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education - What are the potential benefits and pitfalls of leaving tenth grade early to pursue an internship at a prominent research lab? - Academia Stack Exchange
And that was with a bunch of other early entry students to provide social support. If you're going to be unique in that environment, that will provide it's own challenges. And then there's the culture shock of going from being the best at your school to being just another person among the best in the world.
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How do professors know if you plagiarized or not and what tools do they use? - Quora
If you have spent far more time researching how to get out of writing a paper than it would take to write a paper, then you are not really cut out for College, or at least not yet. You need to take a close look at why you are in College: is it because your parents expect it, you didn't know what else to do, someone told you that you couldn't get a job without it, etc.
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