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Hourglass in Launchpad
No, the app does not need to be running for the alarms to work. And 'at' doesn't seem to have been installed as a dependency, so Hourglass has its own persistent daemon apparently, or else the notification system allows you to create timed notifications.
elementaryos  utility  app  essential  movein 
6 weeks ago by kme | Toau - Convert text to audio, like magic. []
You can achieve the same effect via a single line in Terminal:
cat sample.txt | say -o sample.aiff
mac  osx  tts  texttospeech  app 
december 2016 by kme
Why app development is going micro | TechCrunch
Slack’s director of developer relations, Amit Shevat, sums up micro apps very well: “they must do one thing really well.”
microservices  webdevel  soa  microapps  app  devel  trends  onethingwell 
september 2016 by kme
Why app development is going micro | TechCrunch
Slack’s director of developer relations, Amit Shevat, sums up micro apps very well: “they must do one thing really well.”
microservices  webdevel  soa  microapps  app  devel  trends  onethingwell 
september 2016 by kme
Why I Quit Ordering From Uber-for-Food Start-Ups - The Atlantic
Sprig-type operations drain agency and expertise out of the world. They centralize, aiming to build huge hubs with small spokes; their innermost mechanisms are hidden. They depend on humans behaving as interchangeable units of labor.
uberforfood  food  app  dystopianfuture 
november 2015 by kme
aText - Typing accelerator - Text macro utility for Mac.
Never could get on board with this one. Not sure if it was the fact that it seemed like a direct ripoff of TextExpander (not sure who was first), or whether there were actual problems with the functionality of the program. In any event, it hasn't seen an update in a while...
mac  osx  snippets  textexpansion  automation  app  alternativeto  textexpander 
august 2015 by kme
Lingon - Peter Borg Apps
Lingon X 1.0 seems to be free now:

Eh! x-man-page://launchd.plist

Hrm. Yeah, still have to pay if you want to make changes, so you might as well just use Lingon X 2 to search for the service name, then make changes with Xcode's .plist editor or 'launchctl' from the shell.
launchd  macosx  cron  sysadmin  app 
may 2015 by kme
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