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Ghosts - Xanthe
Tony and Gibbs begin their new life together – but can they escape the ghosts of the past? Extract: Gibbs wasn't his to love. He never had been. He belonged to that red haired lady and that pretty little girl, long dead though they were. He walked every day with ghosts, and the past still cast its long, dark shadows over him.
Author:Xanthe  angst  NewRelationship  Gibbs/DiNozzo  TonysFamilySux!  Sequel  TonyDiNozzo  NCIS  LeroyJethroGibbs  10000Words+  GibbsGrievesHisGirls  AndyVerse 
february 2015 by kliqzangel
"Andy" - Xanthe
When Tony receives some bad news, it forces him and Gibbs to face the consequences of a time long past.
Gibbs/DiNozzo  TonysFamilySux!  Pre-Series:NCIS  Author:Xanthe  Hooker  NewRelationship  TonyDiNozzo  NCIS  LeroyJethroGibbs  40000Words+  Classic!NCIS  AndyVerse 
february 2015 by kliqzangel
Damage » Xanthe
When Gibbs investigates a minor robbery, he uncovers something much more sinister. The resulting investigation has unexpected and far-reaching consequences.
Author:Xanthe  NCIS  Gibbs/DiNozzo  ChildAbuse  Angst  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  TonysFamilySux! 
june 2014 by kliqzangel
Craving Coffee - Chapter 1 - rose_malmaison - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
When he is first at NCIS, and is a probie under Special Agent Mike Franks, Gibbs is investigating a case involving young military men who have gone missing. When in NY, Gibbs meets Tony, and immediately falls for him. A few months later, a college-age Tony turns to Gibbs when he's in trouble, and Gibbs takes Tony home with him, just for the weekend. It soon becomes apparent that both Tony and his father are more deeply involved in the case than either of them initially let on, and so Gibbs finds conflict in his relationship with Tony and with the ongoing case. Complete.
AO3  Author:Rose_Malmaison  Chaptered70+  Gibbs/DiNozzo  AU  Pre-Series:NCIS  MikeFranks  Probie!Gibbs  CollegeBoy!Tony  TonySr  TonysFamilySux!  TonyLiveswGibbs  TobiasFornell  JennyShepard  Angst  TonysDadSucks!  LeroyJethroGibbs  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  ChildAbuse  CaseFic  Rape  250000Words+ 
january 2013 by kliqzangel
His Castle - rose_malmaison - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
It's Christmas 2012, and Tony's polite demeanor wears thin when his father's behavior becomes too much for him to take. Tag to 10x10 'You'd Better Watch Out'.
TonysFamilySux!  NCIS  Gibbs/DiNozzo  EstablishedRelationship  Christmas  TonySr  TeamneedsaHeadSlap!  AO3  Author:Rose_Malmaison  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  1000Words+  Ficlet  EpCoda-NCIS-10x10-YoudBetterWatchOut  OneShot 
december 2012 by kliqzangel
The Fifth Mrs. Gibbs - Xanthe - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
“Look, Tony, you can’t keep sulking just because some piece of skirt handed back your ring years ago…You’ve gotta get out there and find yourself a wife.”
AO3  Author:Xanthe  Gibbs/DiNozzo  TonysFamilySux!  Marriage  MrsTonyGibbs  TonyDiNozzo  NCIS  LeroyJethroGibbs  1000Words+  Ficlet  tonysr  TonysDadSucks!  OneShot 
november 2012 by kliqzangel
Fathers and Sons, a ncis fanfic | FanFiction
If they don't keep in touch, how exactly did DiNozzo Snr know that Tony thinks the world of Gibbs? Spoilers for Flesh and Blood. Set in the same universe as "Not a Guest Room"
NCIS  TonysFamilySux!  Author:RichieFic  Series:NotaGuestRoom  Fanfic.Net  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  tonysr  TonysDadSucks!  OneShot  2000Words+  Classic!NCIS  ZeesFavs!!  EpCoda-NCIS-7x12-FleshandBlood 
november 2012 by kliqzangel
Love Heals
Tony family history was created for this story long before we learned more about his cannon parentage. Tony's family connections could land him in trouble with the FBI What will Gibbs do to protect him.
NCIS  Gibbs/DiNozzo  TonyisMorethanMeetstheEye  Author:Kimber  TobiasFornell  AO3  TonysFamilySux!  TonyDiNozzo  AbbySciuto  LeroyJethroGibbs  ZivaDavid  chaptered10+  20000Words+ 
september 2012 by kliqzangel
Soul Deep - Chapter 1 - Xanthe - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
Most people never touch another person's soul...but when a 20 year old Leroy Jethro Gibbs meets an 8 year old Tony DiNozzo, it sparks an event that links them forever.
TonysFamilySux!  AO3  Author:Xanthe  Chaptered10+  angst  AU  Gibbs/DiNozzo  NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  80000Words+ 
september 2012 by kliqzangel

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