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Slave - Chapter 1 - Rivermoon1970 - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
It's 150 years after WWIII. A robust slave trade sprang up in the intervening years as America was slowly recovering. New city-states sprang up and pocket governments were being formed. Dr. Spencer Reid is a wealthy farm owner and business man. He has been looking for someone to help him with his business. When none of the free candidates met his criteria he did the thing that he vowed not to ever do, he bought a slave. He didn't expect to start to have feelings for the man but he wasn't sure if anything could ever come of it, Aaron's life has been hell and Spencer isn't sure if even he can fix it.
AO3  Author:Rivermoon1970  chaptered15+  70000Words+  Slave!Fic  Slave!Hotch  Slave!Remy  AaronHotchner  SpencerReid  DerekMorgan  JJLaMontagne  WillLaMontagne  HenryLaMontagne  JackHotchner  PenelopeGarcia  RemyLeBeau  Wolverine  Logan/Remy  EmilyPrentiss  JasonGideon  Bad!Gideon  OroroMonroe  CriminalMinds  Crossover:X-Men  Crossover:NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  AbbySciuto  TimMcGee  ScottSummers  JeanGray  ScottSummers/JeanGrey  JimmyPalmer  Angst  PTSD  AU  TattooArtist!Remy  TattooArtist!Tony  TattooArtist!Abby  TattooArtist!McGee 
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Thoughts are the Shadows of our Feelings - Chapter 1 - Rivermoon1970 - Criminal Minds, Equilibrium (2002) [Archive of Our Own]
The year is 2070 and Aaron Hotchner is a high-ranking Cleric of the Grammaton Clerics. He is ambitious and single-minded in his pursuit of dealing out justice to those who have committed sense offense. That is until Dr. Spencer Reid is sitting in his interrogation room. Will the enigmatic and intriguing young Dr. break through to Aaron? And, will Aaron risk everything to remember who he really is.
CriminalMinds  SpencerReid  AaronHotchner  DerekMorgan  JasonGideon  Hotch/Reid  Amnesia  JackHotchner  chaptered10+  AU  Future!Fic  10000Words+  FeelingsOutlawed  HenryLaMontagne  WillLaMontagne  MaeveDonnavan  Teacher!Hotch  Crossover:Equilibrium  JohnDonovan 
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Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters, a criminal minds fanfic | FanFiction
Shadows Within Saga. Somehow, as JJ formed this incredible bond with her team, Will found himself standing on the outside and wondering how he lost the best thing he'd ever had.
CriminalMinds  ShadowsWithinSeries  Author:ShadowBlade-Tara  ff.net  OneShot  WillLaMontagne  JJLaMontagne  AaronHotchner  JackHotchner  ReidLivesatRossisMansion  SpencerReid  Psi!Reid  PsiAbilities  1000Words+  Ficlet 
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Butterfly Fly Away Chapter 1: Discovery, a X-Men Criminal Minds Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
PART 2 IN THE 'SEVEN DAYS TO THE WOLVES' DUO: SUMMARY: MPREG WARNING: Stryker has been locked away, Spencer is free and everything is on a path to bliss until a new threat comes to power and the X-Men meet one of their worse challenges yet while Spencer deals with a challenge of his own and is too afraid to tell his own mate.
