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View the character unicode values of a word document - Stack Overflow |
In Word, select the character and press "alt-x"

In Vim, the same function is 'g8' (try also 'ga' if decimal or octal are representations interesting).
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4 weeks ago by kme
libreoffice calc - How to refer to a cell when the address is in a variable - Stack Overflow |
Now, one of the most common ways in excel to generate text in the form of ranges is to concatenate. So that if you concatenate A and 1 (CONCATENATE("A","1")), you get A1.

And you can use a reference in this concatentate. Let's say that cell B1 contains 1.

gives the text A1.

Hence, to get the cell A1, you would be able to use:

Except that the CONCATENATE() function now is a bit long, but don't fret! You can use &:

Also super-useful:

=OFFSET(B1, 0, 1)
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5 weeks ago by kme
[Solved] How to insert floor / ceiling symbols? (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum |
To insert floor brackets, type lfloor <?> rfloor directly in the Commands window.
To insert ceiling brackets, type lceil <?> rceil directly in the Commands window.
To insert scalable floor brackets, type left lfloor <?> right rfloor directly in the Commands window.
To insert scalable ceiling brackets, type left lceil <?> right rceil directly in the Commands window.
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6 weeks ago by kme
Freezing Rows or Columns as Headers - LibreOffice Help |
Select the row below, or the column to the right of the row or column that you want to be in the frozen region. All rows above, or all columns to the left of the selection are frozen.
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7 weeks ago by kme
How to export PDF with EPS image in writer - Ask LibreOffice
In my case, here is what I did:

p=$(launchctl getenv PATH)
launchctl setenv PATH /opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$p

And it now finally works for me!!!

Didn't work for me, but using SVG instead did.
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february 2014 by kme
Mac OS X 10.7: LibreOffice requires a Java runtime environment (JRE) to perform this task - Ask LibreOffice []
You need a 32bit JVM. Most likely you only have a 64 bit VM installed. Beginning with Libreoffice 4.2 we will provide also 64 bit MacOSX builds which work with a 64 bit JVM.
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november 2013 by kme
Bug 39007 – Persistent "Restore Windows" dialog won't disappear, disables key functionality
2) Do you have installed any window management/user interface utilities/apps/control panels/extensions for Mac OS X like
* AquaSnap * BetterSnapTool
* BetterTouchTool * Breeze
* Cinch * Divvy
* DoublePane * Flexiglass
* HyperDock * iSnap
* Moom * RightZoom
* ShiftIt * SizeUp
* SizeWell * Spectacle
* Stay * TileWindows
* WindowTidy ... or something similar?
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april 2013 by kme
Bug 34836 - PDF export does not export EPS images
This bug is too huge, tangled and un-readable for any developer to get to the end of. To save time and avoid repeated waste I've split it into:

bug#67464 - request for built-in EPS rendering (a long term enhancement)
bug#67465 - try harder to find pstoedit on Macs

One of these is tractable.

Julien asked:
> Michael: must have missed something but why several bugtrackers?

Because one very long, overly complicated multi-comment bug with multiple issues in it is a disaster: it wastes programmers time to read, and then they realise that there will never be a clean fix even of the easy bit because somehow someone put a man-year task next to a 10 man minute task in the same bug - so ...

> We could either transform this one into enhancement with this title for
> example: "Rendering EPS broken on MacOs".

Long, unclear, confused, unreadable bugs waste very significant time trying to unwind them. I've split it into two clear, precise bugs that can be read quickly and (I hope) gives a developer a reasonable incentive to fix one of them: the trivial bit - and the satisfaction of at least closing a bounded problem :-)


Still broken in (2014-02-09)
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september 2012 by kme

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