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Issue 258 - duplicati - VSS snapshot reports locked files - A flexible backup system with a friendly user interface - Google Project Hosting
SOLUTION: Set "Run as administrator" under "Compatibility" property sheet for the executable. Except you're prompted every time Duplicati runs (e.g., once every time upon startup). Not perfect.
From the bug report:
As mentioned: Even when running Duplicati as a member of the Administrator group, the VSS snapshot will fail, *unless* you manually "run as admin".
A simple workaround would be to add a manifest to duplicati.exe that requests elevation to "highest" when starting the app: this will allow admins to use vss, but will also work regular users even (they don't get the elevation dialog if they are not part of Administrators).
I agree that issue #9 is the way to go! One thing keep in mind: if duplicati running as a system service background_ should *every* user be able "run backup"_ or only Administrators? same for restore: regular users restore potentially confidential information they cannot reach on local HD_ but can navigate backup?
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