CriminalMinds  Crossover:X-Men  SpencerReid  Wolverine  RemyLeBeau  RemyLeBeau&SpencerReid-Friendship  JeanGray  VictorCreed  DerekMorgan  JJLaMontagne  PenelopeGarcia  DavidRossi  WillLaMontagne  RemyLeBeau&WillLaMontagne-Friendship  Sequel  chaptered10+  30000Words+  Author:IntoTheWild  ff.net  ReidisaMUTANT!!  MPREG  Loganw/Kids  establishedrelationship  RemyBeingHelpfulDoesntGoWell  Kidnapped  WilliamReid  CharacterDeath-Minor  MammaReid  MeetingtheFamily/Parents  Reid/Wolverine  Reidw/Kids 
june 2015 by kliqzangel
Family Secrets - Chapter 1 - SpencerRemyLvr - Criminal Minds, X-Men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
For now, this is just a two shot of our boys meeting through JJ and ending up at a motel together. Later, once I've finished other things, it'll grow into a regular story
CriminalMinds  JJLaMontagne  EmilyPrentiss  WillLaMontagne  HenryLaMontagne  JJ/Will  SpencerReid  Author:SpencerRemyLvr  RemyLeBeau  Crossover:X-Men  ChapteredLessThan5  NewRelationship  AO3  Migranes  8000Words+  Reid/Remy 
may 2015 by kliqzangel
Dirty Little Secret - Jekkah - Criminal Minds, NCIS: New Orleans [Archive of Our Own]
Will LaMontagne (Criminal Minds) and LaSalle (NCIS: NO) have been keeping a secret from their friends and loved ones. Written by request for Nebula2. Rated M for implied sexual situation, but nothing graphic. Slash (obviously)
NCIS-NewOrleans  Crossover:CriminalMinds  ChristopherLaSalle  WillLaMontagne  LaSalle/Will  OneShot  AO3  1000Words+  establishedrelationship 
may 2015 by kliqzangel
A Night That Changed Them Forever - Rivermoon1970 - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
It's the night of JJ and Will's surprise wedding. Everyone for the most part is happy for them. Spencer is still nursing a broken heart over Aaron and Emily still can't believe that Will and JJ have excluded her from their lives. What happens when the two heart broken come together for one night? Something that will change them all.
CriminalMinds  JJLaMontagne  WillLaMontagne  SpencerReid  EmilyPrentiss  DerekMorgan  AaronHotchner  BethClemmons  DavidRossi  Emily/JJ/Will  Hotch/Reid  Hotch/Beth  Author:Rivermoon1970  AU  10000Words+  OneShot  Reidw/Kids  EmilyW/Kids  wedding  AO3  ReidLeavestheBAU  Reid/Emily 
may 2015 by kliqzangel
Adventures In Babysitting, a criminal minds fanfic | FanFiction
Let Me In: 13 - When Hotch and JJ find themselves both needing a babysitter, they end up with only one option: Spencer Reid. But can Reid handle Jack and Henry, or will he be a casualty of the hazards of babysitting? SLASH!
CriminalMinds  AaronHotchner  JJLaMontagne  WillLaMontagne  HenryLaMontagne  JackHotchner  LetMeInVerse  SpencerReid  Hotch/Reid  OneShot  Author:Ahmoseinarus  ff.net  establishedrelationship  SavedforERead 
november 2014 by kliqzangel
Auld Lang Syne, a criminal minds fanfic | FanFiction
Let Me In: 6 - After spending Christmas together in Santa Fe, Hotch and Reid are back in Quantico. But they don't have to go back to work yet. It's time for the Bureau's New Years Ball! And the fun that comes after... SLASH!
CriminalMinds  AaronHotchner  SpencerReid  Hotch/Reid  DerekMorgan  PenelopeGarcia  KevinLynch  JJLaMontagne  WillLaMontagne  ErinStrauss  DavidRossi  JordanTodd  JJ/Will  EmilyPrentiss  LetMeInVerse  Author:Ahmoseinarus  OneShot  Penelope/Kevin  establishedrelationship  SavedforERead 
november 2014 by kliqzangel
Jack looking for his Ianto - BTSBlossom - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
Henry is 16, and when he starts questioning an important part of himself who better to turn to than his Uncle Spence? After all the man knows everything, or nearly everything. Of course, Spencer is always there for his precious godson.
CriminalMinds  SpencerReid  JJLaMontagne  WillLaMontagne  HenryLaMontagne  Hotch/Reid  Series  ComingOut  Author:BTSBlossom  Schmoop  Angst  SavedforERead 
august 2014 by kliqzangel

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