we switched off OCR on purpose), it is a lot worse – patches of the pixel data are randomly replaced in a very subtle and dangerous way: The scanned images look correct at first glance, even though numbers may actually be incorrect. Without a fuss, this may cause scenarios like:
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6 weeks ago by kmt
Gagallium : How I found a bug in Intel Skylake processors
"Nightmare-level" is not part of the Intel description but sounds about right.
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july 2017 by kmt
The Gray-1, a homebrew CPU exclusively composed of memory – Unusual projects
This article presents an very original computer. Its CPU is only made of ROM, but it can execute complex programs, such as finding all the solutions of the 8-queens problem. A video is available here.
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february 2017 by kmt
BearSSL - Constant-Time Mul
As noted in the section on constant-time crypto, integer multiplication opcodes in CPU may or may not execute in constant time; when they do not, implementations that use such operations may exhibit execution time variations that depend on the involved data, thereby potentially leaking secret information.
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december 2016 by kmt

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