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Emerald City 1/5 - stars and stars and stars
Tony DiNozzo begins working undercover at an archaeological dig in North Carolina shortly after a former Navy Lieutenant, working there as an intern, as well as the dig supervisor are murdered. The supervisor's replacement is Daniel Jackson.
NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  Crossover:StargateSG-1  DanielJackson  TonyDiNozzo/DanielJackson  LeroyJethroGibbs  KateTodd  livejournal  chaptered5+  UnknownWordCount  Author:Nilahsi 
february 2016 by kliqzangel
Crown And Court Settling On Your Shoulders, part 1
A very old secret society's members help each other out and sometimes play nasty little games with each other. That helps a lot when blood hunters come for Tony DiNozzo, and then later when they learn about Xander Harris. NC-17, Tony/few characters, Xander/John Sheppard, Rodney/a few people. NCIS/House/SG:A crossover.
NCIS  Crossover:HouseMD  Crossover:BuffytheVampireSlayer  Crossover:StargateSG-1  Crossover:StarGateAtlantis  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  AbbySciuto  TimMcGee  ZivaDavid  LeonVance  McGeeisaButthead!  ZivaisaBrat  GibbsNeedsaHeadslap!  DirVanceisadick!  TonyLeavesNCIS-DC  Doctor!DiNozzo  GreggoryHouse  Foreman  Cuddy  JamesWilson  DrRobertChase  McGeeThinksHesBetterThanTony  chaptered5+  UnknownWordCount  TonyDiNozzo&GregoryHouse-Friendship  XanderHarris  BuffySummers  MrGiles  Willow-Buffy  JohnSheppard  RodneyMcKay  Xander/JohnSheppard  JackONeill  EvanLorne 
january 2016 by kliqzangel
Puzzle Pieces in a Game
When the team investigates the slaying of a gay naval officer, they wind up protecting the disabled lover he left behind...Tony DiNozzo. warnings: violence, angst, pre-slash
NCIS  Author:TheTenthMuse1  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  KateTodd  AbbySciuto  Handicapped  Handicapped!Tony  Wheelchair  Terminal-WIP  OpenEnding  ChapteredLessThan5  UnknownWordCount  AU  Tony/OMC  CaseFic 
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AbbySciuto  AbbyThinksSheHasaRighttoTony/GibbsPersonalLifeInfo  AlexCabot  Angst  Anti-McGee  AU  Author:Annie  Author:Juli  Author:KeiraMarcos  Author:ksl  Author:Nilahsi  Author:TenthMuse1  Author:TheTenthMuse1  BuffySummers  CaseFic  chaptered5+  Chaptered15+  ChapteredLessThan5  CharacterDeath-Minor  Courtesan!Tony  Crossover:BuffytheVampireSlayer  Crossover:HouseMD  Crossover:L&O-SVU  Crossover:StarGateAtlantis  Crossover:StargateSG-1  Cuddy  DanielJackson  DirectorMorrow  DirVanceisadick!  Doctor!DiNozzo  DomesticAbuse  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  DrRobertChase  DuckyGivesGibbsaRealityCheck  EliotStabler  EmotionalSupportPenguins  EpCoda-NCIS-3x12-BoxedIn  establishedrelationship  EvanLorne  FalselyAccused  Foreman  Gibbs/DiNozzo  GibbsNeedsaHeadslap!  GreggoryHouse  Handicapped  Handicapped!Tony  hurt!tony  IntheHospital  JackONeill  JamesWilson  JennyShepard  JennyWantsGibbs...YUCK  JohnReuniteswFamily  JohnSheppard  JohnSheppard/RodneyMcKay  KateTodd  Kidnapped  LeonVance  LeroyJethroGibbs  livejournal  McGeeisaButthead!  McGeeNeedsaHEADSLAP  McGeeThinksHesBetterThanTony  MrGiles  Murder  ncis  NewRelationship  Olivia/Alex  OliviaBenson  OneShot  OpenEnding  pre-gibbs/dinozzo  RodneyMcKay  RodneyMcKay/SomeFemaleScientist  SavedforERead  SebastianSheppard  SecretKid  SheppardsonAtlantis  Slave!Fic  Slave!Tony  Stalker  StanBurley  StanWantsGibbs....YUCK!!  Stargate:Atlantis  Terminal-WIP  TimMcGee  TomMorrow  Tony&Gibbs-Friendship  Tony/OMC  TonyDiNozzo  TonyDiNozzo&GregoryHouse-Friendship  TonyDiNozzo/DanielJackson  TonyLeavesNCIS-DC  TonyLiveswGibbs  TonysDadSucks!  Traitor  UnknownWordCount  UnsubisaStalker  Wheelchair  Willow-Buffy  Xander/JohnSheppard  XanderHarris  ZivaDavid  ZivaisaBrat 

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