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stl - Iterate keys in a C++ map - Stack Overflow
What's difficult to discern from the STL documentation at, say,, is that the allocator is a std::pair. That gives you the clue that instead of "key" and "value" you need to be saying "it->first" and "it->second" when looping over the elements with a std::iterator.
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november 2017 by kme
c++ - How can I iterate over an enum? - Stack Overflow

The typical way is as follows:

enum Foo {

for ( int fooInt = One; fooInt != Last; fooInt++ )
Foo foo = static_cast<Foo>(fooInt);
// ...
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february 2014 by kme
C++ STL List calculate average - Stack Overflow
NB: This is uncorrected. The first accepted solution has a couple of fixes.

double MyClass::CalculateAvg(const std::list<double> &list)
double avg = 0;
std::list<int>::iterator it;
for(it = list->begin(); it != list->end(); it++) avg += *it;
avg /= list->size();
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april 2013 by kme

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